Publications in [Southern] California Art, vols. 1- 10

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X., Miss, port      1/2/3‑B‑87, 7‑II‑MI‑102

X., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Xandra Smart shop      8‑383/2

Xantus, Janos [John], topographical artist      1/2/3‑287, 9‑570

Xavier, Francois, port      7‑II‑MI‑136

Xavier, St. Francis, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑317

x‑rays      4/5/6‑V‑90, 9‑570

Xyr, Tribes of      9‑375




Y.M.C.A., Santa Ana      9‑570

Y.M.C.A., Los Angeles      1/2/3‑129, 9‑570

Y.M.C.A., New York      1/2/3‑260

Y.M.C.A., Pasadena      8‑lxviii, lxviii, lxx, 015/2

Y.M.C.A., Portland      9‑570

Y.M.C.A., Redlands      1/2/3‑123

Y.M.C.A., Santa Ana      4/5/6‑IV‑66(2)

Y.M.C.A., unknown city      1/2/3‑250, B‑22     

Y.M.C.A.  ‑  see also Young Men’s Christian Association

Y.W.C.A. Red Cross Market      1/2/3‑289

Y.W.C.A., Boston, Ma.      1/2/3‑254

Y.W.C.A., Glendale      4/5/6‑VI‑63(1)

Y.W.C.A., Los Angeles     1/2/3‑195, 217, 9‑570

Y.W.C.A., unknown city      1/2/3‑283

Y.W.C.A. ‑  see also Young Women’s Christian Association

yachts in art      4/5/6‑VI‑15(2)

Yager, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑320

Yager, Ydress, artist      1/2/3‑282

Yahoo      9‑026

Yale University      1/2/3‑147, 4/5/6‑V‑145, V‑36, V‑223, 9‑163

Yale, Charles G., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Yale, Ellen A., collector      8‑402/1

Yamane, Linda, basketmaker      9‑052, 064

Yamato Co., Pasadena      8‑587/2

Yancey, Henry, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yang, Ling Fu, painter      8‑047/1, 587/2

Yarborough, Arthur P., photographer      8‑587/2

Yard, Sydney Jones, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑67, I‑SFAA‑313, 9‑186, 448, see Hill and Yard

Yardly, Ralph, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61, artist      9‑112

Yarwood, L. H., artist      1/2/3‑50

Yasuda, June, port      1/2/3‑B‑84

Yatchisin, George, author      9‑296

Yates, artist      9‑534

Yates, Cullen, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑313

Yates, Florence, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yates, Frank S., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Yates, Frederick, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136, II‑MI‑201, I‑SFAA‑313

Yates, Mary, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Yates, Mary, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑313

Yates, Mrs. Richard, port      9‑583

Yates, Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑205

Yates, Robert Joseph, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yato Kya Indian Museum, Antelope Valley      9‑478

Yavno, Max, photographer      9‑116, 393

Yawalkar, Nazesh, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑14(1)

Ybarra, Alfred, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110, 4/5/6‑VI‑13(2), VI‑27(2), VI‑29(1), VI‑106(2), VI‑28(1), VI‑28(2), IV‑37(1), 9‑594

Ye Aladdin Shoppe      8‑021/1

Ye Alpine Tavern, Mt. Lowe      9‑570

Ye Arts and Crafts Co., Pasadena      8‑587/2

Ye Holly Art Shoppe      8‑341/2

Yeaman, Elizabeth, writer      8‑Index

Yeats ‑ International John Butler Yeats Symposium, Chestertown, N. Y.      9‑371

Yelland, Mr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑108

Yelland, Raymond Dabb, artist      1/2/3‑B‑3, 4/5/6‑V‑159, V‑170, 7‑III‑CSAS‑136, II‑MI‑201, I‑SFAA‑18, I‑SFAA‑314/15; collector   II‑MI‑215; SFAA faculty   I‑SFAA‑36/39; exhibit    I‑SFAA‑22, 9‑Index

Yelland, Raymond Dabb, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Yelland, Winifred Beach, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yellerbach, A., collector      7‑II‑MI‑215

Yellin, Ira, art patron      9‑317

Yellow Kid      9‑411

Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, Mt.      9‑326, 337

Yellowstone, Wyo.      8‑574/2

Yemans, H. W., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Yens, Karl Julius Heinrich, artist      1/2/3‑282, 65, A‑1, A‑46, B‑110, B‑14, B‑15, B‑8, xvii/1, 4/5/6‑IV‑22(1), IV‑24(1), IV‑29(1), IV‑34(1), IV‑35(1), IV‑36(3), IV‑43(2), IV‑44(2), IV‑52(1), V‑310, V‑37, VI‑106(2), VI‑11(1), VI‑17(2), VI‑19(1); author    IV‑34(3); lecture    IV‑39(1); writer    IV‑21(1), 7‑I‑SFAA‑315, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Yeoman, Sharyn Wiley, scholar      9‑123, 396

Yeomans, Patricia Henry, student      8‑590/2

Yerbysmith, Ernest A., sculptor      1/2/3‑283, 4/5/6‑IV‑58(1), IV‑41(1), VI‑10(1), 8‑590/2

Yerks, Colonel, portrait painter      1/2/3‑283

Yerxa, Cabot, painter      8‑Index, 9‑268

Yeshimiki, Kima, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yesterday and Today, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑11(1)

Yesterday and Tomorrow, book      4/5/6‑V‑94

Yewell, artist      1/2/3‑48

Yglesia, Jose M., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑109

Yick, Donna R., author      9‑434

Ying, Sun, port     10‑32

Yin‑Yang Balance in California Art      4/5/6‑V‑184

Yip, Richard D., artist      1/2/3‑A‑46, 4/5/6‑V‑156, 9‑118

Yndart, Californio family      9‑570

Yoakum, A. A., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Yoakum, Delmar J., artist      1/2/3‑A‑46, 4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Yoakum, Q. L., Miss, artist      1/2/3‑283

Yoch Hotel, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑8

Yoch, Florence, landscape architect      8‑310/1, 591/1, 9‑050, 066, 070

Yohn, C. H., potter      1/2/3‑283

Yolland, C. W., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Yon, Edmond Charles Joseph, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑315

Yonkers, Dolores, author      4/5/6‑V‑261

Yorba Linda school      8‑584/1

Yorba Linda Woman's Club      8‑304/1

Yorba, Bernardo, Don, port      4/5/6‑IV‑65(1)

Yoreska, Marian, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110, 8‑591/1

York, Mr., collector      7‑II‑MI‑215

York, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑71

York, H. L., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

York, J. L., Dr., port      7‑II‑MI‑14, I‑SFAA‑90

York, Richard, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑143

York, Richard, Gallery, N. Y.      4/5/6‑V‑268, V‑286, 9‑044, 161

York, W. M., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Yosemite in art      4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑117, V‑119, V‑145, V‑151, V‑160, V‑170, V‑178, V‑184, V‑191, V‑286, V‑57, V‑91, 7‑I‑SFAA‑16, 8‑018/2, 9‑Index, 10‑30, 93

Yosemite in cartoons      9‑241

Yosemite in photographs      4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑180, V‑223, V‑93, 9‑Index

Yosemite Sam, cartoon character      9‑007

Yosemite Valley, Ca.      8‑Index, 9‑112, 570

Yoshida, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑57(3)

Yoshida, Kozo, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yoshiki‑Kovinick, Marian, author      4/5/6‑VI‑2; researcher   V‑20, V‑21, V‑306, V‑312, V‑319, V‑7, VI‑6, 9‑607, Index, see also “Kovinick, Marian”

Yoshimeki, Kyo, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Yoshimoto, Hiroko, artist      4/5/6‑V‑247

Yoshizawa, Ryie, teacher fashion design      9‑296

Yost, Howard L., artist     10‑91

Yost, Ross, sculptor      1/2/3‑283

Young America      9‑448

Young America Paints      8‑481/1

Young Artists Mart      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Young Conservatives      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2), VI‑78(2), 9‑583

Young Conservatives Art Group, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑14(2)

Young Fine Arts, auctions      9‑059

Young L, de Wolf, artist      1/2/3‑284

Young Men’s Christian Association       8‑Index, see also Y.M.C.A. 

Young Men's tea, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑38(3)

Young Moderns      4/5/6‑VI‑78(2)

Young Painters      8‑091/1

Young Women’s Christian Association      8-Index, see also Y.W.C.A.

Young, Capt., port      7‑II‑MI‑198

Young, see Hobby, Smith and Young

Young, A. B., garden      8‑310/1

Young, Brigham, University      4/5/6‑VI‑50(1)

Young, Clarence, Pageant of the Masters producer      4/5/6‑IV‑60(1)

Young, E. A., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young, E. Elinor, Mrs., art patron      9‑472

Young, E. H., artist      1/2/3‑283

Young, Edith A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑201

Young, Ella B., craftswoman      1/2/3‑283

Young, Elmer Heatherton, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Young, Eunice E., artist      1/2/3‑283

Young, F. O., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young, F., Miss, art teacher      1/2/3‑102

Young, Florence Upson, artist      1/2/3‑283

Young, Florence, artist      1/2/3‑283, 4/5/6‑V‑203, V‑279, 8‑448/2, 591/1

Young, Frances [probably Florence] Upson, painter      8‑591/1

Young, Frederick Joseph, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Young, G. A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young, Greg, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑104, 9‑655

Young, Greg, Publishing       9‑199

Young, H. M., commercial artist      1/2/3‑283

Young, Harold M., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Young, Harold V., artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Young, Harriet Marland, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Young, Harvey Otis, artist      1/2/3‑51, 7‑II‑MI‑201, I‑SFAA‑315, 9‑541

Young, J. H., photographer      9‑570

Young, J. N., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young, Jeck, artist      7‑II‑MI‑201

Young, John C., artist      1/2/3‑A‑46

Young, Kate Lucille, artist      7‑II‑MI‑202, I‑SFAA‑315

Young, L. C., Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑283

Young, Lyman, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2), 8‑577/2, 591/1

Young, Mahonri, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Young, Marion Gibbs, Mrs., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Young, Martha A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young, Matti, miniaturist      7‑I‑SFAA‑315

Young, Myrtle M., artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Young, Neva, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136, 10‑91, see also “Hood, James G., Mrs.”

Young, Pearl, port      1/2/3‑A‑23

Young, Portia, art teacher      8‑185/2

Young, Robert, Mr. and Mrs., hosts      8‑237/1

Young, Roger, photographer      8‑591/2

Young, Terrence, author      9‑417

Young, W. J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young, William, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Youngberg, Elliott, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Youngblood, Janet, craftswoman      1/2/3‑284

Younger Painters      1/2/3‑72, B‑2, xix/2; exhibit    B‑25; history    B‑23, 4/5/6‑VI‑106(2), 8‑591/2

Younger, J. H., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Young‑Hunter, John, artist      8‑128/2

Young‑Hunter, Mary, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Younglove, Ruth Ann, artist      1/2/3‑284, A‑47, B‑110, 8‑389/1, 501/2  

Youngren, Herman, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Young's Fine Arts, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑V‑49, V‑54, V‑63, V‑77

Young's, Chicago      8‑132/2

Youngstrom, Eleanor M., leather worker      1/2/3‑284, 8‑591/2

Younkin, Elva, author      9‑133

Youse, M., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Yuan, S. C., artist      9‑033, 438

Yuen, Yu, collector      7‑II‑MI‑215

Yule, William, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Yuma, Ariz.      8‑160/1

Yung, Lai, artist      7‑II‑MI‑202

Yuno, Dog, port      7‑II‑MI‑198

Yurtseven, Madeleine, scholar      4/5/6‑V‑144; author    V‑194




Z., Miss, port      1/2/3‑B‑99

Zabel, Agusta [Augusta], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61; artist    I‑SFAA‑315

Zach, Louis, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Zachenmeyer, Paul, sculptor      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zaiden, Emily, lecturer      9‑382

Zajac, Jack, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑62(2), V‑82, V‑82; sculptor    V‑278, V‑91

Zakheim, Bernard, painter      8‑592/1, 9‑365, 414

Zakian, Michael, curator/author/speaker      4/5/6‑V‑146, V‑152, V‑169, V‑230, V‑231, V‑241, V‑266, V‑269, V‑270, V‑291, V‑307

Zakreski, Alexander, artist      7‑II‑MI‑202

Zalewski, M., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Zamacois y Zabala, Eduardo, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zamacois, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zamorano Club      9‑617

Zander, Mary Lee, curator      9‑203

Zanerian Art College     10‑54

Zann, Lillian A., artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Zanone, Jean, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Zarathustra Jr. by Louis Danz      4/5/6‑IV‑35(1)

Zava, director      4/5/6‑IV‑39(1)

Zava, Bob, painter      8‑592/1

Zava, Robert, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑53(1), VI‑16(2)      9‑454

Zega, Michael, scholar      9‑139

Zeibe, Miss, artist      8‑120/1

Zeigler, Nellie, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Zeile, Dr., port      7‑II‑MI‑167

Zeile, Frederick W., collector      7‑II‑MI‑215, I‑SFAA‑339; officer    I‑SFAA‑30/35; writer?    9‑085

Zeile, John, collector      4/5/6‑VI‑6(1), art student   7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Zeitlin & Ver Brugge, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑159, V‑21, V‑25, 9‑034, 085

Zeitlin, Jacob [Jake], book/art dealer      1/2/3‑284, 4/5/6‑VI‑106(2), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Zeitlin, Jake, Gallery, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑100(1), VI‑100(2), VI‑103(2), VI‑105(1), VI‑16(1), VI‑30(2), VI‑31(1), VI‑35(2), VI‑36(2), VI‑39(2), VI‑40(1), VI‑40(2), VI‑46(1), VI‑46(2), VI‑48(1), VI‑50(2), VI‑57(1), VI‑60(2), VI‑61(2), VI‑66(1), VI‑67(1), VI‑68(1), VI‑69(2), VI‑70(2), VI‑74(2), VI‑75(2), VI‑76(1), VI‑77(1), VI‑79(1), VI‑80(1), VI‑81(1), VI‑84(2), VI‑85(2), VI‑93(2)

Zeitlin, Jake, port  “Jake Man of Books”      1/2/3‑B‑36

Zeitlin's Bookstore, L. A.      1/2/3‑23, 284, 30, 70, xix/2, 144, 146, 167, 170, 171, 179, 206, 212, 229, 230, 55, 57, 6, 64, 68, 98

Zeitner, Richard, sculptor      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Zeitska, Bertha, artist      7‑II‑MI‑202

Zeitska: Madame Zeitska's Institute, pupils of      7‑II‑MI‑202

Zel, caricaturist      4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Zelda by Herself      9‑431

Zelgel, Martin, port      1/2/3‑B‑58

Zellen, Jody, artist      9‑275

Zellerbach, Harold Lionel, art patron/collector      7‑II‑MI‑215, 9‑549, 553

Zellerbach, I., collector      7‑II‑MI‑215

Zellman, Howard, auctioneer      9‑107

Zellner, L., artist      1/2/3‑284

Zeman, Leon, art teacher      8‑021/1

Zen, Paula, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Zenner [Zeuner] Edward, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Zenor, Virgil, artist      1/2/3‑B‑110

Zens, Carl, artist      9‑570

Zeran, William, artist      1/2/3‑284, B‑110, 4/5/6‑VI‑106(2)

Zerbe, Grace Rose, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Zerboni [or Zerrboni], artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zeta Gamma Phi      8‑478/2, 479/2

Zeus, Carl, artist      9‑570

Zhenya, printmaker      8‑113/2

Ziani, Sidi Mohamed, mosaics      8‑592/1

Zicha, H., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Zidell, Jim, author      4/5/6‑V‑100; collector   V‑20, V‑7

Ziedses des Plantes, Arnold M., studio manager      8‑041/1

Ziegler, Evelyn, artist, artist      1/2/3‑B‑18

Ziegler, Nellie Evelyn, artist      1/2/3‑284, B‑111, 8‑Index

Ziem, Felix Francois Georges Philibert, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zigrosser, Carl, critic      9‑338

Zihn, Emma, artist      7‑II‑MI‑202; art student   I‑SFAA‑61

Zillig, Fritz, artist      1/2/3‑284, B‑111

Zilzer, Gyula, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑107(1)

Zim, Marco, artist      1/2/3‑284, B‑111, 7‑I‑SFAA‑316, 8‑592/1, 9‑414

Zim, Milton and Herbert, port      1/2/3‑B‑111

Zimbrac fabrics      8‑073/2

Zimbrac Studios, Hollywood      8‑592/1

Zimdars, Gertrude M., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136, II‑MI‑202, I‑SFAA‑316

Zimm, Bruno      8‑389/2

Zimmerer, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑111

Zimmerer, Frank J., commercial artist      1/2/3‑284, B‑111, 8‑073/2, 252/1, 592/1

Zimmerman, Mrs., artist      8‑062/1, 120/1

Zimmerman, Beatrice, art teacher      1/2/3‑284

Zimmerman, Carl, artist      1/2/3‑284; author   B‑11, 4/5/6‑VI‑107(1); same as Carl Zimmermann?

Zimmerman, F. L., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑215

Zimmerman, Frank, decorator, artist      1/2/3‑B‑4

Zimmerman, Frederick Almond, artist      1/2/3‑284, B‑111, B‑17, 8‑Index, 9‑053, 117

Zimmerman, Laura, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Zimmerman, Lowell A., artist      1/2/3‑A‑47

Zimmerman, Tom, author      9‑Index

Zimmermann, Carl, painter      8‑592/2; same as Carl Zimmerman?

Zink, Eugenia, artist      1/2/3‑B‑111

Zinner Gallery, Palm Springs      4/5/6‑V‑99

Zins, Alexander, artist      1/2/3‑284

Zion roads      8‑050/1

Zion, Ut.      8‑084/1

Ziska, B., Mme., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑339

Ziskind, A. K., portrait artist      1/2/3‑285

Ziskind, Frank, portrait artist      1/2/3‑285

Zissley, see “Albright, Malvin Marr”

Zmurko, F., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑136

Zocchi, Angelo, sculptor      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zogbaum, Rufus Fairchild, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zoline, Esther N., miniature painter      1/2/3‑285

Zono dei Cappeller, Ettore, sculptor      8‑022/2

Zontans      8‑Index

Zoon, John Van, artist      7‑II‑MI‑202

Zorach, Marguerite Thompson, artist       4/5/6‑VI‑78(1), VI‑99(2), 9‑435, 10‑103, 137, 140, 93, 78

Zorach, William, artist      1/2/3‑A‑2/2A‑47, B‑111, 9‑583, 10‑103, 135, 136, 138, 93

Zorn, Anders, artist      8‑Index

Zornes, Gloria, dealer      8‑125/2

Zornes, Milford, artist      1/2/3‑A‑47, B‑111, 4/5/6‑IV‑31(1), IV‑36(1), IV‑36(3), IV‑37(3), IV‑39(3), IV‑53(3), IV‑54(1), IV‑55(2), V‑109, V‑112, V‑119, V‑123, V‑141, V‑148, V‑152, V‑158, V‑167, V‑19, V‑190, V‑199, V‑221, V‑265, V‑279, V‑299, V‑30, V‑303, V‑310, V‑318, V‑65, V‑85, VI‑58(1), VI‑7(1); speaker   V‑307, VI‑3, 8‑xxix, 096/1, 592/2, 9‑Index

Zoro, Ettore de, artist      1/2/3‑B‑111

Zorthian, Jirayr H., artist      1/2/3‑A‑47, 9‑172, 363, 375

Zubiaurre, artist      8‑374/1

Zuboff, John, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑61

Zuck, J. C., Hon., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑68

Zucker, Anna, illustrator      1/2/3‑285

Zugel, H., artist      1/2/3‑104

Zugel, Heinrich Johann von, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑316

Zuniga, Francisco, artist      9‑452

Zwara, Jan, artist      9‑403

Zwara, John, artist      9‑403

Zweybruck, Emmy, lecturer      4/5/6‑IV‑57(3)

Zwicky, Fritz, Dr., astronomer/photographer      8‑427/1




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