Publications in [Southern] California Art, vols. 1- 10

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N., Miss, port      1/2/3‑B‑105

Nabika, Samuel Kuzo, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nadeau block, L. A., artistic enclave      9‑563

Nadeau House, L. A.      9‑563

Nadeau, Evelyn Hunt, artist      4/5/6‑V‑294

Nadejan, Theodore, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑80(1)

Nadoolman, Deborah, costume designer      9‑356

Naene, Lowell, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑80(1)

Nafe, Marie P., artist      1/2/3‑178

Naftel, Paul Jacob, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑234

Nagana, Minetaro, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nagashima, Ita, artist      7‑II‑MI‑133

Nagatoma, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nagatomo, Joshum [Joshun], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nagel, Louis, artist      7‑II‑MI‑133

Nagelvoort, Betty, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Nagle, G., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑133

Nagle, George D., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑245

Nagle, George W., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nahl Brothers, artists      7‑III‑CSAS‑94, II‑MI‑133

Nahl Brothers, port      7‑II‑MI‑133

Nahl collection of paintings by old and modern masters      7‑I‑SFAA‑70

Nahl Collection     7‑II‑MI‑212

Nahl family      7‑I‑SFAA‑70

Nahl family group, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, ?      8‑410/2

Nahl, A., artist     10‑102, 55

Nahl, A. Theodore, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, Adolph, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑234

Nahl, Annie J., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nahl, Arthur Charles, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95, II‑MI‑133

Nahl, Arthur, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212, I‑SFAA‑333

Nahl, Augusta, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nahl, Charles      7‑III‑CSAS‑1

Nahl, Charles C., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑95, II‑MI‑134, I‑SFAA‑274

Nahl, Charles Christian Heinrich, artist      4/5/6‑V‑154, VI‑80(1), 7‑III‑CSAS‑95, II‑MI‑134, I‑SFAA‑234, I‑SFAA‑234, 8‑368/1, 9‑Index, 10‑138, 55

Nahl, Henrietta, parents, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑305

Nahl, Henrietta, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑234, I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, H. W. Arthur, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑234

Nahl, Hugo Wilhelm Arthur, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95, II‑MI‑134, I‑SFAA‑234; collector      I‑SFAA‑333

Nahl, Hugo Wilhelm, son, port      7‑II‑MI‑134

Nahl, J. Augustus, Jr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑290

Nahl, J. Wilhelm, port      7‑II‑MI‑135, I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, Johann August, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, Johann August, The Younger, artist      7‑II‑MI‑135, I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, Johann Wilhelm, artist      7‑II‑MI‑135, I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, John Aug. Sr., port      7‑II‑MI‑180

Nahl, John Augustus, Jr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑235

Nahl, John Augustus, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑290

Nahl, John Augustus, Sr., Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑180

Nahl, John Augustus, Sr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑290

Nahl, John Wilhelm, artist      9‑545; collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑18, I‑SFAA‑70

Nahl, K., artist      9‑535

Nahl, Laura, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑234

Nahl, Perham Wilhelm, artist      1/2/3‑B‑80, 4/5/6‑V‑61, 7‑III‑CSAS‑95, II‑MI‑135, art student    I‑SFAA‑54, 8‑544/2

Nail, Gilbert, artist      8‑368/1

Nakagawa, Kikuta, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2)

Nakamura, Manzo, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nakamura, Robert, author      9‑279

Nakamura, Shizuko, art student      8‑125/1

Nakanishi, Dawn E., coordinator      9‑550

Nakanisi, Kinichi, artist      1/2/3‑178, B‑80, 9‑578

Nakano, C. K., artist      7‑II‑MI‑135

Nakayama, Masataro, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nakazawa, Ken, garden lecturer      8‑Index

Nancy, comic strip      9‑591

Nanney, Tracy, scholar      4/5/6‑V‑253

Nanno, artist      8-390/1

Naohara, Kay, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Naomi, L. B., artist      1/2/3‑A‑33, B‑80, 4/5/6‑VI‑28(1), VI‑80(2)

Naoum, Irene, author      9‑160

Napa Asylum, statuary      9‑540

Napa River in art      9‑271

Napa Valley in art      9‑097

Napa Valley Museum, Yountville, Ca.      4/5/6‑V‑179, 9‑Index

Napa Valley, collectors      9‑341, 349

Naples Museum of Art, Naples, Fla.      9‑341

Napoleon (comic strip dog)      8‑341/1, 9‑Index

Napoleon (Bonaparte) in art      8‑327/2

Napoleon (Bonaparte), port      1/2/3‑269, 7‑II‑MI‑129, II‑MI‑133, I‑SFAA‑318, I‑SFAA‑319, I‑SFAA‑320, I‑SFAA‑321, I‑SFAA‑93

Napolitano, Pasquale Giovanni, artist      1/2/3‑178, B‑80, 4/5/6‑VI‑80(2), 8‑Index, 9‑578

Nappenbach, H., artist      9‑535

Nappenbach, Heinrich, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nappenbach, Heinrich, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑244

narcotics      8‑244/1

Nardi, Francois, artist      7‑II‑MI‑135

Narjot, E., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Narjot, E., port      7‑II‑MI‑128, I‑SFAA‑250

Narjot (de Francheville), Ernest Etienne, artist      4/5/6‑V‑248, 7‑II‑MI‑135, I‑SFAA‑235/36/37, III‑CSAS‑95, I‑SFAA‑17, I‑SFAA‑21, I‑SFAA‑2; SFAA faculty    I‑SFAA‑36/39; collector    II‑MI‑212, I‑SFAA‑333, 9‑Index

Narjot, L., Miss, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212, I‑SFAA‑333

narrative painting      4/5/6‑V‑189

Nasby, Judith, author      9‑416

Nash Company      8‑329/2, 398/1

Nash Store      8‑Index; Nash's      8‑028/2

Nash, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95

Nash, Carl Enos, decorator      8‑368/1, 9‑563

Nash, Dorothea, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nash, F. C., Co.      8‑054/2

Nash, H. D., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95

Nash, John Henry, printmaker      8‑368/1, 9‑297

Nash, Steven A., author      4/5/6‑V‑252

Nash, Thomas R., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2), 8‑368/1

Nash, Willard, artist      1/2/3‑B‑80, 4/5/6‑VI‑80(2)

Nasmyth, artist      7‑II‑MI‑136

Nason, Fred, furniture maker      9‑025

Nason, Thomas W., artist      8‑113/2

Nast of the Pacific      9‑563

Nast, Ernest Henry, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nast, Thomas, caricaturist     10‑55

Nat, Mot, artist      1/2/3‑B‑11

Nathan, Dohrmann and Company, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nathan, Harriet, interviewer      9‑549, 553

Nathan, Hattie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95

Nathan, K., Gallery, La Jolla      4/5/6‑V‑156, V‑265, V‑291; expands     V‑273, see also “K. Nathan Gallery”    

Nathan: B. [Bernhard] Nathan and Company, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nathanson, Phil, collector      9‑122

Nation, Agnes Burrell, Mrs., collector      8‑326/2

National Academy of Design, N. Y.      1/2/3‑126, 127, 148, 168, 180, 183, 185, 200, 220, 224, 260, 27, 275, 279, 284, 41, 46, 58, 65, 7, 74, 76, 99, 4/5/6‑V‑119, V‑215, V‑311, VI‑11(2), VI‑16(2), VI‑34(2), VI‑41(2), VI‑72(2), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

National Art Conference      9‑537

National Art Exhibit, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑59(2), IV‑59(3); first annual     IV‑48(1); second annual     IV‑48(2)

National Art Galleries      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2)

National Art Institute Poster Contest      8‑343/2

National Art News      8‑020/2

National Art Week      4/5/6‑IV‑41(2), IV‑49(2), IV‑52(2), IV‑54(1), IV‑61(1), IV‑61(3), VI‑53(2), VI‑80(2); in 1940 and 1941    IV‑32(2); exh. cat.    VI‑26(1), 8‑xxix, 368/1, 9‑578

National Arts Club, N. Y.      7‑I‑SFAA‑25, 8‑128/2

National Association of Women Artists, N. Y.      4/5/6‑IV‑63(1)

National Bank of Commerce, frieze      4/5/6‑VI‑104(2)

National Bank, Hollywood      8‑157/2

National Better Homes Contest      8‑371/1

National Cancer Institute      9‑643

National Cathedral School for Girls, Washington, D. C.      8‑505/1

National Cemetery, Sawtelle      9‑563

National Ceramics Fine Art Exhibition      9‑262

National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, D. C.      1/2/3‑282

National Conference of Catholic Charities      8‑434/1

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City      9‑608

National Cyclopedia of American Biography, publication      1/2/3‑xxiv

National Education Association      8‑206/2, 9‑563; convention      7‑I‑SFAA‑26; meeting in L. A.     10‑77

National Exhibition of Miniature Painters, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑12(2)

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.      4/5/6‑V‑105, V‑106, V‑130, 9‑Index

National Gallery, proposed      9‑532

National Geographic      9‑578

National Guard, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

National Guard, Pasadena      8‑393/2

National Housing Exposition, 1935, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑10(2), VI‑80(2)

National Industrial Recovery Act      9‑578

National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property      4/5/6‑V‑285

National League of American Pen Women      4/5/6‑IV‑61(3), 8‑091/2

National Motorist (magazine)      8‑563/2

National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution       4/5/6‑V‑15, V‑300, V‑285, 9‑426

National Museum of Chinese Revolution History, Beijing, China      9‑254

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D. C.      9‑296

National Orange Show, San Bernardino      4/5/6‑IV‑57(1); exh. cats     VI‑22(1), 8‑189/2, 368/2

National Palace, Mexico City      9‑578; murals      1/2/3‑212

National Park Seminary      1/2/3‑251

national parks      8‑070/1

national parks in art      1/2/3‑149, 4/5/6‑V‑292

national parks in photography      8‑Index

National Parks Service, dioramas      4/5/6‑V‑236

National Picture Week      8‑368/2, 408/1

National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D. C.      1/2/3‑109

National Print and Drawing exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑38(1), IV‑38(2)

National Print Show, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑29(2)

National Recovery Act      8‑240/2, 243/1

National Register of Historic Places      9‑284

National Sculpture Society, Fellow of      4/5/6‑V‑159

National Sculpture Society, N. Y.      1/2/3‑128, 8‑396/1

National Sculpture Society, N. Y., Contemporary American Sculpture, publication      1/2/3‑xxiv

National Society of New England Women      8‑030/2

National Statuary Hall, Washington, D. C.      1/2/3‑35

National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, Ca.      9‑Index

National Theatre, South Bank, London      9‑394

National Water Research Institute      4/5/6‑V‑138, V‑237

National Watercolor Society      4/5/6‑IV‑45(2), V‑19; Past President's Show    V‑12, exh.      V‑153, V‑89, 9‑Index

Native American      8‑Index, 9‑238, 578, 591

Native American art      4/5/6‑V‑107, 8‑lxxvi, 038/1, 9‑Index

Native American art, Orange County      4/5/6‑IV‑64(1), bibliog    IV‑75(1)

Native American artifacts      4/5/6‑V‑114, 9‑086

Native American artists      4/5/6‑V‑250, V‑254, V‑69, VI‑55(2), 9‑Index

Native American basketry      4/5/6‑V‑142, V‑286, V‑63, V‑91, 9‑120, 222, 368

Native American children exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑55(3)

Native American face and body painting      9‑381

Native American influence in art      9‑233

Native American pueblos in photography      9‑240

Native American theme      4/5/6‑IV‑12

Native Americans      8‑007/1, 9‑576; index      8‑370/1; Pasadena     513/1, 514/1

Native Americans in art      1/2/3‑131, 148, 155, 180, 213, 216, 221, 226, 23, 246, 258, 286, 287, 289, 33, 41, 5, 66, 70, 71, 79, 84, 4/5/6‑IV‑38(3), V‑12, V‑253, V‑30, V‑47, VI‑12(2), VI‑14(1), VI‑15(1), VI‑23(2), VI‑26(2), VI‑27(1), VI‑55(1), VI‑62(1), VI‑70(2), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Native Americans in photographs      4/5/6‑V‑151, V‑70, V‑90, 8‑550/1, 9‑564, 335

Native Daughters of the Golden West      8‑319/2

Native Grandeur      9‑Index

Native Palette      9‑262, 270, 279

Native Sons' Hall, San Francisco      4/5/6‑VI‑22(1)

Native Sons of the Golden West      8‑488/1, 9‑537, 564, 578; art collection     534

Native Sons of the Golden West Fraternal Lodge, Santa Rosa      9‑435

Native Sons of the Golden West, Fresno Parlor, officers’ port     10‑9

Natsoulas Gallery, Davis      9‑119

Natsoulas, John, art dealer      9‑434

Natural Beauty of California, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑299

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County      4/5/6‑V‑311, 9‑Index, see also Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

Natural History Museum, San Diego      9‑333

Natural History Society      9‑564

Natural History Store, Pasadena      9‑564

Natural Rhythms, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑192

naturalistic impressionist paintings      4/5/6‑IV‑10

Naturally Modern      9‑147

Nature Conservancy of California      9‑Index

nature in art      9‑191

Nature Lover's club      8‑219/1

Nature Study Club      8‑135/2, 588/2

Nature Then and Now      9‑202

Nature's Harmony      9‑066, 078, 094

Natzler, Gertrud and Otto, ceramists      4/5/6‑IV‑56(1), V‑171, 9‑163

Natzler, Gertrud, ceramist      4/5/6‑V‑149, VI‑80(2), 9‑094, 578

Natzler, Otto, ceramist      4/5/6‑V‑126, V‑149, VI‑80(2), 9‑094, 578

Naumann, Francis M., author      9‑297

Nauret, F., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95

Nava, Gregory, filmmaker      9‑042

Nava, John, artist      9‑365

Navajo      9‑578

Naval Aid Fund      4/5/6‑VI‑105(2)

Naval Air Station, Alameda, Ca.      9‑601

Naval Biosciences Laboratory, Oakland      9‑643

Naval Reserve Office      9‑578

Navarro de Perez, Californio      9‑564

Naversen, Kenneth L., author      4/5/6‑V‑194

Navoni, James Angel [Angell], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Navy, U.S.      9‑Index, see also “U. S. Navy”

Navy, U.S., in art      1/2/3‑15

Nay, Edward O., trustee      8‑392/1

Naylor, John William, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Naylor, Lan Donia (Landonia), teacher      8‑370/1

Nazare, Francois, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2)

Nazarene University      9‑109

Nazi, art collections      4/5/6‑VI‑105(2)

Nazis      9‑578

Neagle, John, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑38(1)

Neal R. Smith Fine Art, Denver      9‑184

Neal, David Dalhoff, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95, II‑MI‑136, I‑SFAA‑237, 9‑538

Neal, David?, artist      9‑531

Neale, Vincent, Mrs., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑237

Neal's Auctions      9‑059

Near East Relief      8‑028/2, 047/1, 236/1

Nearpass (Ogden), Kate, scholar      4/5/6‑V‑145, V‑57, see also “Ogden, Kate”

Nebbs, The, comic strip      4/5/6‑VI‑42(2), 9‑591

Nebraska State Capitol      1/2/3‑245; sculpture    147

Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln      1/2/3‑267

Nebraska, artists      9‑403

Ned, Charley, port      7‑III‑CSAS‑67

Neebe, Minnie Harris, artist      1/2/3‑B‑22

Needham, Charles Austin, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑237

Needham, Dominick, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95, I‑SFAA‑237

Needham, Guy, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Needham, Jessie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95

Needham, Maud, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑95

Needham, R. J., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

needlework      8‑Index

Neejer, Florine, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑37(2)

Neelands, William, Mrs., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑288

Neely Dickson School      8‑060/2

Neer, Van der, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑237

Neff Pottery      8‑491/1

Neff Studios, fashion design      8‑370/1

Neff, Andrew, Dr., researcher      8‑185/2

Neff, Andrew, potter      1/2/3‑178

Neff, Wallace, architect      4/5/6‑IV‑23(1), 8‑124/1, 370/1, 9‑Index

Negro Art Association, L. A.       4/5/6‑VI‑80(2); exh. cat.   VI‑28(1), 9‑578

Negro Artists      1/2/3‑178

Negrof, F. Dal, sculptor      7‑I‑SFAA‑237, II‑MI‑136

Negulesco, Jean, art director      1/2/3‑178, 4/5/6‑VI‑19(1), VI‑80(2); estate auctioned    V‑241; caricaturist      8‑370/1

Nehlig, Victor, artist      7‑II‑MI‑136, I‑SFAA‑237

Neidhart, Paul, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Neighborhood Artists of Hollywood      8‑045/1, 370/1

Neighborhood Church      8‑224/1, 519/2

Neighborhood Club      8‑320/2

Neighborhood Congregational Church, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑57(3)

Neighborhood Guild      8‑087/1

Neighborhood Pride murals      4/5/6‑V‑256

Neil, C. A., artist      8‑370/1

Neil, J. F., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Neil, Susie F., artist      7‑II‑MI‑136

Neill, George W., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Neillson, port      7‑II‑MI‑193

Neilsen [or Nielsen or Nielson], Mads P., sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑96, II‑MI‑137, I‑SFAA‑237, I‑SFAA‑270, see also Schmid and Neilsen   

Neilsen, Peter, artist      8‑174/2

Neilson, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑32, II‑MI‑67

Neilson, port      7‑II‑MI‑161, II‑MI‑62, II‑MI‑93

Neilson, Adelaide, port      7‑II‑MI‑148, II‑MI‑44

Neilson, Ariel Bruce, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Neilson, Charles Peter, artist      1/2/3‑179, 7‑III‑CSAS‑96, II‑MI‑137, I‑SFAA‑237, 9‑578

Neilson, Charles, artist      1/2/3‑295

Neilson, Dorothy, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Neilson, J. R., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Neilson, M. P., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Neilson, Raymond P. R., artist      8‑102/1

Neimeyer, J. H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Neitzel, Dana, coordinator      9‑231

Neligan, Georgia, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Neligan, Minnie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Nelli, Guido, bronze caster      1/2/3‑179, 37, 8‑Index, 9‑102, 578

Nelson Atkins Museum      9‑218

Nelson Gallery of Antiquities, Los Gatos      4/5/6‑V‑155

Nelson, Mr., teacher      8‑370/2

Nelson, Agatha, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nelson, Christopher A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑78, III‑CSAS‑96, see Goodall and Nelson   

Nelson, Clarence L., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nelson, Elmer S., author      9‑554

Nelson, Emily, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑21(2)

Nelson, Eric, director      9‑097

Nelson, Ernest Bruce, artist      1/2/3‑B‑80, 8‑370/2, 9‑033, 361/63

Nelson, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nelson, Frederic [Fredericka], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nelson, H., painter      8‑370/2

Nelson, Harold, author      4/5/6‑V‑223

Nelson, John B., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96, II‑MI‑137

Nelson, Karen, author      9‑371

Nelson, Ken, author/artist      9‑591

Nelson, Mike, artist      9‑512

Nelson, N. P., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nelson, R. Kenton, artist      9‑238

Nelson, Sallye Davenport, artist model      8‑xx, 040/2

Nelson, T. K., Hon., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑68

Nelson, W., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nelson‑Evans Artcraft Studio, Hollywood      8‑370/2

Nelson‑Evans Photography Studio      8‑370/2

Nelson‑Rees, Walter A., collector/author/art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑122, V‑128, V‑144, V‑189, V‑4, V‑44, V‑80, V‑90, 9‑068, 605, 643

Nemenee?, George, architect      9‑525

Nemoy, Maurice, commercial artist      1/2/3‑179

Nenier, George, Mr. and Mrs., artists      8‑355/2

Neo‑Classic influences      8‑114/2

Neoclassical      9‑578

Neography, art medium      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

Neon art      9‑174

Neo‑romantic      9‑578

Neo‑Romanticism      4/5/6‑VI‑71(2), 9‑591

Nepote, Alexander, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33, 4/5/6‑V‑102, VI‑23(2), 9‑155, 241, 461

Neptune, god      9‑578

Neptunian Club, Manhattan Beach      1/2/3‑51

Nerbovig, Helen, student      8‑432/2

Neresheimer, Mr., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nerger, Ethel Pearce, artist      4/5/6‑V‑117

Nesbet, C. Bachelor, artist      8‑327/2

Nesbit, Florence Harrison, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Nesbit, Philip, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑27(2), 8‑520/2

Nesbitt, Mabel Irene, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nesfield, David W., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nesfield, William Andrews, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑238

Nesley, Diane, HCC member      9‑Index

Ness, Alfred, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Ness, Emma, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nestell, Ella, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Nestor film studio, Hollywood    8‑xxxix

Neth, Paul Robert, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nettleton, George P., Jr., commercial artist      1/2/3‑179

Neubauer, F. LaFay, etcher      1/2/3‑179

Neubert, George, curator      4/5/6‑V‑218, 9‑389, 390

Neuckens [or Neukens], J. [or T.], artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Neue Kunstsalon, Munich      1/2/3‑282

Neuer Kunst Salon      9‑578

Neuerburg, Norman, author      4/5/6‑V‑109, V‑182, V‑194, V‑207, V‑252, V‑287, V‑293, V‑306, V‑312, V‑73, V‑80; curator    V‑300; speaker     V‑281, V‑282, V‑294, 9‑591

Neugass, Mervin, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Neuhaus German Theater      8‑223/1, 254/1

Neuhaus, Eugen, artist      1/2/3‑B‑80; 4/5/6‑VI‑29(1); archives     VI‑3, VI‑5; author     V‑191, V‑206, V‑227, V‑310, VI‑17(2), VI‑29(2), VI‑8(1); SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39, I‑SFAA‑238; writer      8‑370/2, 389/2, 9‑Index

Neuilly a Seine, Fr.      9‑503

Neumann [or Newman], S., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Neumann, Karin, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑90(1)

Neumann, L., Dr., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Neumann, Rudolph, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑300

Neustadter, Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Neustadter, Jacob H., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Neustadter, Rosalie, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Neutra, Richard, architect      1/2/3‑119, B‑7, 4/5/6‑IV‑31(1), IV‑39(2), IV‑69(1), V‑106, V‑140, V‑171, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Neuville, Alphonse Marie Adolphe de, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑238

Nevada Museum of Art, Reno      4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑179, V‑183, V‑299, 9‑Index

Neville, William H., author      8‑291/1

Neville‑Smith, H., artist      1/2/3‑179, A‑33, B‑80, 4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

Nevin, John B., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nevin, Katherine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nevins, Deborah, author      9‑591

New Almaden Quicksilver Mine, Santa Clara      1/2/3‑124

New Art Gallery, Hollywood      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

New Bond Street Gallery, London      8‑573/1

New Brook Studio      8‑010/1

New Brunswick, Canada      9‑505, 506

New Calvary cemetery      9‑564

New Classicism    1/2/3‑84, 4/5/6‑VI‑74(2), 9‑578, see also “Post‑Surrealism”   

New Collector, exh. (Spanierman)      4/5/6‑V‑300

New Deal      9‑459

New Deal Art      1/2/3‑291, 4/5/6‑V‑109, V‑224, V‑254

New Deal Art: California      9‑170

New Deal Murals, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑88(1)

New Deal style      9‑578

New England Women, National Society      8‑030/2

New Gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

New Haven Art School      1/2/3‑266

New Hope, Pa.      1/2/3‑230

New Mexico      8‑Index

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces      9‑605

New Mexico, architecture      4/5/6‑V‑130

New Mexico, artists      4/5/6‑VI‑55(2)

New Mexico, in art      1/2/3‑104

New Mexico, painters of, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑12(1)

New Mexico, University of      9‑007

New Mission Theater, Northridge      4/5/6‑V‑300

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York      9‑261

New Orleans, La.      8-016/2

New Rays of Sunshine, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑116

New School of Art, pupils of, exhibitor      7‑II‑MI‑137

New Workers' School, N. Y.      8‑452/2

New Yamato      8‑046/2

New Year's Artist's Ball, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑24(3), IV‑26(2)

New York Architectural League      1/2/3‑263

New York Etching Club      9‑564

New York Film Producers      9‑518, 528

New York Fine Print Fair      4/5/6‑V‑113

New York Gallery, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑137

New York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America, 1564‑1860, publication      1/2/3‑xxiii

New York Lithograph Co.      8‑533/1

New York Public Library, archives      4/5/6‑VI‑3

New York School of Applied Design      1/2/3‑225

New York School of Applied Design for Women      1/2/3‑3

New York School of Art      1/2/3‑186, 206, 229

New York School of Fine Arts      1/2/3‑154

New York State University, Purchase      9‑649

New York Style Shop, Hollywood      8‑372/1

New York Times Obituaries Index, publication      1/2/3‑xxv

New York Trade School      1/2/3‑275

New York University (NYU)      4/5/6‑V‑254, 9‑Index

New York Volunteers      9‑564

New York Watercolor Club      1/2/3‑274, 8‑570/2, 9‑509

New York World (newspaper)      8‑028/2

New York World's Fair, 1939      9‑418

New York, N.Y.      1/2/3‑121, 8‑121/1, 133/1, 219/2, 9‑113

New York, N.Y., art and artists      9‑503, 504

New York, N.Y., graft and corruption      9‑518, 521

New York, N.Y., in art      9‑204, 208

New, Mr., photographer      8-371/1

New, Marie, painter      8‑372/1

Newark Technical School      1/2/3‑125

Newberry, Max W., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Newberry [or Newbury], R. S., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Newberry, S. A., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newberry, Stevens and Raleigh, artists      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Newbery, T., engraver     10‑55

Newbrigen, Jon, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

New‑Brook Studio, Hollywood      8‑371/1

Newburg, Phillip, photographer      8‑371/1

Newcomb Art College, New Orleans      1/2/3‑20

Newcomb Art School      1/2/3‑225

Newcomb Macklin frames      9‑249, 639

Newcomb Pottery      8‑371/1

Newcomb, Olive, craftswoman      1/2/3‑14, 179, 295, 56, B‑80; corresp.      4/5/6‑V‑147

Newcomb, T. J., photographer      9‑564

Newcombe, W. J. B., artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Newcombe, Warren, artist      1/2/3‑179, 284, B‑80, xix/1, 4/5/6‑VI‑27(1), VI‑81(1), 8‑113/2, 371/1, 9‑Index

Newcomb‑Macklin Gallery, Chicago      1/2/3‑192, 4/5/6‑V‑49, V‑88, V‑112

Newcum, John W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newell, Corrington Samuel, sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑96, II‑MI‑137, I‑SFAA‑239, I‑SFAA‑333

Newell, George Glenn, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑239

Newell, Glenn, artist      1/2/3‑19

Newell, Gordon, sculptor      1/2/3‑179, B‑80, 4/5/6‑V‑240, V‑93, VI‑81(1); sculptor     VI‑93(1), 8‑371/2, 9‑080, 199

Newell, Hugh, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑239

Newell, Kenneth, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

Newell, Peter, book illustrator      8‑023/2

Newell, Selina, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Newell, W. A., sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Newfield, Richard, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Newhall, Beaumont, photographer      9‑368

Newhall, Catherine White, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑239

Newhall, H. C., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Newhall, H. M., & Co., S F., auctioneer      9‑545, 546

Newhall, Henry Mayo, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Newhall, Henry Mayo, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Newhall, Kate, Miss, artist      9‑564

Newhall, Nancy, author      9‑274, 368

Newhall, William Mayo, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Newhouse Galleries      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1), 8‑Index, 9‑578

Newhouse Galleries, Los Angeles      4/5/6‑VI‑22(1)

Newhouse Galleries, N. Y. & L. A.      1/2/3‑14, 168, 179, 207, 228, 238

Newhouse, Jill, author      4/5/6‑V‑160

Newking, Natalie (Nathalie), painter      1/2/3‑179, B‑80, 4/5/6‑IV‑36(3), VI‑19(1), VI‑81(1), VI‑81(1), 8‑Index

Newkirk, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑97

Newkirk, Mrs., lecturer      8‑390/1

Newkirk, J. H., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Newkirk, Jim and Martha, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑22

Newkirk, Martha Martin, author      8‑Index

Newlands, Senator, port      1/2/3‑B‑38

Newlyweds, comic strip      9‑591

Newman and Wing, sculptors      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Newman House      9‑280

Newman, Mrs., painting      8‑371/2

Newman, A. G., sculptor      8‑487/1

Newman, Azadia, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑28(1), VI‑81(1), 8‑371/2, 521/1

Newman, Bear, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

Newman, Bernard, designer      8‑371/2

Newman, Edward, artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newman, Henry, artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newman, Henry, Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newman, Louis, Galleries, Beverly Hills      4/5/6‑V‑146, V‑149, V‑181, V‑204

Newman, Martha, ceramic jewelry      4/5/6‑IV‑46(1), 8‑371/2

Newman, Mary, art patron      4/5/6‑V‑173

Newman, Maud[e], craftsworker      1/2/3‑179, 8‑371/2

Newman, Morris, author      4/5/6‑V‑152, V‑174, 9‑042

Newman, Samuel, artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newman, Selina B., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96, II‑MI‑137, I‑SFAA‑239; art student     I‑SFAA‑54

Newman, Walter H., Mrs., art patron      8‑371/2

Newman, Wanda, artist      1/2/3‑179

Newman, Winifred, artist      8‑371/2

Newmann, Erwin, artist      9‑480

Newmark fountain      9‑564

Newport Avenue Antiques      9‑036

Newport Beach High School      4/5/6‑IV‑69(2)

Newport Beach, Ca.      4/5/6‑IV‑24(2), 8-Index, 9‑578

Newport Beach, Ca., art and artists      4/5/6‑IV‑71(1), V‑290; biblio    IV‑78(2), 8‑xxxi, 371/2

Newport Beach, Ca., marsh      9‑564

Newport Beach, Ca., mural      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Newport Beach, Ca., scenic beauties      4/5/6‑IV‑23(2)

Newport Harbor Art Museum      4/5/6‑IV‑71(2), IV‑72(1), IV‑73(1), IV‑73(2), IV‑74(1), 9‑184; merger with Laguna Art Museum      4/5/6‑V‑258, V‑263

Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce     4/5/6‑IV‑71(1), 8‑372/1

Newport Harbor High School      4/5/6‑IV‑44(2), V‑176; annual purchase prize exh.  IV‑54(1); art collection    IV‑54(1), IV‑71(1); bibliog     IV‑77(2), 8‑Index

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum      9‑Index

Newport Harbor Union High School, Newport Beach, exh. cats      1/2/3‑102, 4/5/6‑VI‑22(1)

Newport Harbor Yacht Club      1/2/3‑203

Newport Harbor, Ca., in art   8‑xx

Newport‑Mesa Unified School District      4/5/6‑IV‑54(1), V‑176, V‑42

News (New York) newspaper      1/2/3‑224

News from the Art Colony      8‑372/1

News of the Art World      8‑372/1

Newsletter (issued by Jan Holloway Gallery)      4/5/6‑V‑30

Newsletter, California Art Club      4/5/6‑V‑210

Newsletters, HCC, 1985‑2006, reprinted as PSCA vols. 5 and 9; 9‑020, 023

Newsom and Newsom, artists          7-II-MI-137

Newsom, Joseph Cather, artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newsom, Samuel, artist      7‑II‑MI‑137, I‑SFAA‑239

Newspace Gallery, L. A.      9‑006, 665

newspaper artists      1/2/3‑103, 288, 48, 70, 71, 82, 4/5/6‑VI‑81(1), 9‑Index

Newspaper Artists League, S. F.      4/5/6‑V‑260

newspaper photoengraver      1/2/3‑49

newspapers review art      9‑564

News‑Scimitar (Memphis) newspaper      1/2/3‑268

Newton & Murray, architects      8‑478/2

Newton Center, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Ga.      9‑445

Newton, artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newton, port      1/2/3‑239

Newton, Dudley, silhouettist      4/5/6‑VI‑81(1)

Newton, Helen F., painter      8‑372/1

Newton, Joanna Bard, author      4/5/6‑V‑44

Newton, M., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Newton, Ruth, artist      1/2/3‑B‑80

Newton, Stephen A., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑137

Newton, T. P., Mrs, port      1/2/3‑104

Ney, Marie, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑19(2), 8‑lvi, 9‑564

Ng, Leanne, art dealer      9‑458

Niblock, M. M., Mrs., collector      8-037/2

Nichol, Bishop, port      7‑III‑CSAS‑27

Nicholais, Muriel, architect      8‑372/2

Nicholas, Emperor of Russia, port      7‑II‑MI‑204

Nicholas, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nicholas, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑309

Nicholas, George, collector/animator      9‑341

Nicholl, Dr., collector      8‑034/2, 446/1

Nicholl, Benjamin, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nicholl [Nicoll], John W., see also Nicoll, John W.      8‑lix, lviii, 394/2, 9‑564

Nicholl, Mary [or Mazie] E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑138, III‑CSAS‑96, I‑SFAA‑239

Nicholls, Rhoda Holmes, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑239

Nicholls, W. P., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Nichols Gallery, Pitzer College, Claremont      9‑367

Nichols, Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nichols, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑104

Nichols, A. J., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Nichols, C., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑96

Nichols, Carlisa, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Nichols, Caroline C., sculptor      1/2/3‑179

Nichols, Floyd F., sculptor      8‑372/2

Nichols, Harley De Witt, artist      1/2/3‑179, 4/5/6‑IV‑36(3), IV‑43(2), IV‑52(1), VI‑10(2), VI‑13(1), VI‑81(2), 8‑Index, 9‑564

Nichols, Henry Hobart, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Nichols, Hobart, artist      1/2/3‑B‑80

Nichols, Kathryn McKenzie, author      4/5/6‑V‑306

Nichols, Lillian L., artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Nichols, Mary N., artist      8‑373/1

Nichols, May, Miss, artist      8‑008/1

Nichols, Peggy [Pegus] Martin, sculptor      1/2/3‑180, A‑33, B‑80, 8‑280/1, 373/1, see also “Martin‑Nichols, Pegus” and “Martinez, Pearl”

Nichols, Scott, see “Scott Nichols, S. F.”      9‑321

Nichols, Spencer Baird, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Nichols, Wilbur Diehl, artist      1/2/3‑180, B‑81

Nichols, W. T., Dr., art collector      1/2/3‑205

Nicholson Gallery, see “Nicholson, Grace, Gallery, Pasadena”

Nicholson, Alexander, artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Nicholson, Charles W., artist      1/2/3‑180

Nicholson, Ed, art admirer      4/5/6‑IV‑60(3)

Nicholson, Ed, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑62(2)

Nicholson, Edward H., artist      4/5/6‑V‑35, 8‑373/1

Nicholson, Emrich, art director/muralis      4/5/6‑VI‑81(2), 9‑154

Nicholson, George Washington, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97, II‑MI‑138, I‑SFAA‑240

Nicholson, Grace, art dealer      1/2/3‑180, 39, xv/2, xviii/2, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Nicholson, Grace, Gallery, Pasadena      1/2/3‑16, 138, 14, 145, 154, 167, 175, 180, 183, 184, 185, 185, 191, 200, 202, 21, 226, 227, 232, 237, 250, 44, 72, 74, 4/5/6‑V‑147, VI‑101(2), VI‑14(2), VI‑64(2), VI‑68(1), VI‑70(1), VI‑74(1), VI‑74(2), VI‑77(2), VI‑81(2), VI‑84(1), VI‑87(1), VI‑90(2), VI‑95(2), VI‑97(2), VI‑98(2), VI‑99(1), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Nicholson, J. J., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nicholson, John E., artist     10‑56

Nicholson, John, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Nicholson, Juanita, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nicholson, Lillie May, artist      4/5/6‑V‑306, V‑48, 9‑357, 644, 645

Nicholson, Olga, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nickel, Douglas R., author      9‑416

Nickels, Albert R., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nickerson, E. L., Millinery Store      8‑005/1

Nickum, Mary Ellen, artist      8‑375/2

Nicodemo, Dan, art dealer      9‑66

Nicol, Erskine, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Nicoli, Carlo, artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Nicolini, Mr., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nicoll, J. C., artist      1/2/3‑180

Nicoll, James Craig, artist      7‑II‑MI‑138, I‑SFAA‑240, 9‑564

Nicoll, John W., artist      1/2/3‑180, xv/2, 8‑128/1, 375/2, 394/1, 9‑119, 591, see also “Nicholl”

Nicolls, Jasper W., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑28

Nicolls, Jasper W., port      1/2/3‑B‑28

Nielsen [Nielson] Ella Catherine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nielsen, artist      4/5/6‑V‑60

Nielsen, A. E., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nielsen, Elin, industrial art      8‑376/1

Nielsen, Harry A., interior decorator      1/2/3‑180, B‑81, 8‑111/1, 111/2

Nielsen, Josephine V., artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Nielsen, Kay, animator/artist/illustrator      4/5/6‑V‑286, VI‑11(2), VI‑20(2), VI‑81(2), 9‑591

Nielsen, Niels, artist      1/2/3‑180

Nielsen, Peter, artist      1/2/3‑180, B‑81, 4/5/6‑IV‑62(3), V‑24, VI‑16(1), VI‑81(2), 8‑lxxviii, 233/1, 376/1, 9‑Index

Nielson, Adelaide, port      7‑II‑MI‑151

Niemeyer, John Henry, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Niepce [or Niepe] Photo Chapter, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nierendorf Gallery, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑81(2)

Niesen, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nieto, Margarita, author      4/5/6‑V‑128, V‑129, V‑274, 9‑133, 215

Nieuwenhuis, Celeste Withers, artist      1/2/3‑180, B‑81, 8‑376/1, see also “Withers, Celeste”

Nieuwenhuis, John Domela, artist      1/2/3‑B‑81

Night on Bald Mountain, Fantasia by Kay Nielsen      9‑591

night scenes      9‑186

Night Visions      9‑116

Nightingale, Florence, port      1/2/3‑79, 4/5/6‑VI‑51(2)

Nightingale, Frank, lecturer      8‑047/1

Nightingale, Walter, artist      1/2/3‑B‑81

Nightingale, Wesley, sculptor      1/2/3‑181, B‑81, 8‑045/2, 376/1

Nihonga style      9‑112

Nijinsky, artist      8‑376/1

Nikolo, A., artist      1/2/3‑135

Nilan, Roxanne, author      4/5/6‑V‑118

Nile and Kollmyer, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nile, Chester Gordon, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nile, Matthew D., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Niles, A. W., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Niles, Addison F., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Niles, Addison P., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97, II‑MI‑138, I‑SFAA‑240

Niles, Addison P., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑131

Niles, Charlotte Butterworth, painter      8‑376/1

Niles, Edward R., architect      9‑042

Niles, Isabelle [Isabel] Morrison, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240; art student    I‑SFAA‑54, see also “Morrison, Isabelle”    II‑MI‑138

Niles, Lulu Rayne, painter      8‑376/1

Nilsson, port      7‑II‑MI‑62

Nilsson, Anna Q., port      1/2/3‑92

Nimmo, Louise Everett, artist      1/2/3‑B‑81, 181, 4/5/6‑VI‑81(2), 8‑Index, 9‑578, see also Everett     

Nimmo, Mida E., bookbinder      1/2/3‑181

Nimmo, Rae E., husband of artist      1/2/3‑82, 8‑042/1, 093/2

Nin, Anais, author      9‑326, 371

Nine Senior Southern California Painters, article      4/5/6‑V‑261

19 Moderns, exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑50(1)

1930s, art      4/5/6‑V‑307

1930s, art and literature      9‑548

1950s, art      9‑258

1987 In Review (issued by Stary‑Sheets Art Gallery)      4/5/6‑V‑34, B‑21, xv/1, B‑3

Nineteenth‑Century San Francisco Art Exhibition Catalogues      7‑I‑SFAA‑9

Nippert, Anabel B., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nippon Club      9‑578

Nisei      9‑579

Nisei Writers and Artists for Democracy      9‑579

Nishimura and Company, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nishina, Henry, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nissen, Miss, artist      8‑376/2

Nithsdale school      1/2/3‑124

Nittve, Lars, critic      9‑066

Nixon, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Nixon, Miss, art patron      4/5/6‑IV‑61(1)

Nixon, Bruce, author      4/5/6‑V‑119

Nixon, Mabel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nixon, Richard M., Library and Birthplace, Yorba Linda      4/5/6‑V‑192, V‑205, V‑208

No Fooling, tour      4/5/6‑V‑86

Noble, artist      1/2/3‑100

Noble, Countess, port      7‑II‑MI‑144

Noble, Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Noble, Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑32

Noble, Charles E., collector      4/5/6‑V‑82

Noble, Ella E., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Noble, Elsie Louise, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Noble, H. H., port      7‑II‑MI‑32

Noble, Hamden H., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑138

Noble, J., artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Noble, May, artist      1/2/3‑B‑22

Noble, Miriam, designer      1/2/3‑181

Noble, Mora, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

nocturnes (J. A. M. Whistler)    9‑186, 463

Noda, Hideo Benjamin, artist      4/5/6‑V‑99

Nodelman, Sheldon, speaker      4/5/6‑V‑36

Noel, artist      1/2/3‑242

Noel, Achelle Jules, artist      7‑II‑MI‑138, I‑SFAA‑240

Noel, Adelard N., photographer      8‑376/2

Noerr, J. George, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97, II‑MI‑138

Nofziger, E., cartoonist      4/5/6‑IV‑57(3)

Nofziger, Jay, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑81(2)

no‑ground etching plate      1/2/3‑232

Noguchi, Isamu, garden    4/5/6‑IV‑72(2), IV‑74(2)

Noguchi, Isamu, sculptor      4/5/6‑V‑160, VI‑10(2), VI‑56(1), VI‑81(2), 8‑114/1, 9‑Index

Noguchi, Yone, writer?      9‑085

Nolan, Bill, artist      9‑318, 528

Nolan, H. J., commercial artist      1/2/3‑181

Nolan, James L., author      4/5/6‑V‑128, V‑72

Nolan, Peter, port      1/2/3‑238

Noland, Kenneth, artist      4/5/6‑V‑282

Nolde, Karl Erich, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33, 4/5/6‑VI‑81(2)

Noll, Lorenz, interviewee      9‑545

Nollen, George H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Nolt, Bessie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Nolt, H., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Nolte, Ada, artist      7‑II‑MI‑138

Nolte, L. H., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Noltemeire, Bertha A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Nomland, Kemper, painter      8‑376/2

Noonan, Elsie Margaret, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Noonan, Lena M., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Noonan, V. E., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑76

Nopobtani, P. G., artist      1/2/3‑181, B‑81

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Logan, Utah      9‑224, 311

Norby, Cornell, collector/dealer      9‑Index

Norco Naval Hospital, Corona      4/5/6‑IV‑32(2); art display   IV‑41(1), 8‑xx, xxx

Norcross, Anne, scholar      9‑163

Norcross, D., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Norcross, W. F., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nordberg, Maud, interior decorator      8‑376/2

Nordell, Carl Johan David, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Nordfeldt, B. J. O., artist      1/2/3‑B‑81, 4/5/6‑VI‑11(2)

Nordgren, Anna [or Annie] Arma, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97, II‑MI‑139, I‑SFAA‑240

Nordhoff family      9‑564

Nordin, Oscar, commercial artist      1/2/3‑181

Nordland, Gerald, author      4/5/6‑V‑266; interviewer      9‑553

Nordlee baskets      8‑314/1

Nordlee Studio, interior decoration      8‑376/2

Nordmann, Joseph, lecturer      9‑244

Nordstern Insurance Company of America      4/5/6‑V‑286

Nordstrom, Algot, artist      1/2/3‑181, B‑81, 8‑376/2

Nordyke, M. T.      9‑579

Noren, Carl, artist      1/2/3‑181

Norge, Hostel I., port      1/2/3‑B‑63

Noriega, Chon A., editor      9‑241

Noris, E. M., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Norling, Ernest R., artist      1/2/3‑B‑81

Normal Art School, Boston      1/2/3‑148, 179

Norman Art Store, Hollywood      8‑352/1, 376/2

Norman, F. Wilfrid, merchant      8‑045/1

Norman, Irving, artist      4/5/6‑V‑40

Norman, Ruth, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Normand, Emile, artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Normandy, France, American artists in      9‑564

Norman's Art Shop, Hollywood      8‑376/2, 535/2

Norman‑Wilcox, Gregor, curator      8‑327/2

Normark, Don, photographer      9‑201

Norran, E. D., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Norris, Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Norris, Ben, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33, B‑81, 4/5/6‑VI‑81(2)

Norris, George A., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑333

Norris, Katherine, Fine Art, Newport Beach      9‑453, 454, 666

Norris, William, collector      7‑II‑MI‑212, I‑SFAA‑333; officer    I‑SFAA‑30/35

Norris, Wm., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Norse Studio Club, Hollywood, history      1/2/3‑B‑15, 136, 146, 8‑Index

North Africa in art      1/2/3‑190, 258, 56

North American Aviation      9‑591

North American Rockwell      9‑061

North Beach, Then & Now, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑55

North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh      9‑081, 114, 160

North Carolina, University of      9‑151, 162

North Cucamonga, Ca.      9‑564

North Elsinore, Ca.      9‑564

North Hollywood High School      8‑235/1

North Hollywood High School Benefit Art Auction      9‑488

North Hollywood Recreation Center      8‑010/2

North Hollywood Women's Club      8‑377/2

North Hollywood, Ca., art and artists      8‑xlviii, 377/1

North Pasadena Methodist Episcopal Church      8‑401/1

North Point Gallery, S. F.      4/5/6‑V‑101, V‑126, V‑140, V‑154, V‑155, V‑160, V‑171, V‑188, V‑190, V‑217, V‑219, V‑228, V‑249, V‑256, V‑309, V‑319, V‑89, V‑278; moves to Sutter St.   V‑245, 9‑Index

North Shore Arts Association, Gloucester, Mass      1/2/3‑282

North, Chester, art patron      8‑035/2

Northcross, Robert, port      1/2/3‑B‑76

Northcote, James, artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Northeast Auctions      9‑059

Northern California Art Exhibition Catalogues      7‑I‑SFAA‑9

Northern California Art Exhibition Catalogues (1878‑1915), book      4/5/6‑V‑81, V‑72

Northern California Art, history to 1870, proposed book      4/5/6‑V‑182

Northern California Art, Trends in, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑12(1), VI‑13(1)

Northern California Arts, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑9(1)

Northern California, art and artists      9‑Index

Northern California, artists      4/5/6‑VI‑55(2)

Northern California, in art      9‑432

Northern Pacific Railroad      1/2/3‑33

Northmore, Blanche, painter      8‑377/2

Northridge Salute to the Arts      9‑488

Northridge Woman's Club, Art Fiesta      9‑490

Northridge, Ca., California State University, see California State University, Northridge

Northridge, Ed, commercial artist      1/2/3‑181

Northrop aircraft      9‑631, 632

Northrup, Belle, costume designer      8‑377/2

Northwest      8‑065/1, 084/2

Northwest Artists, annual exh.      4/5/6‑VI‑11(1)

Northwest, American      9‑579

Northwestern Boundary Survey      9‑564

Northwestern University, Evanston, Il.      1/2/3‑119, 120, 9‑074

Northwood, D'Arcy, Mrs., playwright?      8‑029/1

Norton Gallery and School of Art, West Palm Beach      4/5/6‑V‑115

Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, see “Simon, Norton, Museum”

Norton, port      7‑II‑MI‑107

Norton, Dean E. C., port      1/2/3‑14

Norton, Dila, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Norton, E. J., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97, II‑MI‑139

Norton, Elinor, port      1/2/3‑B‑83

Norton, G., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Norton, Helen Gaylord, artist      1/2/3‑181, B‑81

Norton, J. A., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Norton, John H., Major, port      1/2/3‑127, 128

Norton, John S., port      1/2/3‑B‑91

Norton, John, artist      1/2/3‑120

Norton, K. W., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97, I‑SFAA‑240

Norton, M. A., Miss, artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Norton, Marion Grace, miniaturist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240; art student    I‑SFAA‑54

Norton, Peter and Eileen, art patrons      9‑301

Norton, R. H., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑104

Norton, S. J., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Norton, T. G., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Norton, William Edward, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑240

Norway      8‑009/2, 264/2, 265/1

Norwegian Lutheran Church      1/2/3‑120

Noskowiak, Sonja, photographer      9‑192

Not Just Another Pretty Vase      9‑339

Notan      8‑408/2

Notan, The Dark‑Light Principle of Design      4/5/6‑V‑129, 9‑036, 108

Notary, Antone, artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

note cards, HCC project      4/5/6‑V‑21, V‑23

Noter, David Emil Joseph de, artist      7‑II‑MI‑139, I‑SFAA‑241

Notes from the Art Gallery, South Coast News      4/5/6‑IV‑44(1)

Notes of a Military Reconnaissance 1846‑7      9‑564

Noticias, publication of the Santa Barbara Historical Society      1/2/3‑290, 9‑648

Notre Dame University, School of Fine Arts      1/2/3‑127

Not‑So Still Life      9‑Index

Nott, Raymond, pastellist      1/2/3‑181, 8‑045/2, 377/2, 9‑077, 480, 647

Nottage, Grace, art teacher      1/2/3‑181

Nottage, James, curator      4/5/6‑V‑274, V‑70, 9‑183

Nougues, Sadie S., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Nourse, Elizabeth, port      1/2/3‑B‑41

Nourse, George A., Judge, port     10‑12

Nourse, Maude, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑241

Nourse, Sterling B., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nova Scotia, Canada      9‑505, 506

Novak, Andor, artist      8‑377/2

Novarese, Michael, fashion designer      9‑300

Novas, German, artist      8‑449/1

Novi, Charles M., art director      4/5/6‑VI‑81(2)

Novoa, German, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑81(2)

Nowell, Dora May, artist      1/2/3‑181, A‑33

Nowettny, Vincent, artist      9‑086

Nowottny, artist      1/2/3‑55

Noyce, Geo, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Noyes, Dr., port      1/2/3‑250

Noyes, Frank, ceramist      9‑007

Noyes, George S., artist      1/2/3‑255

Nozaki, Albert, studio artist      4/5/6‑VI‑82(1)

Nubila, N. L., artist      1/2/3‑181

nude in art      1/2/3‑212, 87, 89, 4/5/6‑V‑184, 8‑323/1, 378/1, 9‑Index

Nude: A Celebration of the Human Form      9‑206

nude in photography      4/5/6‑V‑223

Nugent, Frances Roberts, art teacher      1/2/3‑181, A‑33, 8‑501/1

Nugent, Jeanne, scholar      9‑093, 164

Nugent, John, port      7‑II‑MI‑31

Numismatic Museum      8‑128/2

Nunan, John J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑88, see Madden and Nunan

Nunan, M. J., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Nunes, Doyce, author      9‑591

Nunes, Gordon, artist      1/2/3‑A‑33

Nunes, Gordon, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑12(2), VI‑22(2)

Nunis, Doyce B., Jr., ed.      4/5/6‑V‑312

Nunn, Evylena, artist, see Miller

Nurse, Geo., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nurse, M., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Nute, Fannie Evelyn, miniaturist      8‑373/1

Nutting, A. B., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Nutting, Florence Marion, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑54

Nutting, Myron C., artist      1/2/3‑A‑34, 4/5/6‑VI‑82(1), 9‑Index

Nuvelone, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑241

Nuzzi, Mario, artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Nye, Albert G., artist      7‑II‑MI‑139

Nye, Myra, artist      1/2/3‑181

Nye, S. G., Hon., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑68

Nye, Vernon, art teacher      4/5/6‑V‑39; artist   V‑100, V‑149, V‑156, V‑47, V‑92, 9‑294

Nyerges, Alexander Lee, author      9‑119, 326

Nygaard, Billy, model maker      8‑378/1

Nygren, Edward, moderator      4/5/6‑V‑143




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