Selected examples by historic California artists



Jack Carr (1932-1987)

Temptation of St. Diciduous, 1961

Oil on Masonite, 14 3/4 x 24 in., signed: l.r.; "Carr" painted on reverse "#13"

There are at least two California artists named Jack Carr the actor/artist (1906-1967), and the Pasadena painter (1932-1987).  This painting was probably created by the second.  It shows how mid-twentieth century conservative artists blended representational subject matter with modernist, formalist ideas.  Here, three cacti (saguaro?) and a range of mountains have been abstracted into a two-dimensional design by prismatic lines of light.  Carr ran the Jack Carr Gallery in Pasadena, California from at least 1952 through 1976 where he gave one-man shows to many fellow modernist artists including Karl Benjamin, Anya Fisher and Duval Eliot.  A long time member of the Pasadena Society of Artists, he served as the groups president 1962-63.  (Pasadena Star News articles)


Provenance: Jan's Collection, Pasadena, new frame                  

Long term loan to Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard



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