Selected examples by historic California artists


Albert Marshall (1891-1970)

Untitled (Aspens in Autumn), early 1930s


Oil on board, c.20 x 18 in.; signed: l.l. "Albert Marshall"

Albert Marshall grew up in California’s San Joaquin Valley near Lindsay, about an hour’s drive north of Bakersfield.  He studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Refused enlistment as a soldier in World War I because he had tuberculosis, he was advised the mountains were a good place to recuperate.  Thus began his lifelong pursuit of painting California’s Sierra Nevada.  (He also painted in California’s deserts where the dry desert air was beneficial to tuberculosis sufferers; and he painted the West -- in the Wind River Range in Wyoming, the Canadian Rockies, and the mountains and glaciers of Alaska.)  His earlier work, like Untitled, was in oil, although his later and major output was in watercolor.  The location of Untitled is unknown, but could very easily be California since aspens mix with pines at many higher elevations throughout the Sierra and even as far south as the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California.  The semi realistic style of this oil differs greatly from Marshall’s later (post 1930) watercolors where he reduces landscape to shapes of subtly modulated color.


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