by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure
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The first and only book to address the entire 450-year history of California painting from 1550 to 2000.  Identifies the state's various painting styles and the most prominent artists.  A visual extravaganza with 475 color plates which provide a fascinating visual trip through California history.

Special mention, 20th Annual George Wittenborn Memorial Book Awards (the Art Libraries Society of North America), Spring 1999.

"A de rigueur purchase for West Coast libraries and larger collections nationwide." Douglas F. Smith, Library Journal.

560 Pages.  Beautifully designed, lavishly illustrated: 475 color plates, 45 black and white.  The perfect gift!!!   ISBN = 9614622-5-6.

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  Publications in [Southern] California Art

  volumes 11, 12 

   by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure

 Hard Cover:  Sold as a set of two.  $125.  Print on Demand
  • Volume 11.  Nancy Dustin Wall Moure, Index to California Art Exhibited at the Laguna Beach Art Association 1918-1972, Los Angeles: Dustin Publications, 2015.   757 pps.   ISBN = 0-9790645-1-1      ISBN13=978-0-9790645-1-7    Indexes 37,000 artworks and contains biographical information on hundreds of artists active in California in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Volume 12.  Nancy Dustin Wall Moure, Historical Collections Council Newsletters, September 2006 - September 2010; Westways/Touring Topics 1909-1981, Index to Art; William Wendt Letters; Lawrence Murphy: An Undiscovered Master Painter, by Kirk McDonald; Santa Cruz Art League Statewide Art Exhibition Index, First through Twenty-seventh, 1928-1957; Index to PSCA vols. 11 and 12, Los Angeles: Dustin Publications, 2015.  547 pps.  ISBN = 0-9790645-2-X     ISBN13 = 978-0-9790645-2-4

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  Publications in [Southern] California Art

  volumes 8, 9, 10 

   by Nancy Dustin Wall Moure

 Hard Cover:  Sold as a set of three for $200.  Print on Demand

Continuation of Publications 1-7 (below).  Critical reference tool for serious researchers in the field of California Art.
  • Volume 8.  Nancy Moure, Index to Articles on California Art and Artists found in Newspapers published in Laguna Beach (c. 1920-1945), Hollywood (c. 1911-1936) and Pasadena (c. 1900-1940), with index, Los Angeles: Dustin Publications, 2006.  736 pps.  ISBN13=978-0-9614622-8-4.
  • Volume 9.  Nancy Moure, Historical Collections Council Newsletters, January 1999-May 2006, and Miscellaneous Articles, Los Angeles: Dustin Publications, 2006.  740 pps.  ISBN13=978-0-9614622-9-1.
  • Volume 10.  Ralph J. Gorny, A Dictionary of Art and Artists of Nineteenth Century Fresno, and Nancy Moure, Master Index to PSCA vols. 1-10, Los Angeles: Dustin Publications, 2006.  579 pps.  ISBN13=978-0-9790645-0-0.

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  Publications in [Southern] California Art

  volumes 4, 5, 6 and 7 (in two volumes)


 Soft Cover:  $125.00    Print on Demand

Continuation of Publications 1, 2, 3 (below).  Two more volumes of critical reference tools for the field of California Art.
  • Volume 4. Nancy Moure, Three Essays with Extended Bibliography: A History of the Laguna Beach Art Association; Art in Orange County, California; and So What's So Great About Santa Barbara Art After 1930?
  • Volume 5. Historical Collections Council Newsletter, 1985-1998, Nancy Moure, ed.  These irregularly issued Newsletters list events, exhibitions and publications for pre-1945 California art from 1985 onward.
  • Volume 6. Phil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick, Index to Catalogues on California Art and Artists Published before 1955 and found on the Microfilm of the Archives of American Art and Nancy Dustin Wall Moure, An Index to Art Notices in the Los Angeles Times 1930-1945.
  • Volume 7. Ellen Halteman, Index to the Art Exhibition Catalogues of the San Francisco Art Association 1872-1915; Index to the Art Exhibitions of the Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco, 1857-1897; Index to the Annual Art Exhibitions of the California State Fair, Sacramento, 1856-1902.

Volume 4,5,6 = 601 pps.   ISBN = 9614622-6-4

Volume 7 = 708 pps.  24 black and white illus.   ISBN = 9614622-7-2

For biographical information on the authors, see "About the Authors" below.

   by Nancy Moure

 Hard Cover: $80.00     Print on Demand

Includes the Dictionary of Art and Artists in Southern California before 1930, (originally published 1975) once the "Bible" for collectors of historic Southern California art, the Index to the California Watercolor Society Exhibitions 1921-1954 (originally published 1973), and the Index to Artists Clubs and Exhibitions in Los Angeles before 1930 (originally published 1974).

525 pps.   ISBN = 9614622-0-5


  Other Publications Distributed by Dustin Publications



   by Nancy Moure

Los Angeles: Goldfield Galleries, 1980.William Louis Sonntag traces the life of the late nineteenth century American landscape artist from his early years in Cincinnati to his eventual residence in New York City where he became a member of the prestigious National Academy of Design and pursued the major part of his career. The biography describes the artist's four style periods as he moved from the tight Hudson River style inspired by Thomas Cole to the softer and more poetic Barbizon style popular at the end of the century. It is followed by two checklists that list all artworks known by the artist in 1975. It is the first and only book on the artist and the only source of substantive information.

This book is is available from Gallery Grace in Laguna Beach.  For more information and to order please email pam@gallery-grace.com.

157 pps.; 30 color plates; 94 black and white reproductions. $65.00.





Ellen Halteman Schwartz, Northern California Art Exhibition Catalogues (1878-1915): A Descriptive Checklist & Index, La Jolla, Ca.: Laurence McGilvery, 1990.  One look in this index saves hours of search in dusty archives of libraries.

125+ pages, 16 black and white portrait photographs of artists. $ 25.00.

ISBN = 910938-97-0


About the Authors

Ralph J. Gorny earned a degree in history from John Carroll University in Ohio but spent most of his career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Fresno County Mental Health Department.  A chance purchase of a watercolor at a local auction led him to research its artist and introduced him to the field of historic California art.  His dictionary of Fresno artists was the result of many trips to the Madden Library at California State University, Fresno and his decision to focus on local artists.

Ellen Halteman [Schwartz] is librarian at the California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento.  Her interest lies in Northern California art before 1915 and to this end she has authored bibliographies of art books and catalogues published before that date and has indexed several of the most important art exhibitions held annually in northern California before then. 

Phil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick, former teachers, are consummate researchers in the fields of Western and early California art.  They co-authored An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West (winner of the 1998 Western Heritage Award for "Outstanding Art Book") and contributed essays and articles to many other books on art.  Most recently Marian co-curated the exhibition A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles (Pasadena Museum of California Art) and Phil finalized his biography John Frost: A Forgotten American Impressionist (Irvine Museum).

Nancy Dustin Wall Moure is a free lance curator/writer specializing in the field of California art. She served as Assistant Curator of American Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for fifteen years.  Her Dictionary of Art and Artists in Southern California Before 1930 (below), first issued in 1975, was a pioneering work in the field of California art history.  She has followed it up with more than 50 books and articles.  For her resume and list of other publications, see home.earthlink.net/~nancymoure.


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