Publications in [Southern] California Art, vols. 1 - 10

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I Paint the Ghost Towns      9‑082

I. M. Chait auction gallery, Beverly Hills, see Chait  

I‑5 California      9‑186

Ianco‑Starrels, Josine, writer      9‑357

Iannelli, Alfonso, sculptor      1/2/3‑10, 125, xvi/2, 4/5/6‑V‑168, VI‑64(2), 8‑279/1

Iaymans, Louis, artist      7‑II‑MI‑96

Ibanez, V. Blascoe, port      1/2/3‑B‑97

Iberson, Robert F., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Ibex Galleries, Westwood, N. J.      9‑316

Ichenhauser collection      9‑532, 534      9‑124

Iconic LA      9‑147

Iconic to Ironic      9‑275, 290

Iddings, Gertrude Victoria, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Idle Hour      8‑558/1

Idyllic Landscape      9‑097

Idyllwild School of Music and Art      1/2/3‑240

Idyllwild, Ca.      8-135/1, 135/2

If Pictures Could Talk, book      4/5/6‑V‑122, V‑80, 9‑645

If Pictures Could Talk, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑90

IFAR (International Foundation for Art Research)      4/5/6‑V‑50

Iffland, Minnie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71

Iglesia de Nuestra Senor a la Reina de Los Angeles      4/5/6‑V‑118

Ignatieff, V., painter      8‑279/1

Ignatiev[ff], Alex, artist     1/2/3‑125, 4/5/6‑V‑150, V‑305

Ignoantia, Jacob, port      1/2/3‑A‑46

Ignon, Marcel Guy, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑16(1), VI‑64(2)

Igoe, Herbert A., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Ihnen, Wiard B., art director      4/5/6‑VI‑64(2)

Ihnen, William, art director      8‑364/1

Il Duce      1/2/3‑B‑36

Iler, F. M., artist      1/2/3‑125

Ilgner, Charla, Miss, craftsperson      4/5/6‑IV‑39(3)

Iliff, Cynthia, artist      1/2/3‑B‑64

Illington Court gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑64(2)

illuminated manuscripts      9‑231

Illustration House auctions      9‑058

Illustration West…, book      4/5/6‑V‑206

illustrations      9‑560/61, anonymous      9‑535

illustrations, books, photographic      4/5/6‑V‑230

illustrations, Orange County, bibliography      4/5/6‑IV‑75(2/3)

illustrations, Southern California      1/2/3‑291

illustrations, Westways      4/5/6‑V‑254

illustrators      1/2/3‑1, 103, 179, 53, 71, 72, 89, B‑9, 8‑359/1, index      8‑279/1

Illustrators and Matte Artists (union)      9‑588

Ilou, Edward, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1)

Ilsley Galleries, Ambassador Hotel, L.A.      1/2/3‑70, 209, 220, 32, 4/5/6‑VI‑15(2), VI‑65(1), IV‑36(3), VI‑38(2), VI‑39(2), VI‑40(2), VI‑43(2), VI‑44(1), VI‑46(2), VI‑47(1), VI‑50(1), VI‑57(1), VI‑57(2), VI‑58(1), VI‑59(1), VI‑74(2), VI‑75(2), VI‑79(2), VI‑81(2), VI‑84(2), VI‑86(2), VI‑88(1), VI‑89(1), VI‑96(2), 8‑Index

Ilsley Print Rooms      4/5/6‑VI‑54(2), VI‑60(2)

Ilsley, Philip, art dealer      8‑xxxiv, 279/2

Ilsley, Phillip, Mrs., port      4/5/6‑VI‑68(1)

Ilyin, Gleb, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑10(2), VI‑27(2), VI‑65(1), 8‑280/1

Images of a Golden Era, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑15

Images of California 1900‑2000      9‑077, 081, 099

Images of the American West      9‑252

Images of the American, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑48

Images of the Gamble House, book      9‑013

Images of the San Francisco Stage, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑90

images, rights and reproductions      9‑137

Imaginary Realities: Surrealism Then and Now, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑278

imaginative works      8‑283/1

Imagineering, Glendale      9‑152, 154

Imazu, Eddie, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1)

Imboden, David, port      1/2/3‑115

Imhoff, Roger, woodworker      8‑280/1

Immaculate Heart College student art      4/5/6‑IV‑40(1)

Immel, Agnes, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49, artist      I‑SFAA‑188

Immel, P. J., commercial artist      1/2/3‑125

immigration of artists      9‑576

Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia      1/2/3‑84

Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna      1/2/3‑57

Imperial Gallery      7‑III‑CSAS‑71, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑96

Imperial Hotel, Tokyo      8‑584/2

Imperial School of Fine Arts, Constantinople      1/2/3‑201

Important Paintings by California Artists, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑306

Important Paintings by Early California Artists      9‑009

Impressionism (primarily California)     1/2/3‑133, 291, 4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑108, V‑129, V‑162, V‑172, V‑174, V‑179, V‑183, V‑184, V‑196, V‑229, V‑237, V‑246, V‑254, V‑265, V‑279, V‑281, V‑287, V‑292, V‑295, V‑301, V‑304, V‑310, V‑312, V‑34, V‑4, V‑56, V‑63, V‑73, V‑76, VI‑17(1), VI‑18(2), VI‑61(1), VI‑72(2), VI‑99(2), 9‑Index

Impressionism in the Southland      9‑561

Impressionism the California View, exh.      9‑390, 654

Impressionism, 1900‑1930: Laguna Beach School      4/5/6‑V‑11

Impressionism, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑V‑318

Impressionism, naturalistic impressionism      4/5/6‑IV‑10

Impressionism, opinions on      1/2/3‑225

Impressionism, Orange County      4/5/6‑IV‑67(2)

Impressionistic Paintings by Western Artists exhibit, artist      1/2/3‑B‑25

Impressionists      4/5/6‑V‑266, V‑269, V‑299, 9‑383; exh.      4/5/6‑V‑142

Impressionists in Laguna Beach      9‑038, 051

Impressions of California, book      4/5/6‑V‑269, V‑286

Impressions of California, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑268, V‑278

Impressions of California, video      4/5/6‑V‑270, V‑276

Impressions, exh.      9‑393, 413

Imrey, Ferens, painter      8‑280/1

Imus, Carol, student      8‑435/1

In a Glamorous Fashion      9‑296

In and Out of California, exh.      9‑Index

In and Out of Pasadena Studios      8‑280/1

In Artists' Studios, column in the San Francisco Call      9‑536

In Front of the Lens: Portraits of California Photographers      4/5/6‑V‑273, V‑279

In Praise of Nature, book      4/5/6‑V‑81, 9‑Index

In Praise of Nature, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑77

In Pursuit of Form      9‑223, 237

In Search of a Living Architecture      9‑148

In Search of America      9‑353

In Search of the Wild Indian, book      4/5/6‑V‑287

In the City: Urban Views 1900‑1940      9‑028, 047

In the Meridian of the Heart      9‑144

In the Mist of the Golden Coast, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑140, V‑148

In the Nature of a Gift      9‑080, 095

In the Realm of Ideas, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑90

In the Realm of the Beautiful, column      8‑391/2, 393/2

In the studios      8‑282/1

Inaugural Exhibition (Fine Arts Gallery, S. D.)      4/5/6‑VI‑12(1)

in‑betweener (in animation art)     9‑508

Ince house murals      1/2/3‑235

Ince, Annette, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑168, II‑MI‑62

Inchbold, Stanley, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71, II‑MI‑96, I‑SFAA‑188

Indelicato, M., author      9‑435

Independants, Group of      1/2/3‑8, 216, B‑11, 4/5/6‑VI‑78(1), 9‑576, see “Group of Independents”

Independants, New York      1/2/3‑68

Independent American Artists      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1), 9‑576

Independent Art Book Publishers of Southern California      9‑012

Independent Artists of Los Angeles      4/5/6‑VI‑16(1), 9‑576

Independent School of Art, N. Y.      1/2/3‑186

Independent Society of Artists, Chicago      9‑233

Independent Spirits      9‑Index

Independent Spirits, article      4/5/6‑V‑255

Independent Spirits, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑253

Independent Spirits, panel discussion      4/5/6‑V‑256

Independent Visions, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑223

Independent Visions: California Modernism 1940‑1970      4/5/6‑V‑217

Independents (Palos Verdes)     4/5/6‑VI‑22(2), 8‑280/2

Independents, France      9‑576

Independents, Salon of      8‑280/2

Index of American Design      4/5/6‑V‑294, VI‑53(1), VI‑53(2), 8‑280/2

Index of American Design      9‑070, 576, 589

Index of Contemporary Artists      4/5/6‑V‑209

Index to Artists Clubs and Exhibitions in Los Angeles before 1930      9‑625

Index to California State Fair exhibitions      7, 9‑024

index to catalogues      9‑024

Index to Los Angeles Times 1930‑45     6, 9‑024

Index to Mechanics' Institute exhibitions      7, 9‑024

Index to Reproductions of American Paintings (by Isabel and Kate Monro), publication      1/2/3‑xxiv

Index to Reproductions of American Paintings in Books (Smith and Moure)     9‑489, 628

Index to San Francisco Art Association exhibitions      7, 9‑024

indexes to exhibition catalogues     1/2/3, 7,  9‑004

India      1/2/3‑75, 9‑576

India in art      1/2/3‑52, 9, 4/5/6‑VI‑97(2), 9‑112

Indian Arts Building, Panama California Exposition, 1915      1/2/3‑41

Indian Basketmakers      9‑120

Indian Basketmakers of California      9‑055

Indian Hill Studio Club      8‑125/2

Indian Jim, artist     10‑43

Indian Trading Post      8‑281/1

Indian Wells, Ca.      8-133/1

Indian, see Native American      9‑308

Indiana University      4/5/6‑V‑144

Indianapolis Museum of Art      9‑354

Indians and Cowboys, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑47

Indians in art      9‑561, see Native Americans in art

Indig, Byron, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Indio Woman's Club      8‑576/2

Indio, Ca.      8-133/1, 152/2

Indisputable Beauty      9‑378

Individualists      4/5/6‑VI‑10(2)

Indoni, artist      7‑I-SFAA-188, II‑MI‑96

industrial art teaching      8‑095/1

Industrial California, in photographs      4/5/6‑V‑228

Industrial Design      8‑281/1, 471/2

Industrial Drawing Academy, exhibitor      7‑II‑MI‑96

Industrial Film and Poster Service      4/5/6‑VI‑38(2)

Industry in photography      9‑163, 448

Inferno in art      4/5/6‑VI‑70(2)

Infield, J. Floyd, commercial artist      1/2/3‑125

Infinite      9‑576

influenza      8‑402/2

Ingals, B. F., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑96

Ingami, E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑96

Ingels, F. L., port      1/2/3‑B‑64

Ingels, Frank Lee, artist      1/2/3‑125, B‑64, 9‑576

Ingels, Kathleen Beverly Robinson, sculptor      1/2/3‑125, B‑64, 9‑576

Ingerle, Jay, HCC member      4/5/6‑V‑7, V‑8

Ingerle, Rudolph, artist      4/5/6‑V‑37

Ingersoll, Bob, port      7‑II‑MI‑99

Ingersoll, Emma Hess, artist      1/2/3‑B‑64

Ingersoll, Thos., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71

Ingerson, Charles Frank, SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39

Ingham, E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71

Ingham, Tedd, artist      1/2/3‑125, 4/5/6‑IV‑29(1)

Ingles, Bessie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑96

Inglewood High School      1/2/3‑161; art collection      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1)

Inglewood Memorial Wall      8‑331/1

Inglewood Park Cemetery      8‑487/2

Inglewood Woman's club      1/2/3‑276

Inglis, Alexander, writer      8‑Index

Inglis, Barbara, artist      1/2/3‑A‑24

Ingman, Louise, illustrator      8‑281/1

Ingraham, J., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71

Ingraham, Rex, artist      1/2/3‑125, B‑64

Ingraham, Robert, Mrs., collector      8‑032/2

Ingram, Lenora, art teacher      1/2/3‑125

Ingram, R. P., artist      1/2/3‑125

Ingram, R. P., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71

Ingram, Rex, illustrator      8‑xlii, 253/1, 281/1

Ingres, Maurice, artist      1/2/3‑125

Ings, Chris, G., painter      8‑281/1

Ingstrup‑Bohrke, Inc.      1/2/3‑116

Injalbert, artist      1/2/3‑200

Inland Printer, journal      9‑139

Inman, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑188

Inman, Henry, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑188

Inman, John Obrien, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑188

Innes, Andrew, woodcarver      1/2/3‑125

Innes, Robert B., woodcarver      1/2/3‑125

Inness Brothers      8‑525/1

Inness, Clara, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Inness, George, artist      4/5/6‑V‑191, V‑227, V‑236, 7‑I‑SFAA‑189, II‑MI‑96, I‑SFAA‑27, exh.   I‑SFAA‑85, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Inness, George, Jr., artist      7‑II‑MI‑96, I‑SFAA‑189

Inspector, R. R., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Inspired by Trees      9‑351

Inspiring Lines      9‑320

Institut Superieur des Beaux Arts de Belgique in Antwerp      1/2/3‑127

Institute di Belle Arti, Rome      1/2/3‑174

Institute for the Study of the American West      9‑264

Institute of Archaeology      9‑011

Institute of Creative Arts, exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑88(2)

Institute of Fine Arts, New York University      4/5/6‑V‑145, V‑254

Institute of Religious Sciences      8‑091/2

Interior Building, mural      4/5/6‑VI‑100(1)

interior decoration      4/5/6‑V‑212, 8‑Index

interior decorator      1/2/3‑167, index      8‑281/2

interior design      9‑120, 418, Malibu      9‑417

Interiors Avec Amour, Encino      9‑488

International Aeronautical Art Exhibition      4/5/6‑VI‑20(1)

International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada (union)      9‑589

International Appraisal Conference      9‑227

International Art Congress, London, 1908      1/2/3‑97

International Art Congress, Prague      8‑261/1, 327/2

International Art Exposition, Prague      8‑544/2

International Art Gallery, Hollywood      8‑281/2

International Artists Club of Los Angeles      1/2/3‑B‑11, xviii/2, 4/5/6‑VI‑65(1), 8‑Index

International Center of Photography, N. Y.      9‑448

International Congress of Photography      8‑352/2

International Correspondence School, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71

International Cultural Centre, Krakow, Poland      9‑257, 272

International Exhibition of Modern Art, NY      8‑Index

International Exhibition of Water Colors      1/2/3‑B‑8

International Federation of Arts Convention, Prague      1/2/3‑66, 258

International Fine Print Dealers Association      9‑066, 257

International Foundation for Art Research      4/5/6‑V‑50

International Handicraft Center, Pasadena      8‑026/2, 282/1

International Institute for Experimental Printmaking, Santa Cruz      4/5/6‑IV‑84(1)

International Mural Competition      8‑122/1

International Nickel Company      9‑520

International Print Makers Exhibition, annual      4/5/6‑VI‑18(1), VI‑18(2), VI‑19(1), VI‑19(2), VI‑20(1)

International Print Makers Society, exhibits      4/5/6‑VI‑86(2), 8‑280/2, 325/2, 408/1, 448/1     

International Salon of Photography      8‑427/1

International Street Fair, Orange      4/5/6‑IV‑73(1)

International Studio, publication      1/2/3‑xxiii, 4/5/6‑IV‑11, 8‑078/2, 9‑576

Internet      9‑Index

Internet Art Directory      9‑111

Internet art sites      9‑110

Internet, see also "websites" and "computer"      4/5/6‑V‑309

internment camps in photography      9‑419

internment camps, WWII      4/5/6‑V‑225, V‑31; art    V‑150

Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corp., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑106(1)

Intimate Places      9‑449

Inukai, Joey, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Inukai, Kyohei, artist      1/2/3‑B‑64

Inverarity, R. B., artist      1/2/3‑A‑24

Invernizzi, Prosper, Signor, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑99

Invisible Art, exh.      9‑380

Invitational Art Exhibit, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑59(1)

Inwalle, J. J., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Iowa, University of      8‑176/2, see also “University of Iowa”

Ipswich Summer School      1/2/3‑97

Iredell, Neale, artist      1/2/3‑125, 4/5/6‑VI‑65(1), 8‑282/1

Iredell, Russell, artist      1/2/3‑125, 4/5/6‑IV‑41(3), IV‑44(2), IV‑52(2), IV‑52(3), IV‑53(3), IV‑54(1), IV‑58(2), IV‑59(1), VI‑65(1), 8‑Index, 9‑576

Irelan, Linna Vogel von Fogelstein, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑71, II‑MI‑97, I‑SFAA‑189

Ireland in art      4/5/6‑V‑292

Ireland, art      8‑096/2

Ireland, Beryl, artist      1/2/3‑B‑64, 4/5/6‑VI‑10(1), VI‑13(1), VI‑65(1), 8‑282/2, 448/1, 449/1

Ireland, David, artist      4/5/6‑V‑191

Irene, fashion designer      9‑300

Irene's Antiques, Palm Springs      4/5/6‑V‑72

Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Visual Arts Center, see “Cantor, Iris….”

Irons, James A., Mrs., collector      8‑032/2

Irvin, Charles, port      1/2/3‑B‑64

Irvin, Rea S., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Irvin, Virginia Hendrickson, artist      1/2/3‑B‑64

Irvine Bowl, Laguna Canyon      4/5/6‑IV‑26(1), upgrades   IV‑58(1), 8‑446/2

Irvine Company art collection      4/5/6‑IV‑74(1)

Irvine family, art patrons      4/5/6‑IV‑67(2)

Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine    4/5/6‑IV‑72(2), 9‑378

Irvine Museum     4/5/6‑IV‑72(2), IV‑74(2), V‑153, V‑156, V‑158, V‑162, V‑165, V‑171, V‑174, V‑177, V‑178, V‑181, V‑182, V‑185, V‑189, V‑192, V‑196, V‑207, V‑221, V‑229, V‑237, V‑238, V‑243, V‑250, V‑252, V‑255, V‑257, V‑260, V‑265, V‑268, V‑269, V‑273, V‑278, V‑279, V‑286, V‑292, V‑294, V‑297, V‑299, V‑300, V‑301, V‑310, V‑314, 9‑Index

Irvine Rancho      4/5/6‑IV‑65(2), 9‑561

Irvine Valley College      9‑007, 651

Irvine, Ca., art, bibliography      4/5/6‑IV‑78(2)

Irvine, Mrs., art patron      4/5/6‑IV‑26(3)

Irvine, Hugh, painting      8‑282/2

Irvine, James, art patron      4/5/6‑IV‑17, IV‑26(3), 8‑xxviii

Irvine, James, Foundation      4/5/6‑IV‑43(1)

Irvine, James, rancho owner      4/5/6‑IV‑65(2)

Irvine, James, Sr.      4/5/6‑IV‑43(1)

Irvine, Richard, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1)

Irvine, William Henry, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Irving Hall, exh. site     9-535

Irving, artist      7‑II‑MI‑97

Irving, F. G., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210, I‑SFAA‑330

Irving, H. H., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑189

Irving (Brandt), Joan, artist      1/2/3‑A‑24, 4/5/6‑IV‑37(3), IV‑41(3), IV‑44(2), IV‑50(1), IV‑54(1), IV‑54(2), IV‑57(2), IV71(1), IV‑74(2), V‑109, V‑156, V‑221, V‑248, V‑58, V‑95, 9‑052, 204, 270

Irving, John Beaufain, artist      1/2/3‑133, 7‑I‑SFAA‑189

Irving, Katherine Duer, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Irving, M. K., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑189

Irving, Minnie K., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑97, I‑SFAA‑189

Irwin Studio, Corona del Mar      4/5/6‑IV‑54(2)

Irwin, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑330

Irwin, Bartley, painter      8‑282/2

Irwin, Beatrice, illuminator      1/2/3‑126

Irwin, Benoni, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑8, II‑MI‑97, I‑SFAA‑189/90, I‑SFAA‑28; collector   I‑SFAA‑330; officer   I‑SFAA‑30/35

Irwin, Ethel Anda, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Irwin, Fred, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Irwin, Harriet [Harriett] Hyde, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49; miniaturist    I‑SFAA‑190

Irwin, Harry, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Irwin, Howard M., commercial artist      1/2/3‑126, 4/5/6‑VI‑7(2)

Irwin, J. A., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Irwin, Kay, artist      1/2/3‑A‑24

Irwin, Luther, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Irwin, Minnie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Irwin, Robert, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑72(1), V‑181, V‑223, 9‑589

Irwin, Will, artist      1/2/3‑187

Irwin, William G., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑330

Irwin, William G., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑291

Irwin, William Hyde, artist      1/2/3‑A‑24

Irwin, William J., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Isaac [Isaacs], Lillian, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Isaac, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Isaacs' garden      8‑310/1

Isaacs, Joseph C., artist      7‑II‑MI‑97

Isaacs, Walter T., artist      1/2/3‑B‑64, 4/5/6‑VI‑23(2)

Isabey, Eugene Louis Gabriel, artist      7‑II‑MI‑97, I‑SFAA‑190

Isamu Noguchi Foundation, Inc.,    N. Y.      9‑445

Isch Building      8‑044/1

Isch, Mr., grocer      4/5/6‑IV‑6

Isch, J. N., businessman      8‑xxi, 278/1

Isch, Nick, hotel keeper      9‑561

Isemot, Janice, scholar      9‑163

Isenberg, Barbara, author      9‑120, 447

Isenberg, Michelle, & Associates, curator      4/5/6‑V‑228

Ishe, J. N., collector      4/5/6‑VI‑45(1)

Isherwood, Albert, draughtsman      1/2/3‑126

Isherwood, Christopher, writer      9‑589

Ishigo, Estelle, artist      9‑576, 589

Ishizuka, Karen, author      9‑279

Ising, Rudolph, animator      4/5/6‑VI‑44(1), VI‑61(1), VI‑65(1), 9‑589, 512

Island House Museum      8‑366/2

Isnow, Irene, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

ISO (in search of) Art, Ltd., Kalispell, Montana      4/5/6‑V‑169, V‑123

Isoard, Max [or Maxime], artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Isolina, model      1/2/3‑126

Ison, Trigg, Fine Art, L. A.      9‑022, 363, Index

Israel, Walter J., costume design      8‑282/2

Israels, Josef [Jozef], artist     7‑I‑SFAA‑190, 8‑036/1

Italia Mia, garden      8‑310/2

Italian American artists      4/5/6‑V‑91

Italian art      8‑326/2

Italian Art Galleries, Hollywood      8‑203/1, 282/2

Italian School painters, see 7, “Works by Unknown or Unidentified Artists”

Italy      1/2/3‑57, 8‑Index, see also Europe

Italy, art      9‑536

Ito, K., sculptor      1/2/3‑126, B‑64, 9‑576

Ito, Shuma, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

It's a Long Road to Comondu, book      4/5/6‑V‑51

It's an Original, computer listing of artworks for sale      4/5/6‑V‑123

Itter, Julian, artist      8‑374/2

Iunker, Nellie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Ivanhoe      9‑576

Ivanoff, Eugene, artist      1/2/3‑126

Ivanovic, Feodor, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑190

Ivers, Louise, author      4/5/6‑V‑73

Ives & Warren Co.      8-519/2

Ives, artist      9‑536

Ives, Sarah Noble, Miss, author/artist      8‑006/2

Ivey, John Joseph, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, I‑SFAA‑191

Ivey, John, artist      1/2/3‑126, 9‑576

Ivey, Joseph, artist      1/2/3‑xv/1, 9‑531, 536, 561

Ivins Hotel Apartments, gallery for CAC      1/2/3‑B‑5

Ivory, Percy Van Eman, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Ivy Avenue School, Monrovia      8‑356/2

Iwamoto, Tokutaro, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Iwerks, U. B., animation studio      4/5/6‑V‑176, 9‑507, 508, 510, 511

Iwerks, Ubbe, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1), 9‑045, 589

Iwill, Marie Joseph, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑191

Izant, C. S., artist      1/2/3‑126

Izant, Stephen, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(1)




J. Filippi Winery, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.      9‑320

J. Paul Getty Museum, see Getty Museum   

J. W. Robinson Co., see “Robinson, J. W., Co.”     

J., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑66

J., M. S., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑195

J., W., port      1/2/3‑B‑55

Jabley, J., Custom Furniture, N. Y.      4/5/6‑V‑292

Jack Frost Carnival      1/2/3‑B‑16

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles, see Rutberg, Jack

Jack, Charley, port      7‑II‑MI‑136

Jack, Ella, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jack, Lucy Blair, artist      1/2/3‑126, B‑65

Jackman, Jene, painter      8‑283/1

Jackman, Oscar Theodore, artist      1/2/3‑126, B‑15, 4/5/6‑VI‑65(2), 8‑Index, 9‑647

Jackman, Theodore, Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑126

Jackman, Reva, artist      4/5/6‑V‑279

Jackman, V., artist      9‑109

Jackman, Violet R., artist      8‑lxxix, 283/1

Jackman, Virginia, artist      9‑487

Jack's Antiques, Berkeley      9‑644

Jacks, Charles, artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jackson & Semmelmeyer      8‑034/2, 198/2

Jackson, art teacher      9‑561

Jackson, Col., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Jackson, Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑32

Jackson, A. J., Col., port      7‑II‑MI‑22

Jackson, A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑98, collector    II‑MI‑210

Jackson, Andrew, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑150, I‑SFAA‑245

Jackson, Annie Hurlburt, artist      1/2/3‑B‑65

Jackson, Arthur, miniaturist      7‑I‑SFAA‑191

Jackson, Catherine, artist      1/2/3‑126

Jackson, Charles P., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jackson, Donald, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑88(3)

Jackson, Dorothy, Mrs., potter      8‑008/1

Jackson, Egbert W., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑115

Jackson, Elerenia, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jackson, Enrique, artist      1/2/3‑126

Jackson, Everett Gee, artist      1/2/3‑126, B‑5, B‑65, B‑9, 4/5/6‑IV‑13, IV‑31(1), IV‑34(2), IV‑35(1), IV‑36(3), IV‑37(1), V‑206, V‑230, V‑233/4, V‑240, V‑48, V‑51, VI‑65(2), 8‑xxix, 283/1, 295/2

Jackson, F. W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jackson, Gordon R., illustrator      8‑283/1

Jackson, Hazel Drake, artist      1/2/3‑126, B‑65

Jackson, Helen Hunt, novelist      4/5/6‑IV‑12, V‑234, 9‑304, 561, 589

Jackson, Helen, illustrator      8‑xxvii, 283/2

Jackson, J. J., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Jackson, J. N., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Jackson, Jack Acetus, artist      9‑356

Jackson, Jack, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑309

Jackson, Jerry, collector      4/5/6‑V‑302

Jackson, Jessie Glen Francis Short, artist     10‑102, 40, 45, see also “Short, Jessie”

Jackson, Kathy Merlock, author      9‑447

Jackson, Keith, LAPD      4/5/6‑V‑298

Jackson, M. C., Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑126

Jackson, Marion, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jackson, Martin Jacob, artist      1/2/3‑127, 253, B‑65, xvi/1, 4/5/6‑IV‑18, IV‑8, V‑203, VI‑30(2), 8‑xxii, 017/1, 283/2, 9‑Index

Jackson, Mims, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jackson, Nathalie L'Hommedieu, artist      1/2/3‑B‑65

Jackson, Neil, author      9‑208

Jackson, O. W., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑191

Jackson, Oswell, actor/painter      4/5/6‑IV‑31(2), IV‑36(1), IV‑36(2), IV‑42(2), IV‑51(1), IV‑55(1), IV‑56(2), IV‑57(3), IV‑58(3), IV‑59(1), IV‑59(3), IV‑60(2), IV‑60(3), IV‑61(1), IV‑61(2), IV‑61(3), IV‑62(3), IV‑63(1), IV‑63(2), IV‑63(3)

Jackson, Oswell, art patron    IV‑47(2); author   IV‑40(3), IV‑42(1), IV‑44(1), IV‑45(2); collector    IV‑41(3), curator   IV‑45(2), IV‑56(1), lecturer    IV‑39(3), IV‑50(2), 8‑283/2, 304/2

Jackson, Oswell, port      4/5/6‑IV‑42(3)

Jackson, Pansy Mabel, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25, B‑65, 4/5/6‑VI‑65(2)

Jackson, R. Herbert, Mrs., art dealer/curator      1/2/3‑258, 4/5/6‑VI‑72(1)

Jackson, Robert B., Mrs., collector      8‑038/1

Jackson, Robert, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jackson, Ross, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑146

Jackson, Timothy B., sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑98

Jackson, W. F., artist      9‑340, 394

Jackson, Wilfred, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(2)

Jackson, William Franklin, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑9(1), 7‑III‑CSAS‑62, III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑83, II‑MI‑98, I‑SFAA‑191, superintendent of art department, California State Fair   III‑CSAS‑15

Jackson, William H., corresp.      4/5/6‑V‑147

Jackson, William Henry, draughtsman/photographer      1/2/3‑287, 9‑Index

Jackson’s (gallery in L. A.)     1/2/3‑55

Jackson's auction, Cedar Falls, Ia.      9‑104, 166

Jackway, Bernard, designer      8‑283/2

Jacob, Curt, artist      1/2/3‑127

Jacobi, Stanley Alan, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jacobides, Georges, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑191

Jacobs, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑98

Jacobs, Alfred, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jacobs, C., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Jacobs, Dan, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑210, V‑45

Jacobs, Dora, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jacobs, E., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jacobs, I. N., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jacobs, Josephine [Josie], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jacobs, Julius, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jacobs, Lou, photographer      9‑053, 551

Jacobs, Michel, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(2), 8‑006/1, 283/2

Jacobs, Park, portraitist      8‑283/2

Jacobs, Stanley S., author      4/5/6‑V‑207

Jacobsen [or Jacobson], O., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jacobsen, C., artist     10‑45

Jacobsmeyer, H. C., commercial artist      1/2/3‑127, 9‑589

Jacobson, Amanda, artist      1/2/3‑127, 4/5/6‑VI‑65(2), 8‑283/2

Jacobson, O. B., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jacobson, Ruth, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(2)

Jacoby, Graziella, draughtswoman      1/2/3‑127, 8‑lxvii, 284/1, 468/1

Jacoby, Ned, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jacomin, Alfred Louis Vigny, artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jacoulet, P., artist      4/5/6‑IV‑62(3)

Jacque, Charles Emile, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jacquemain, Patti, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑89(3)

Jacquemet, August, artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jacques, Dorothy, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25, 4/5/6‑IV‑39(3), 8‑284/2

Jacques, Emil, artist      1/2/3‑127

Jacquet, Gustave Jean, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jaeger, Edmund C., illustrator      8‑181/1, 284/2

Jaeger, H. E., artist      8‑190/1

Jaep, Dorothy S., collector      8‑046/2

Jaffee, Al, cartoonist      9‑053

Jagger, Roland, scholar      9‑230

Jahn, Helma Heynsen, portrait painter      1/2/3‑127, B‑65, xvi/1,137, 4/5/6‑VI‑65(2), 8‑284/2, 9‑576

Jaho, Bert N., artist      1/2/3‑B‑65

Jahr, Bert, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(2), 9‑576

Jahraus, Edwin Merritt, miniatures      8‑284/2

Jake Zeitlin Gallery, L. A., see "Zeitlin" 

Jamaar, P. G., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jamacha Ranch, San Diego      1/2/3‑232

James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pa.      9‑226

James D. Julia, auctions      9‑059

James Irvine Foundation, see "Irvine"

James J. Rieser Fine Art, Carmel      9‑242

James R. Bakker, auctions      9‑059

James Vigeveno Galleries, L. A., see "Vigeveno"

James, Col., port      7‑II‑MI‑168, II‑MI‑34

James, A., author      9‑435

James, Austin, sculptor      1/2/3‑128, B‑65, 8‑lxvi, 284/2

James, B. L., artist      1/2/3‑128

James, C. G., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72, II‑MI‑98

James, Cary, author      9‑295

James, David H., Mr. and Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

James, David H., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98, I‑SFAA‑192

James, Don, photographer      4/5/6‑V‑292, 9‑294

James, Eleanor Minturn, writer      8‑Index

James, Frances, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

James, Francis Courtenay, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

James, Frederick, artist      7‑II‑MI‑98, I‑SFAA‑192

James, George R., artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

James, George Wharton, author/photographer/collector      1/2/3‑133, 90, 4/5/6‑V‑144, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

James, George, artist      9‑461

James, H. M., Mrs., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑98

James, Harry C., photographer      8‑285/1

James, M., author      9‑435

James, Madge Evans, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

James, Rebecca Salsbury, artist      4/5/6‑V‑231, V‑241, 9‑348

James, Roy Walter, artist      1/2/3‑128, 4/5/6‑IV‑55(3), VI‑47(1), VI‑65(2); author   IV‑35(1), 8‑285/1

James, [George?] Wharton, port      1/2/3‑B‑112

James, Will, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(2), 8‑093/1, 285/1, 9‑Index

James, Will, Society      9‑175

Jameson, David, author      4/5/6‑V‑168

Jameson, Gladys, port      1/2/3‑B‑29

Jameson, Kenneth, artist      1/2/3‑128

Jameson, Kenneth T., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑65(2)

Jameson, Kenneth Thomas ?, artist      9‑518

Jameson, Malcolm, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jameson, T. C., Rev., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Jamieson, Miss, student      8‑285/1

Jamieson, E. W., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑72

Jamieson, Janet, alias      4/5/6‑V‑298

Jamieson, Mabel Rose, art teacher      9‑390, 391

Jamison, J. W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jammot, M. Paul, curator Louvre      8‑323/1

Janauschek, port      7‑II‑MI‑62

Jane Addams Elementary School, Long Beach      4/5/6‑V‑125

Jane, Antonio, artist      1/2/3‑128, 8‑285/1

Janel, Emil, sculptor      4/5/6‑VI‑27(1), VI‑65(2)

Janes, H. P., Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑17

Janeway, G. Harold, port      1/2/3‑B‑71

Jankai, Tibor, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25, 4/5/6‑IV‑36(3), 8‑020/1

Jannsen [Janssen] Edward Antoine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jansen silver      8‑373/2

Jansen, artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jansen, J. H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jansen, Peter, artist      1/2/3‑184

Janson, Andrew [Andy], illustrator      8‑028/2, 029/2

Janss family      9‑635

Janssen, David, photograph      9‑306

Janssen, Ulfert, sculptor      1/2/3‑160

Jansson, Alfred, artist      8‑020/1

Janstian, artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Japan      1/2/3‑116, 169, 246, 57, 59, 67, 8‑145/1, 159/2, 406/2

Japan at the Panama‑Pacific International Exposition      9‑101

Japan in art      4/5/6‑V‑170, V‑173, 9‑042, 291

Japan in photography      8‑550/1, 550/2, 9‑446, 533

Japan Society of America      7‑I‑SFAA‑25, exh.    I‑SFAA‑24

Japan threatens Russia      8‑244/1

Japan, war with China      8‑Index

Japanese American Art      9‑418

Japanese American artists      4/5/6‑V‑150, V‑31, 9‑576, 608

Japanese American Citizen's League      9‑576

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Los Angeles      9‑241

Japanese American Internment, photos of      9‑419

Japanese American National Museum, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑191, V‑225, 9‑Index

Japanese American photographers      4/5/6‑V‑217, V‑294

Japanese art      9‑042

Japanese Art and Curio Store, Pasadena      8‑285/1

Japanese Art Club      1/2/3‑266

Japanese art collectors      9‑045

Japanese Art Depot      9‑561

Japanese art lecture      7‑I‑SFAA‑26

Japanese Art Salon      9‑576

Japanese artists      1/2/3‑128

Japanese Chamber of Commerce      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2)

Japanese color prints exhibit      7‑I‑SFAA‑23

Japanese Garden      8‑046/1

Japanese influence in art      4/5/6‑V‑113, V‑139

Japanese print exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑37(3)

Japanese school children, exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑62(3)

Japanese Tea Garden      8‑270/1

Japanese woodblock prints, exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑62(3)

Japantown Art and Media Workshop      9‑024

Jarboe, Paul, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jarinski, Stantoinizki, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jarley's Wax Works      8‑023/2

Jarratt, Janice, model      8‑040/2

Jarrett, Charles D., artist      1/2/3‑102, 128

Jarrett, Mary, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑28(2), VI‑65(2); author   IV‑62(3), 9‑589

Jarvaise, James, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jarvis & Prinz      8‑346/2, 368/2

Jarvis & Son, Pasadena, photographers      8‑285/2, 9‑561

Jarvis, Beatrice Joan, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑49

Jarvis, J. Fredrick, artist      9‑479

Jarvis, John Wesley, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jarvis, Peggy, artist      1/2/3‑128

Jarvis, Wesley Frederick, painter      8‑285/2

Jasper, Josephine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jasper, O W., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jasper, O. H., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑98

Jaudon, Mildred, port      1/2/3‑B‑101

Jaurez, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jaurez, Vivien, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jawlensky, Alexander, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑19(2), 9‑576

Jay, Cecil, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jay, Clarence L., batiks      8‑285/2

Jeakins, Dorothy, artist      1/2/3‑B‑65, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(1), 9‑091, 346, 589

Jean Charpentier Gallery, Paris      1/2/3‑118

Jean, Monsieur, costume design      8‑285/2

Jebens, George, artist      7‑II‑MI‑99

Jeffards, Cleora, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jeffers, Eunice, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑337

Jeffers, Robinson, poet      4/5/6‑V‑150

Jefferson, Joe, port      7‑II‑MI‑187

Jeffery, Edith, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jeffery, Maria C., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jeffrey, D., Miss, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jeffreys, A. E., artist      1/2/3‑128

Jeffreys, Geo., artist      7‑II‑MI‑99

Jeffries, W. P., port      1/2/3‑183

Jehan, Shah, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑318

Jehle, Clara Antonia, artist      1/2/3‑128, 8‑226/1, 285/2

Jelinek, Joseph, artist      1/2/3‑128

Jena, Jeannett, art critic      4/5/6‑IV‑52(3)

Jene, Max, artist      8‑262/1

Jenkins, artist      7‑II‑MI‑99

Jenkins, Anderson L., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jenkins, George, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1)

Jenkins, H. J., artist      1/2/3‑128, B‑65

Jenkins, Hannah Tempest, artist      1/2/3‑129, 197, B‑23, B‑65, xvi/1, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(1), 8‑Index, 9‑561

Jenkins, J. F., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jenkins, Lilian, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jenkins, R. S., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jenks, Albert, Col., portrait painter      1/2/3‑129, xv/1, 7‑III‑CSAS‑73, II‑MI‑99, I‑SFAA‑192, 9‑561, 576

Jenks, Lucy A., artist      8‑285/2

Jenks, Martha A., Mrs., art patron      8‑515/2

Jenks, Nellie F., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jenks, W. B., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jenks, Wm. M., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jenney, Mary [May] George, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jenney, William, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1)

Jennings, E. Earle, art dealer      8‑033/1

Jennings, Gertrude Louis, draughtsperson      1/2/3‑129

Jennings, Jan, author      4/5/6‑V‑207

Jennings, Lee C., commercial artist      1/2/3‑129

Jennings, Lyman, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192; art student      I‑SFAA‑50

Jennings, R. W., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jennison, Frederick, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑54(3)

Jenny, Carrie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑99

Jens, Karl, artist      1/2/3‑282

Jensen, Frank A., artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jensen, George, silversmith      8‑375/1

Jensen, Helen Webster, sculptor      1/2/3‑129, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(1), 8‑285/2

Jensen, Henry Paul, painter      8‑286/1

Jensen, Henry T., artist      1/2/3‑129

Jensen, Ingvard, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1)

Jensen, Jen, alias      4/5/6‑V‑298

Jensen, Martha, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jensen, Peter James, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jensen, S. M., artist     10‑46

Jensen, Thomas Martin, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jenssen, C., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jenvey, Archdeacon, port      1/2/3‑237

Jepson Art Institute, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑187, 9‑369, 589

Jepson, Herbert, artist      1/2/3‑129, 294, A‑25, 4/5/6‑V‑261; obit   V‑187, 9‑553, 589

Jepson, Paul R., interior decorator      8‑286/1

Jerdanowitch, Pavel, painting alias for Rev. Paul Smith      8‑508/1

Jergins Arcade, Long Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑24(2), 8‑306/1

Jerome and Rohwer internment camps, Arkansas      9‑143

Jerome, Philip, artist, possibly fictitious      4/5/6‑V‑162

Jess, artist      4/5/6‑V‑228

Jessett, George F., artist      1/2/3‑129

Jessup, Lizzie M., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73, II‑MI‑99

Jessup, Wesley, museum director      9‑Index

Jessup, William H., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Jessurum, Florence, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jester, Ralph, sculptor      8‑286/1

Jeter‑Osona, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1)

Jetsons, cartoon      9‑341

Jewel of the Missions      9‑114

Jewell, Edward Alden, author/art critic      1/2/3‑A‑4, 4/5/6‑VI‑34(2), 8‑496/2, 9‑576

Jewell, Edward, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1)

Jewell, Foster, artist      1/2/3‑129, 8‑286/1

Jewell, Henry, artist      8‑286/1

Jewell, James Earl, writer      9‑054

Jewell, Ruby A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73, II‑MI‑99

Jewell, S. R., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jewell, Sallie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

jewelry      8‑Index, 9‑350

jewelry, California      4/5/6‑V‑216, V‑224, symposium   V‑221

Jewelry (makers and retailers), index      8‑286/1

Jewels and Gems, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑216

Jewett, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

Jewett, Miss, port      1/2/3‑128

Jewett, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jewett, Edward, artist      1/2/3‑B‑20

Jewett, J., artist      7‑II‑MI‑99

Jewett, Jerome, muralist      9‑144

Jewett, M., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jewett, W. S., port      7‑II‑MI‑62

Jewett, William Smith, artist      7‑II‑MI‑99, I‑SFAA‑192, 9‑035, letters      9‑551

Jewish artists      9‑368, 369, 576; California   547

Jewish ceremonial objects      7‑I‑SFAA‑26

Jewish Community Center, see Westside  

Jewish Community Press      4/5/6‑IV‑35(3)

Jewish Federation Council      4/5/6‑V‑116

Jewish Historical Society, Baltimore      4/5/6‑V‑116

Jewish Music and Art      8‑254/1

Jewish Themes, book      9‑010

Jewish themes in art      9‑576

Jewit, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Jews      9‑576; persecution      8‑Index

Jiggs, cartoon character      4/5/6‑IV‑59(1)

Jimenez y Aranda, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Jimmie Swinnerton, book      4/5/6‑V‑3

Jinks Room murals      9‑Index

Jiu‑Jitsu      8‑406/1

Joan Irvine Smith and Athalie R. Clark Foundation      9‑160, see also “Smith”

Joan Irvine Smith Fine Arts, Laguna Beach, Ca., see “Smith, Joan”

Joan of Arc, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑183

Jocomin, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Jodon, M. Laura, author      8‑401/1

Johansen, John C., artist      1/2/3‑114, 25, 8‑381/1, 565/1

Johansen, M. W., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑78

Johansen, Waldemar, artist      1/2/3‑B‑65

Johanson, Edw. W., artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Fla.      9‑317, 368

John B. Stetson University, Deland, Florida      1/2/3‑227

John C. Fremont High School, mural      4/5/6‑VI‑50(1)

John Howell Books, S. F.      9‑Index

John Marshall High School      9‑576

John Marshall Junior High School      8‑Index

John Moran auction      4/5/6‑V‑110, V‑120, V‑130, V‑137, V‑146, V‑152, V‑163, V‑175, V‑185, V‑196, V‑208, V‑225, V‑226, V‑242, V‑257, V‑26, V‑262, V‑264, V‑270, V‑282, V‑287, V‑293, V‑304, V‑307, V‑313, V‑32, V‑322, V‑323, V‑37, V‑43, V‑52, V‑57, V‑64, V‑74, V‑82, V‑95, 9‑Index, see also “Moran, John, auctioneer”

John Morton Memorial Building, Philadelphia, ceiling painting      1/2/3‑260

John Muir Center for Environmental Studies      9‑192

John Muir school      8‑Index

John Muir Technical High School      8‑Index

John Reed Club, Hollywood      8‑286/2, 504/2, see Reed

John Ward Dunsmore Art School, Detroit      1/2/3‑72

John Wayne Airport      4/5/6‑V‑125

John Wooden Center, UCLA      9‑099, 655

John, Grace Spaulding, archives      4/5/6‑VI‑5, VI‑66(1)

Johns, A., artist      4/5/6‑IV‑41(3)

Johns, Jeannette, artist      1/2/3‑129, 294, A‑25, B‑65, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(1), 8‑232/2, 286/2, 577/2

Johns, Nellie Elizabeth, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johns, T. L., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑210

Johnsen, John D., commercial artist      1/2/3‑129

Johnson [or Johnston], F. [Frederic] J., artist      1/2/3‑130, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Johnson Brothers, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson Estate, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Johnson, Bishop, port      1/2/3‑166, 250

Johnson, Capt., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Johnson, A. B., Senator      8‑366/1

Johnson, A. Burlingame, coin collector      8‑Index

Johnson, Addison I., cartoonist      1/2/3‑129, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(1), 9‑036

Johnson, Amasa P., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑99

Johnson, Amelia Bessie, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193; art student      I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Arthur Monrad, artist      1/2/3‑129, A‑25

Johnson, B., artist      4/5/6‑V‑30

Johnson, Barbara, artist      1/2/3‑130, A‑25, B‑65; author   B‑15

Johnson, Borough, artist      1/2/3‑109

Johnson, Buffie, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1)

Johnson, Burt W., sculptor      1/2/3‑130, B‑65, xvi/2, 8‑125/2, 286/2

Johnson, C. Everett, artist      1/2/3‑130

Johnson, C. J., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑99

Johnson, C. S., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, Caroline E. Rixford, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193, see also “Rixford, Caroline” III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, Charles E., commercial artist      1/2/3‑130

Johnson, Charles Everett, illustrator      8‑286/2

Johnson, Clarence R., artist      1/2/3‑B‑65

Johnson, Clinton, artist      1/2/3‑130

Johnson, Clovis N., Jr., commercial artist      1/2/3‑130, 4/5/6‑VI‑7(2)

Johnson, Constance, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Content, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1)

Johnson, Covington, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑107

Johnson, D., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, Don, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑85(1)

Johnson, Don, sculptor      4/5/6‑IV‑89(1)

Johnson, Drew Heath, author      4/5/6‑V‑231, V‑293; speaker   V‑321; curator    V‑292, 9‑Index

Johnson, E. A., Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑130

Johnson, Eastman, artist      9‑386

Johnson, Edith Cornelia, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Edward E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, Fanny Potter, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Ferd, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(1), 9‑589

Johnson, Florence, artist      1/2/3‑130

Johnson, Frances Benjamine, cameraman      8‑286/2

Johnson, Frank Tenney, artist      1/2/3‑111, 130, 17, 40, B‑17, B‑65, xviii/1, 4/5/6‑IV‑26(2), IV‑33(2), IV‑37(2), IV‑43(2), IV‑52(1), V‑114, V‑29, V‑303, V‑307, V‑47, V‑5, VI‑10(1), VI‑22(2), VI‑23(1), VI‑25(2), VI‑26(2), VI‑6(2), VI‑66(1), VI‑7(1), VI‑7(2), VI‑72(2), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Johnson, Frank Tenney?      8‑068/1

Johnson, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Frederic, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑36(3), IV‑55(2)

Johnson, Frederick, potter      4/5/6‑IV‑56(3)

Johnson, G. D., lecturer      8‑426/1

Johnson, G. L., port      7‑II‑MI‑99

Johnson, George A., portrait painter      1/2/3‑131

Johnson, George Howard, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑100

Johnson, George, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑55(1)

Johnson, Grove L., Hon., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑68

Johnson, H., Capt., artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Johnson, Harry, commercial artist      1/2/3‑131, film artist      9‑589

Johnson, Henry J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, I. N., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑74

Johnson, Ida, artist      9‑235

Johnson, J. D., artist      1/2/3‑131

Johnson, J. McMillan, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Johnson, J. S., Mr., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73; collector   II‑MI‑211, 10‑46

Johnson, J. W., Dr., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Johnson, J. W., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, J., Mr., port      7‑II‑MI‑134

Johnson, Jacob Cummings, officer      7‑I‑SFAA‑30/35; collector   I‑SFAA‑331

Johnson, James A., artist      4/5/6‑IV‑54(2)

Johnson, James Cartwright, potter      8‑287/1

Johnson, Jeanne Payne, artist      1/2/3‑B‑66

Johnson, John S., artist      1/2/3‑B‑3, B‑66

Johnson, John Stanley, commercial artist      1/2/3‑131

Johnson, Joseph J., Bishop      8‑519/2

Johnson, Kathryn Herndon McManaman      1/2/3‑160

Johnson, Kaufmann & Coate, architects      8‑013/2, 9‑050

Johnson, Kenneth M., author      9‑259

Johnson, L. D., lecture      8‑030/1, 280/2

Johnson, Lewis D., painter/ collector      8‑Index

Johnson, MacDonald, film artist      9‑589

Johnson, Marie Runkle, artist      1/2/3‑131, B‑21, B‑66

Johnson, Marie, painter      8‑Index, 9‑561

Johnson, Marjorie Rebecca, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Mark Dean, author      9‑Index

Johnson, Martha Lillie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73, II‑MI‑100, I‑SFAA‑193; art student      I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, Martin and Osa, wildlife      8‑406/2

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth, collector of Asian art      8‑037/1, 037/2

Johnson, Mary, artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Johnson, Michael, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑211, 9‑Index

Johnson, Michael, Fine Arts, Fallbrook      9‑66, 262

Johnson, Milbank, Mrs., collector      8‑276/1

Johnson, Myrtle, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, N., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnson, Ned B., collector      8‑037/1

Johnson, Nicolay T., artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Johnson, Noel, sculptor      1/2/3‑131

Johnson, Norman, author      8‑438/2

Johnson, Officer, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Johnson, Otey, collector      9‑098, 175

Johnson, Otillie, artist      8‑125/2

Johnson, Paul, exhibit designer      9‑251

Johnson, Reginald D., architect      4/5/6‑V‑141, 8‑095/2, 101/2, 288/1

Johnson, Reginald D., daughters, port      1/2/3‑B‑99, 242

Johnson, Reginald, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25, B‑66; archives      4/5/6‑VI‑5

Johnson, Rob, photographer      9‑294

Johnson, Robert Carlton, officer      7‑I‑SFAA‑30/35; collector   I‑SFAA‑331

Johnson, S. Kenneth, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Johnson, Sargent, sculptor      9‑044

Johnson, Sidney, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Johnson, Stanley, artist/film artist      1/2/3‑132, A‑25, B‑66, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(2), 8‑113/2, 9‑589

Johnson, T. Covington, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Johnson, Tom, muralist      8‑020/1

Johnson, Truman, collector of Chinese paintings      8‑038/2

Johnson, Walter, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnson, William H., artist      9‑033

Johnson, William Templeton, architect      9‑288, 349

Johnston, Miss, art dealer      8‑379/2

Johnston, policeman, port     10‑40

Johnston, Alfred W., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Johnston, Andrew, scholar      9‑056

Johnston, Bertha, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Johnston, Camille D'Evelyn [E.], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnston, F. R., collector of Native American items      8‑Index

Johnston, Frederic J., artist      1/2/3‑132, A‑25, B‑66

Johnston, Frederick, architect/painter      8‑288/1

Johnston, Irving Jo Lo, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Johnston, J., Mr. and Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Johnston, Lida, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Johnston, Lucile M., artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Johnston, Lynn, cartoonist      9‑053

Johnston, Ollie, artist      9‑327, 434

Johnston, Philip, lecturer      8‑515/1

Johnston, Ynez, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25, 4/5/6‑V‑59, V‑203, V‑266, V‑304, V‑312, 9‑Index

Johnstonbaugh, Otho, sculptor      1/2/3‑132

Johnstone, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Johnstone, Ezra McD., artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Johnstone, Ezra McD., port      7‑II‑MI‑100

Johnstone, Henry James, artist      7‑II‑MI‑100, I‑SFAA‑193

Johnstone, Mark, author      9‑041

Johnstone, Ralph W., artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Johnstone, Ralph, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑179

Johnstone, Thomas, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Johonnot, Ralph Helm, artist      1/2/3‑122, 132, 244, B‑66, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(2); SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39; curator   I‑SFAA‑26, 8‑288/1

Joice, E. V., Mr., port      7‑II‑MI‑166

Joice, E. V., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑195, I‑SFAA‑209

Joinville, artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Jolliffe, Gertrude, Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑267

Jonas, Helen Marie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jonathan Art Foundation, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑102, V‑115, V‑134, V‑168, V‑216, V‑228, collection    V‑273, 9‑114, 632

Jonathan Club, L. A.      1/2/3‑234, 4/5/6‑V‑102, V‑104, V‑134, V‑297, art collection    V‑18, V‑82, 8‑139/1, 9‑062, 603, 632

Jones and Lotz, photographers       7-II-MI-100

Jones and Robinson, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑101

Jones and Wooll, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Jones Brothers Signs      9‑388

Jones Gallery, Escondido      9‑108, 667

Jones Gallery, La Jolla      1/2/3‑69, 84, 9‑619

Jones' pantoscope      9‑545

Jones, artist      9‑561

Jones, Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑22

Jones, Mr., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Jones, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑76

Jones, Alice Benton, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193, 8‑288/1

Jones, Anne B., art teacher      1/2/3‑132

Jones, Arthur Paul, Mrs., art teacher      8‑020/1

Jones, Bob, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Jones, Brainerd, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, Cecil, ceramist      1/2/3‑132, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(2); lecture      8‑199/1

Jones, Charles “Chuck”, animator      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2), 9‑Index

Jones, Charles Hollis, designer      9‑464

Jones, David, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Jones, Doug & Annette, art dealers      9‑667

Jones, E. F., Miss, artist      1/2/3‑132

Jones, E. S., artist      1/2/3‑B‑66

Jones, Edith F., craftworker      1/2/3‑132, 8‑288/1

Jones, Edith Helen Lloyd, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jones, Edna A., art teacher      1/2/3‑132, B‑66, 8‑288/1

Jones, Edna, craftsman      1/2/3‑B‑4

Jones, Elberta Mohler, portrait artist      1/2/3‑132, B‑66, 8‑232/2, 288/1

Jones, Emma Florence, artist      1/2/3‑132

Jones, Essie, artist      1/2/3‑132, B‑66

Jones, Esther Griffith, batiks      8‑288/2

Jones, F. A., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, F. E., artist      1/2/3‑132

Jones, Fannie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, Frankie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, Fred, Museum, see “Fred Jones, Jr…..”

Jones, Genevieve, art teacher      1/2/3‑132

Jones, George C., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jones, George H., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑100

Jones, Georgia, artist      8‑288/2

Jones, Grace L., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑267

Jones, Harold H., author      4/5/6‑V‑162

Jones, Harold Hemenway, illustrator      1/2/3‑132, 8‑288/2

Jones, Harvey L., curator/author/speaker      4/5/6‑V‑112, V‑118, V‑162, V‑182, V‑183, V‑238, V‑240, V‑241, V‑243, V‑300, V‑306, V‑51, V‑65, V‑72, 9‑Index

Jones, Helen Lukens, photographer      8‑288/2

Jones, Helen, student      8‑288/2

Jones, Henry L., artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Jones, Hugh Bolton, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Jones, Idwal, author      4/5/6‑IV‑57(2), V‑260

Jones, Isaac, port      7‑II‑MI‑193, I‑SFAA‑305

Jones, J. Travers, artist      1/2/3‑132

Jones, J., artist      9‑536

Jones, Jennifer, actress      9‑589

Jones, Jerome, artist      9‑038

Jones, Jessie Love, artist      1/2/3‑B‑66

Jones, John P., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑275, B‑102

Jones, John Paul, artist      4/5/6‑V‑192, 9‑352

Jones, John William, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jones, Lawson, port      1/2/3‑B‑50

Jones, Leila Park, muralist      1/2/3‑132

Jones, M., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jones, Marian, photographer      9‑007

Jones, Martha H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑100, I‑SFAA‑194

Jones, Martha Miles, miniature painter      1/2/3‑132, B‑66, 4/5/6‑VI‑13(2), VI‑66(2)

Jones, Mary Elizabeth, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73, II‑MI‑100

Jones, Minette, artist      4/5/6‑V‑210

Jones, Minnie Hanby, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, Miriam, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Jones, Nan and Roy Farrington, see Farrington‑Jones   

Jones, Nathaniel Wyeth, artist      7‑II‑MI‑100, I‑SFAA‑194

Jones, Nellie E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑100

Jones, O. L., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, O. L., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73

Jones, Pirkle, photographer      9‑Index

Jones, Prescott, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jones, Purcell, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jones, Ray, photographer      9‑011, 224

Jones, Robert Edmond, set designer      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2), art director      8‑363/2, 427/1

Jones, Rulofson and Company, photographers      7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑101

Jones, S., Miss, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Jones, S., Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑99

Jones, Seth C., draughtsman      9‑561, 589

Jones, Thomas Hugh, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑100, II‑MI‑101

Jones, Trevor, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jones, Welton, author      4/5/6‑V‑210

Jones, William, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Jones, Wilmer Joseph, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jong, Bill, artist      9‑374

Jongkind, Johan Barthold, artist      7‑II‑MI‑101

Jonnevold, Carl Henrik, artist      4/5/6‑V‑171, V‑309, 7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑101, I‑SFAA‑194, 9‑601

Jonniaux, Alfred, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑15(2), 9‑019, 170

Jonsson, Stanley, sculptor      1/2/3‑132

Joplin, Andrew, sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Joran, Louis G., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑101

Jordan, Miss, teacher      8‑174/1

Jordan, Annie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Jordan, David Starr, president of Stanford      1/2/3‑241, 9‑561

Jordan, David Starr, High School      9‑576; art collection      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Jordan, David Starr, port      1/2/3‑B‑98

Jordan, Dorothy, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25

Jordan, H. L. (or L. H.) Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑133

Jordan, Helen Adelia, illustrator      1/2/3‑133, B‑66

Jordan, Helen, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jordan, Honnora, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jordan, L. H., artist      9‑561

Jordan, L. J., artist      1/2/3‑133, B‑21

Jordan, Lorraine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jordan, M. G., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jordan, Minnie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑101, I‑SFAA‑194, art student   I‑SFAA‑50

Jordan, S. Howells, Mrs, artist      1/2/3‑133, 7‑III‑CSAS‑74, 9‑561

Jordan's, Pasadena, store      8‑136/2; poster contest   434/2

Jordon, Helen A., artist      8‑501/1

Jorgensen (probably Christian)    9‑541, 552

Jorgensen family papers      9‑551

Jorgensen, Angela Ghirardelli, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑101, I‑SFAA‑194, see also “Ghirardelli, Angela”

Jorgensen, Christian, artist      4/5/6‑V‑126, V‑140, V‑144, V‑170, V‑171, V‑190, V‑310, V‑44, V‑90, V‑95, 7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑101, I‑SFAA‑19, I‑SFAA‑194; collector   II‑MI‑211, I‑SFAA‑331, 9‑Index

Jorgensen, Ejler Andreas Christoffer, artist      7‑II‑MI‑102, I‑SFAA‑195

Jorgensen, S., Miss, weaver      8‑023/1

Jory, Stafford, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jose Carioca, cartoon character      9‑517

Josef, see “George, Muriel Josef”

Joseph Kleitsch Academy of Fine Arts      8‑298/1

Joseph, Eleanor, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Joseph, Emmanuel, artist      9‑044

Joseph, Eva, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Joseph, H. L., decorator      8‑288/2

Joseph [Josephs], S., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Josephi, D. E., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Josephine, Empress, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑318

Josephson, Rose R., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Joshua Tree National Park, Ca.      8-li, 160/2, 161/1

Joshua Tree, Ca.      9‑268

Joshua trees      8‑121/2

Joshua, Samuel, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Joslin, M., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Josling, Stanley, miniature painter      1/2/3‑133

Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Neb.      9‑Index

Josselyn, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑195

Josselyn, Charles, officer      7‑I‑SFAA‑30/35

Josselyn, Christine Shelton, painter      1/2/3‑133, 294, A‑25, B‑66, 8‑288/2

Josslin [Joslin], Chrystine, Gallery      8‑232/2

Jost, Jennie S., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Jouett, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑195

Joullin, Amadee, SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39; artist   III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑102, I‑SFAA‑195, 8‑410/2, 9‑Index

Joullin, Amedee, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑237

Joullin, Amédée, Jr, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Jourdain, Adolphe, artist      7‑II‑MI‑102

Jourdan, William L., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Journal (New York) newspaper      1/2/3‑268, 48

Journal Industry Company, exhibitor      7‑II‑MI‑102

Journal, Archives of American Art      4/5/6‑V‑50

Journeay, Earle, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Journeay, Maggie S., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Journey Shared      9‑367

Journey through California Impressionism, video      4/5/6‑V‑184

Journey Through the Landscape      9‑098

Joy Luke, auctions      9‑059

Joy, Barbara, port      1/2/3‑B‑94

Joy, Edith Gertrude, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Joy, Josephine, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Joy, Thaddeus, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Joyce, Durea, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Joyce, E. V., port      7‑II‑MI‑121

Joyner, M., teacher      8‑476/1

Joyner, Margaret Pearson, commercial artist      1/2/3‑133, 4/5/6‑VI‑66(2), 9‑589

Joyous Spring, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑273, V‑294

Juan of San Ildefonso, port      1/2/3‑B‑40

Juaneno, tribe      4/5/6‑IV‑64(1)

Jubilee Celebration, Pasadena      8‑lxiv

Judah L. Magnes Museum, Berkeley      4/5/6‑V‑150, V‑90; collection   VI‑69(2), 9‑010, 547, see also “Magnes, Judah L.”

Judah, E. S., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Judd, Donald, Foundation      9‑264

Judd, F. W., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74

Judson Gallery of Contemporary and Traditional Art      9‑098, 280

Judson Studios, Highland Park, stained glass      1/2/3‑134, 4/5/6‑V‑105, V‑176, V‑186, V‑207, V‑293, V‑306, 8‑lii, lxix, 289/1, 9‑Index

Judson, Mr. and Mrs., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑45

Judson, Charles Chapel, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑102, I‑SFAA‑195; SFAA faculty    I‑SFAA‑36/39; art student   I‑SFAA‑50, 9‑448

Judson, Charles Chapel, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Judson, David, lecturer      9‑103, 449

Judson, H. Douglas, collector      9‑444

Judson, Walter H., artist,      1/2/3‑294, stained glass   133, 8‑289/1, 9‑103, 121, 283

Judson, William Lees, artist      1/2/3‑100, 108, 133, 138, 256, 49, 79, B‑17, B‑3, B‑66, xv/2, xv/2, 4/5/6‑IV‑18, IV‑19(1), IV‑8, V‑165, V‑293, V‑301, V‑306, V‑76, VI‑17(2), VI‑66(2), 7‑I-SFAA-196, III‑CSAS‑74, II‑MI‑102, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Judson, William Lees, port      1/2/3‑B‑37

Judson, William S., author      9‑084

Judy, Clinton K., Prof., collects ballots      8‑038/2

Jugend, periodical      7‑I‑SFAA‑24

Jugtown, pottery      8‑027/2, 031/1

Juin, Molli, jewelry      8‑289/2

Jules Engel: Spatial Concerns      9‑021

Jules Kievits Fine Art, Pasadena, see also "Kievits, Jules…"  

Jules, Mervin, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑66(2)

Julia, James D., auctions      9‑059

Julian Academy, Paris      1/2/3‑104, 109, 111, 118, 133, 140, 148, 153, 165, 173, 180, 183, 190, 206, 210, 223, 231, 233, 234, 24, 243, 248, 25, 250, 253, 260, 264, 282, 29, 36, 39, 45, 47, 50, 52, 56, 60, 62, 72, 74, 77, 82, 85, 89, 92, 94, 9‑112, 561, see also “Academie Julian”

Julian Company, prosecution      8‑242/1, 242/2, 243/2

Julian, Ca.      1/2/3‑196

Julian, Ca., mines in art      1/2/3‑277

Julian, Paul, artist      1/2/3‑A‑25, 4/5/6‑VI‑67(1)

Julian, Rudolphe, artist/educator      9‑561

Julien Levy Galleries, Hollywood, see "Levy, Julian"   

Julien, Paul, port      7‑II‑MI‑63

Julienne's, San Marino, restaurant      4/5/6‑V‑200

Julier, Piz, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑193

Julsen, Harold and Bonnie, collectors      9‑411

Julz, artist      7‑II‑MI‑102

Jumilhac Berey, Le Secc, Pierre de, Countess, collector      8‑044/1

Jump, Edward, artist      9‑033, 155

Jump, Patricia Stewart, daughter of artist      4/5/6‑V‑193, V‑203, V‑204

Junior Art Association of the Laguna Beach Art Association      8‑153/2, 218/1

Junior Art Class, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑53(3), IV‑59(3), IV‑63(2)

Junior Art Class, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑50(2), IV‑53(3), 8-xxx

Junior Art Club, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑44(2), IV‑53(3)

Junior Art Exhibit, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑59(3)

Junior Art Gallery, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑58(3), IV‑59(2)

Junior Art Show, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑48(1)

Junior Art Society, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑22(2), 8‑336/2

Junior Artists      8‑483/2

Junior Artists, living pictures      4/5/6‑IV‑25(1)

Junior Auxiliary, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑14, IV‑24(2), IV‑34(2), 8‑xxvii

Junior Circle, Altadena      8‑119/2

Junior Club of the Southwest Museum      8‑512/1

Junior Galleries, annexed by Stendahl      1/2/3‑241

Junior League      8‑Index

Junior, Frederick, artist      8‑289/2

Junipero Serra school      8‑474/1

junk in art      9‑353

Juran, Nathan, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑67(1)

Jurecka, Cyril, sculptor      1/2/3‑134, B‑66, 8‑289/2

Jurecka, T., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑66

juried art exhibits, controversy      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

jury systems      4/5/6‑IV‑35(2)

Just Another Poster?      9‑241

Justema, William, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑67(1), 9‑274

Justice, Martin, illustrator      1/2/3‑134, 294, 9‑589

Justin, artist      7‑II‑MI‑102

Jutland's Manor House Museum      9‑310






K. Nathan Gallery, La Jolla, Ca.      9‑002, 322, 667, see also “Nathan, K., Gallery”

K. Nathan Gallery, Santa Ana, opens      4/5/6‑V‑123

K., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑140, I‑SFAA‑206, I‑SFAA‑89

K., Mrs., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

K., Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑110

Kadar, Bela, artist      8‑188/1

Kadish, Reuben, artist      4/5/6‑V‑202, V‑309, V‑55, VI‑67(1), 9‑Index

Kafka, Benjamin, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kagen's Furniture Shop, Hollywood, antiques      8‑290/1

Kagi, Tameya, artist      7‑II‑MI‑103, I‑SFAA‑197

Kaher, Fritz, artist      1/2/3‑B‑66

Kahl, Elfrida, artist      1/2/3‑134

Kahl, Milt, artist      9‑327, 434

Kahle, Katherine Morrison, artist      1/2/3‑134

Kahlenberg, Mary, curator/textile dealer      9‑030

Kahler, Carl, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197, 9‑535

Kahler, J., artist      9‑535

Kahler, Jennie S., artist      9‑561

Kahler, Joseph A. (?), artist      9‑538

Kahlo, Frida, artist      9‑333, in San Francisco      4/5/6‑V‑152

Kahn Collection, Oakland Museum      9‑438

Kahn, A., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kahn, Barney, cartoonist      8‑290/1

Kahn, Gerrie, E. author      4/5/6‑V‑73

Kahny, Elsa Salome, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kai, Yeiichiro, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kailbourn, Thomas R., author      9‑161

Kaisabro, Prince, port      7‑II‑MI‑32

Kaiser Steel Plant, Fontana      9‑576, in art      4/5/6‑VI‑35(2)

Kaiser, Henry, capitalist      9‑576

Kaites, George, woodcarver      8‑290/1

Kalakaua, King, port      7‑II‑MI‑163, I‑SFAA‑269

Kalben, Edward, artist      7‑II‑MI‑103

Kalberer, H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑103

Kaleidoscope      9‑096

Kalisher, Emilia, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75, II‑MI‑103, I‑SFAA‑197; art student   I‑SFAA‑50

Kallis, Albert, filmmaker      9‑650

Kalloch, Robert, costume design      8‑290/1

Kalmus, Nathalie, cinema artist      1/2/3‑134

Kalmykoff, Ivan, artist      8‑374/1

Kaltschmidt, Oscar, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75, II‑MI‑103

Kalvoda, artist      1/2/3‑116

Kamamusa [or Kawamura], C., artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Kamerling, Bruce, curator/author      4/5/6‑V‑15, V‑157, V‑165, V‑167, V‑215, V‑230, V‑38, V‑73, V‑75; obit   V‑248, bibliogr.      4/5/6‑V‑106/7, 9‑595

Kamins, Boris, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kaminski, Edward B., artist      1/2/3‑134, B‑67

Kaminsky, Edward, painter      8‑125/2, 290/1

Kaminsky, F., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑51(1)

Kamp, Lapchep, artist      1/2/3‑B‑67

Kamps, Ferdinand Henry, artists' materials      1/2/3‑134

Kamps. Norman H., commercial artist      1/2/3‑135, 8‑290/1, 524/2, 9‑576

Kan Koo's Japanese art store      9‑561

Kanaga, Consuelo, photographer      9‑313

Kanasawa, Rakten, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kanasawana, Teziro, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kandinsky, Wassily, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑19(2), 9‑251, 395, 576

Kane, artist      8‑332/1

Kane, Miss, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Kane, Annie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Kane, Florence Brevoort, sculptor      8‑290/2

Kane, Mary Kip, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑304

Kaneko, Jun, ceramist      4/5/6‑V‑224

Kanemitsu, Matsumi, artist      9‑131, 553

Kanemitsu, Mike, artist      9‑133

Kang, Michael, chef      4/5/6‑V‑243

Kangas, Uno John Palo, sculptor      8‑290/2, 388/1

Kann, Frederick, designer      4/5/6‑V‑240, 9‑395, 576, 589

Kann, Marie H., art dealer      8‑254/2, 417/2

Kanne, H. W., Jr., artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kanner, Diane, author      9‑448

Kanno, Gertrude Farquharson Boyle, artist, see also Boyle      7‑I‑SFAA‑197, 8‑290/2

Kanno, Isen Takeshi, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑28, I‑SFAA‑108

Kano, Francis E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Kansas      8‑079/2, 131/1, 217/2, 219/1, 219/2

Kansas City Art Institute      1/2/3‑243, 4/5/6‑VI‑76(1)

Kansas City, art in      9‑218

Kansas, University of      8-489/1, 9‑163, 164

Kanst Art Gallery, L. A./ Hollywood      1/2/3‑10, 112, 116, 121, 122, 134, 135, 138, 143, 146, 161, 165, 166, 173, 175, 177, 185, 196, 197, 200, 202, 205, 214, 219, 222, 226, 227, 23, 233, 238, 245, 250, 259, 26, 262, 263, 27, 272, 280, 29, 33, 35, 37, 4, 41, 50, 60, 62, 64, 85, 92, 94, 99, B‑18, B‑21, 4/5/6‑IV‑19(1), VI‑102(1), VI‑16(1), VI‑39(2), VI‑40(1), VI‑45(1), VI‑58(1), VI‑67(1), VI‑70(1), 8‑Index

Kanst, John Frederick, art dealer      1/2/3‑135, ‑258, xv/2, 4/5/6‑V‑147, 8‑xlv, 263/2, 290/2, 318/1, 9‑561, 576

Kanst, J. F., port      1/2/3‑B‑104

Kantel, E. A., Mrs., home      8‑303/1

Kantor, Marvin, collector      4/5/6‑V‑8

Kantor, Morris, artist      1/2/3‑B‑67

Kantor, Ulrike, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑148, V‑159

Kaplan, Abraham, philosopher      9‑589

Kaplan, gallery, Palm Springs      4/5/6‑V‑99

Kaplan, Justine, author      4/5/6‑V‑213

Kaplan, Leonard, artist/art dealer      4/5/6‑IV‑53(1), IV‑50(1), IV‑54(2), IV‑59(2), IV‑62(1), IV‑62(2), V‑190, 9‑093, 172, 274

Kaplan, Sam Hall, author      4/5/6‑V‑25, 9‑148

Kappa Kappa Gamma      8‑425/1

Karasick, Norman, author      4/5/6‑V‑266

Karfiol, Bernard, artist      1/2/3‑B‑67

Karges, William “Bill” A., art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑45, 9‑Index

Karges, William A., Fine Art      4/5/6‑V‑128, V‑129, V‑143, V‑150, V‑155, V‑158, V‑167, V‑173, V‑182, V‑188, V‑190, V‑203, V‑229, V‑230, V‑246, V‑274, V‑276, V‑302, V‑309, V‑310, V‑316, V‑99, website    V‑291; 9‑Index

Karges, William A., Fine Art, Beverly Hills      9‑360, 665

Karges, William A., Fine Art, Carmel      9‑451, 662

Karges, William A., Fine Art, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑278; moves to La Cienega    4/5/6‑V‑177, 9‑038

Karges, William A., Fine Art, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑V‑103, V‑40, V‑48, V‑77; reopens      4/5/6‑V‑263, 9‑635, 650

Karges, William A., Fine Art, Santa Monica, relocates to Santa Monica      4/5/6‑V‑122, V‑124, V‑170

Karina, Elena, ceramics      9‑589

Karinger, artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Karlson, Norman, author/tile collector      9‑412, 434

Karlsruhe Art Academy      1/2/3‑274

Karlstrom, Paul, director/author/speaker      4/5/6‑V‑119, V‑122, V‑128, V‑166, V‑167, V‑172, V‑202, V‑261, V‑274, V‑281, V‑307, V‑308, V‑93, 9‑Index

Karma Rendezvous      8‑457/2

Karmiole, Kenneth, bookseller      9‑110, 617

Karnett, Mark, paper restorer      4/5/6‑V‑265

Karpaty, Rodolphe, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Karpeles Manuscript Library, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑89(1)

Karras, Spiros John, artist      1/2/3‑135, B‑67, 4/5/6‑VI‑67(1), 8‑lxviii, 290/2, 547/1, 9‑109

Karsch, Henry, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Karsten, Walter William, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kasala, Stephen, artist      1/2/3‑135

Kasiewicz, N., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Kasimir, artist      9‑615

Kasimir, Luigi, etcher      8‑110/1

Kassler, Charles II, artist      1/2/3‑B‑67, 4/5/6‑VI‑100(1), VI‑67(1), 8‑291/1, 9‑576

Kast, Louis S., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑73, II‑MI‑100

Kasten, Karl, artist      4/5/6‑V‑319, 9‑427, 551

Kastner, Victoria, lecturer      9‑297

Kastor, J., author      4/5/6‑V‑320

Katada, Seisuro, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Katada, Setsura [Setsuro], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Katchamakoff, Atanas, sculptor      1/2/3‑135, 189, B‑67, xviii/1, 4/5/6‑VI‑67(1), VI‑27(1), VI‑83(2), 8‑xliv, 291/1, 9‑Index

Katchmakoff, A., Mrs.      8‑392/1

Katchoukova, Olga, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑55(3)

Kate, Herman Frederick Carel ten, artist      7‑II‑MI‑104, I‑SFAA‑197

Katherine Norris Fine Art, Newport Beach, see Norris  

Katherine, Imperatrice, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑318

Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, N. Y.      9‑327

Katz, lecturer      4/5/6‑VI‑98(1)

Katz, Mrs., port, see Mrs. Katz of Venice      9‑576

Katz, Leo, artist      1/2/3‑137, B‑67, 4/5/6‑VI‑67(1), 8‑xlvii, 291/2, 093/2, 9‑576, 589

Katz, Margery and Maury, collectors      9‑166

Katzenberg, Jeffrey, filmmaker      9‑042

Kaufer, Edouardo E., miniature painter      8‑024/2

Kauffer, Edward L., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Kauffer, Edward, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kauffman, Craig, artist      4/5/6‑V‑181, V‑192, 9‑142, 273, 305

Kauffmann, Hugo Wilhelm, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197, III‑CSAS‑75 

Kaufman, Annette, art collector      9‑329

Kaufman, Joel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kaufman, Mervyn, author      9‑012

Kaufman, Meyer, artist      1/2/3‑B‑67

Kaufman, Rita, designer      8‑291/2

Kaufman, Van, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kaufmann, Cecil, Miss, port      1/2/3‑238

Kaufmann, Ferdinand, artist      1/2/3‑B‑67, 4/5/6‑V‑156, V‑279, VI‑67(2), 8‑291/2, 9‑184

Kaufmann, Gordon B., artist      4/5/6‑V‑141; president Fine Arts Alliance    8‑187/1; architect      9‑050

Kaufmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, port      1/2/3‑238

Kaula, William J., artist      9‑202

Kaulbach, after    7-II-MI-203

Kaulbach, Bernard Wilhelm Eliodorus von, artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Kaulbach, Friedrich August von, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Kaulbach, Hermann, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Kaull, Frances L., artist      1/2/3‑135

Kaumeyer, George F., artist      1/2/3‑135, 4/5/6‑VI‑67(2)

Kaun, Alexander, Dr., lecturer      8‑021/2, 544/1

Kaune, Elizabeth D., port      1/2/3‑B‑100

Kausen, Craig Martin, author      9‑013

Kausik, J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Kavanaugh, Gere, designer      9‑464

Kavanaugh, Katharine, artist      1/2/3‑135, B‑67, see also “Cahill, Katharine”

Kavanaugh (Wachtel), Marion, artist, see “Wachtel, Marion”  

Kawachi, Joseph, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kawahara [Kawahearia] T., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kawai, T., gate builder      8‑476/1

Kawakams, Taysan, holy man      8‑438/1

Kawananakoa, Princess, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kawananakoa, David, Prince, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑268

Kawasaki, Jack, student      8‑432/2

Kawashima, Kichisaburo, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kay, Gertrude S., artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kay, Judy, author      9‑550

Kaye, A. E., art director      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2)

Kaye, Arthur L., artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kaye, Sally, art reviews      4/5/6‑IV‑39(1)

Kays, Leone Belle, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kay‑Scott, Cyril, artist      1/2/3‑69; author    A‑3

Kaysville Art Club      1/2/3‑46

Kazan Art School      1/2/3‑84

Kazanjain, John Kaspar, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kazor, Virginia, curator      9‑625

KCET‑TV (PBS, Los Angeles)      9‑Index

KCRW radio      9‑464

Keagle, Cora L., author      8‑466/1

Kean, port      7‑II‑MI‑205

Keane, Annie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Keane, Bill, cartoonist      9‑053

Keane, Margaret, artist      9‑Index

Keane, Theodore J., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50; artist    I‑SFAA‑197; collector    I‑SFAA‑331

Kearney Mansion, Fresno, art collection     10‑140, 47, 81, 97/98

Kearney, M. Theo, collector     10‑137, 47

Kearns, Daisy A., painter      8‑xxviii, 020/2, 291/2, 590/1

Kearny Street Workshop, S. F.      9‑551

Kearny, Stephen Watts, Gen., military      1/2/3‑287

Keatinge, M., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keatinge, Maurice, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Keaton, Diane, actress/collector      9‑043, 448, 648

Keck Foundation      9‑008

Keck, Aurel, museum staff      9‑012

Keck, Charles, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26, 4/5/6‑IV‑41(2), IV‑41(3), VI‑67(2), 9‑355

Keck, George S., painter      8‑292/1

Keck, Henry, designer      9‑464

Keck, Lizzie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keddie, Maggie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keefe, Bill, writer      8‑044/1

Keefer, Elizabeth, Miss, artist      8‑515/1

Keeffe, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keeler, A. S., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Keeler, B. D., collector      7‑III‑CSAS‑109

Keeler, Charles B., etcher      8‑292/1

Keeler, Charles, poet      9‑561

Keeler, Charles, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑90

Keeler, Fred, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑122

Keeler, Frederick E., Mr. and Mrs., collectors      4/5/6‑VI‑45(1), 8‑033/1, 091/2, 461/1; art patron      9‑576

Keeler, Katherine Dukes, art teacher      1/2/3‑135, B‑67

Keeler, Mary D., collector      8‑292/2, 328/1

Keeler, Rufus B., tile maker      9‑243, 244

Keelhoff, Otto, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Keely, Master, port      1/2/3‑264

Keenan, John, artist      8‑292/2

Keeney, C. C., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Keeney, James W., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑190

Keeney, James Ward, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Keeney, M. E., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Keeney, Mary Alvord, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑213

Keeney, Viola Frank, photographer      8‑171/2, 292/2

Keep, Hattie A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keepers, Emma B., poet      8‑562/1

Keerl, Dorothy, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑52(3)

Keese, A. H., Mrs., opinions on Carmelita      8‑115/1

Keese (Benson), Eva, artist      8‑292/2

Keever, Russel, student      8‑433/1

Kegg, George W., puppeteer      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2), 8‑292/2

Kehren, Josef, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑197

Keil, Mr., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Keil, Hugo, Master, artist      7‑II‑MI‑104

Keister, Roy, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑56(1), IV‑62(3)

Keit, Richard, tile maker      4/5/6‑V‑180

Keith Art Association      9‑084

Keith, Alma L. P., artist      1/2/3‑135

Keith, E. D., Miss, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Keith, E. D., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑127

Keith, Elizabeth Emerson, artist      4/5/6‑V‑139, V‑172, V‑173, 7‑III‑CSAS‑75, II‑MI‑104, I‑SFAA‑197, 8‑292/2, 359/2, 539/1, 9‑046

Keith, Mary E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keith, William, artist      1/2/3‑24, 262, 4/5/6‑V‑10, V‑49, V‑108, V‑128, V‑134, V‑135, V‑141, V‑143, V‑147, V‑157, V‑163, V‑178, V‑181, V‑185, V‑190, V‑191, V‑192, V‑196, V‑21, V‑218, V‑219, V‑227, V‑236, V‑251, V‑273, V‑278, V‑280, V‑30, V‑303, V‑317, V‑32, V‑44, V‑45, V‑48, V‑51, VI‑15(1), VI‑6(1), VI‑67(2), 7‑I‑SFAA‑15, I‑SFAA‑18, I‑SFAA‑19, I‑SFAA‑28, III‑CSAS‑75, III‑CSAS‑84, II‑MI‑104, II-MI-106, II‑MI‑63, I‑SFAA‑198/201, I‑SFAA‑22, II‑MI‑211, I‑SFAA‑331, I‑SFAA‑24, I‑SFAA‑83, I‑SFAA‑30/35, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Keith, William, port      7‑II‑MI‑119, I‑SFAA‑121, I‑SFAA‑146, I‑SFAA‑216, I‑SFAA‑242, III‑CSAS‑85

Keith, William: Scenographer of the Sierra Nevada, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑277

Kelenberg, artist     10‑47

Kellar, Edgar, artist      1/2/3‑B‑14

Kellaway, Debbi, editor, artist      1/2/3‑xii

Kellaway, Tom, magazine publisher      9‑618

Kellen, Robert, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Kellenberg, Francis Jerome, artist     10‑47

Keller and Dean, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keller, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑55(1)

Keller, Anna, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keller, Arthur, artist      8‑020/1

Keller, Charles, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keller, Clyde, artist      9‑366

Keller, Edgar Martin, artist      1/2/3‑136, B‑67, 4/5/6‑VI‑67(2), 7‑I‑SFAA‑201, 8‑293/1, 520/1,  9‑576, 589

Keller, Florence Davis, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Keller, George A., artist      1/2/3‑B‑67

Keller, Helen, deaf      8‑404/1

Keller, Henry G., artist      1/2/3‑A‑26, 8‑110/2

Keller, Hermen, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keller, Hortense, sculpture      8‑293/1

Keller, Judith, curator      9‑203

Keller, L., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keller, Lena, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75

Keller, Lew, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2)

Keller, Mary A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Keller, Peter C., museum director      4/5/6‑V‑147, V‑305, 9‑259

Keller, Raymond Charles, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Keller, W. R., commercial artist      1/2/3‑136

Keller, Walter, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2)

Kellett, Samuel, sculptor      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kelley Gallery, Pasadena      4/5/6‑V‑280, V‑293, V‑305, V‑309, V‑34, 9‑Index

Kelley, A., Mrs., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑201

Kelley, Bob, prof.      4/5/6‑IV‑90(1)

Kelley, H. Roy, architect      8‑014/1, 293/1

Kelley, Helen Whitney, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑75, II‑MI‑106, I‑SFAA‑201

Kelley, Jack, student      8‑525/1

Kelley, Jennie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelley, Jno., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑134

Kelley, Kate, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kelley, Katherine E., artist      1/2/3‑136

Kelley, L. C., Mrs., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelley, M. E., Mrs., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑201

Kelley, Maimie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelley, Michael, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑125, V‑298, V‑301, V‑31; opens gallery on Green St.   V‑245, 9‑Index

Kelley, Patrick, curator      9‑049

Kelley, Roger M., craftsman store      8‑293/1

Kelley, Sue E., artist      1/2/3‑136, B‑67

Kelling, F. W., Mrs., costume design      8‑139/1

Kellner, H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kellog, Andrew J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑47, see De Groot and Kellog

Kellog, Johnie, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑214

Kellogg, Miss, artist      8‑293/1

Kellogg, Charles Brazilla, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kellogg, Clara Louisa, port      7‑II‑MI‑62

Kellogg, Elena Scripps, artist      1/2/3‑294

Kellogg, Ellen, artist      1/2/3‑136, 25

Kellogg, F. E., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kellogg, Florence, sculptor      8‑293/1

Kellogg, Frederick William, Mrs., painter      8‑024/1, 293/1

Kellogg, Jean, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑21(1)

Kellogg, Martin, Dr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑245

Kellogg, Miner Kilbourne, artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kellogg, Sheldon I., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76; collector      II‑MI‑211

Kellogg, Stephen, museum president      4/5/6‑V‑112

Kelly, Arthur, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelly, Catherine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelly, Chas., artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kelly, Clyde, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kelly, Edna, sculptor      1/2/3‑136, B‑67, 4/5/6‑VI‑19(2), VI‑67(2)

Kelly, Ellsworth, artist      4/5/6‑V‑60

Kelly, Francis, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kelly, Gene, actor      9‑521

Kelly, Herbert L., cartoonist      8‑293/1

Kelly, James, artist      9‑426

Kelly, Katherine Harland, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelly, Lucile Irene, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelly, Lucy A., artist      1/2/3‑136

Kelly, Mary, artist      1/2/3‑136, 9‑576

Kelly, Walt, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2), 9‑589

Kelly, William, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kelman, Keith and Renee, art dealers      4/5/6‑V‑123

Kelman, Keith N., art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑265, 9‑667

Kelmscott Press      8‑349/2

Kelsey, Georgea Wright, art historian      8‑293/2, 473/1

Kelsey, Harry, curator      9‑629, 630

Kelsey, Richmond I., artist      1/2/3‑136, A‑26

Kelsey‑Gordon, Cynthia, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑89(2)

Kelso, David, author      4/5/6‑V‑312

Kelterborn, Beatrice Ward, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2), 8‑293/2, 501/2

Kemble, Edward Windsor, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202

Kemble, Fannie, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑244

Kemble, John, port      7‑II‑MI‑205, I‑SFAA‑152

Kemeny, Eva, artist      8‑260/1

Kemeys, Edward, corresp.      4/5/6‑V‑147

Kemler, Robert Lynch, port      1/2/3‑B‑74

Kemm. Robert, artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kemmerrer, V. A., commercial artist      1/2/3‑136

Kemp, Thomas, Mrs., HCC member      4/5/6‑V‑8

Kemper, Charles, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kemper, Henry W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kempton, Peggy, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2)

Kemp‑Welch, Lucy E., English artist      8‑029/2, 030/1

Ken Farmer Auctions      9‑059

Kenaston House      9‑280

Kendall and Clinch, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, artist      1/2/3‑218, 242

Kendall, Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, Allen O., sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑54, see “Field and Kendall”    

Kendall, C. S., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, Ella, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kendall, Fannie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, Flora C., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, Lillian L., artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kendall, Mabel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kendall, Marie Boening, artist      1/2/3‑136, B‑67, 4/5/6‑IV‑19(2), 8‑Index

Kendall, Marie, photographer      4/5/6‑IV‑57(2)

Kendall, Marion, weaver      1/2/3‑136

Kendall, R. A., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kendall, R. B., photographer      4/5/6‑IV‑57(2)

Kende, Geza, portrait painter      1/2/3‑136, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(1), 8‑188/1, 279/2, 293/2

Kendig, Albert C., student      8‑293/2

Kendrick, Helen Margaret, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kendrick, Rodney, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kendricks Bellamy Gallery      8‑002/2

Kenefick, Jack and Susie, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑97, 9‑Index

Kenefick, Susie, HCC officer     4/5/6‑V‑164, V‑197, V‑275, V‑289, V‑296, V‑302, V‑85, V‑314, 9‑Index

Kenfield, D. M., daughter, port      7‑III‑CSAS‑68

Kenitzer, Henry, artist      7‑II‑MI‑106, II‑MI‑47

Kennady, Ted, trustee      4/5/6‑V‑200

Kennady, Teri, trustee      4/5/6‑V‑232

Kennedy [or Kenney], Julia, artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kennedy Galleries, N. Y.      1/2/3‑224, 4/5/6‑V‑99

Kennedy Museum of American Art, Ohio University      4/5/6‑V‑266

Kennedy, Alan, district attorney    4/5/6‑V‑298

Kennedy, Amy, artist      8‑293/2

Kennedy, Don, cartoonist      8‑293/2

Kennedy, Elizabeth, artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kennedy, Frederick, Jr., home designer      8‑014/2

Kennedy, Gladys, decorator      8‑293/2

Kennedy, J. F., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Kennedy, J. R., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kennedy, Louisa, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kennedy, M., Miss, artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kennedy, Martha, artist      1/2/3‑136

Kennedy, N. P., artist      1/2/3‑137

Kennedy, Norman M., murals      1/2/3‑136, 8‑294/1

Kennedy, P., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kennedy, Paul, photographer      8‑424/1, 511/1

Kennedy, Rettie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kennelly, E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑106

Kenney, Miss, port      1/2/3‑B‑50

Kenney, H. J., photographer      8‑294/1

Kennicott, Robert H., artist      1/2/3‑137, 294, A‑26, B‑67, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(1), 8‑294/1

Kenny Hospital, El Monte      4/5/6‑IV‑61(3)

Kenny, Julia, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202

Kenny, Sister, port      4/5/6‑IV‑61(3)

Kenrick, Josie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kensala, R. M., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kensett, John Frederick, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202

Kensington Art Rooms      1/2/3‑278

Kensington, San Diego      8‑015/1

Kent, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑22

Kent, A. Atwater, collector      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2), 9‑576

Kent, Adaline, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑24(1), V‑228, archives    VI‑4

Kent, Barbara, costume designer      8‑294/1

Kent, Corita, artist      9‑038, 553

Kent, Dorothy, artist      9‑589

Kent, Ethel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kent, Norman, archives      4/5/6‑VI‑3

Kent, Rockwell, artist      1/2/3‑212, 4/5/6‑VI‑10(1), 8‑026/2, 029/2, 093/2, 449/1, 9‑461, 589

Kenton, Erle, Cawthorne, photographer      8‑294/1

Kenward, Torki, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kenworthy, Mildred T., artist      1/2/3‑B‑68, 8‑294/1

Kenworthy, Mildred, self port      1/2/3‑B‑68

Kenyon, Carol, conservator      9‑103

Kenyon, Haidee, artist      1/2/3‑137

Kenzes, Walter S., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Keogh, J., Miss, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Keohan, A., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Keplinger, Lona Miller, artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

Keppel, Frederick, & Co., N. Y.      1/2/3‑22, 8‑128/2

Kepple, Evelyn, art teacher      1/2/3‑137

Keppler, Viola, port      1/2/3‑B‑27

Keramic Club, S. F.      9‑534

Kerbe,  artist      9‑098

Kerfott, Robert, artist      4/5/6‑V‑199

Kern County High School, Bakersfield      1/2/3‑79

Kern County in photographs      9‑561

Kern County Library Foundation      4/5/6‑V‑300

Kern County, Ca., artists      9‑203

Kern County, Ca., collectors and collections     4/5/6‑V‑78, V‑90, 9‑203

Kern County, Ca., in photographs      4/5/6‑V‑73, V‑77, V‑94

Kern, Edward Meyer, military artist      1/2/3‑287

Kern, George A., landscape design      8‑294/1

Kern, Richard H., artist      4/5/6‑V‑105

Kern, Robert J., art director      4/5/6‑VI‑68(1)

Kerns, Catherine, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kerns, Correa, designer      1/2/3‑137

Kerns, Fannie M., artist      1/2/3‑137, A‑26, B‑3, B‑4, B‑68, xvii/2, 4/5/6‑VI‑17(2), 8‑Index

Kerns, Maude I., artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kerr, Benjamin E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kerr, Clara, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kerr, Grace, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kerr, Isadora W., art patron      8‑418/1

Kerr, James A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kerr, John, Mrs., artist      8‑294/2

Kerr, M. Louise, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202

Kerremans, V., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kersey, Henry Maitland, Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑189, I‑SFAA‑302

Kershaw, Marion, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202

Kershaw, Susie M., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Kertchem, L. B., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kertell, Charles P., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kerwin Galleries, booklist      4/5/6‑V‑203, V‑269

Kerwin Galleries, Burlingame ‑      4/5/6‑V‑10, V‑101, V‑117, V‑126, V‑140, V‑172, V‑181, V‑191, V‑206, V‑216, V‑238, V‑24, V‑249, V‑280, V‑300, V‑306, V‑34, V‑35, V‑41, V‑47, V‑56, V‑61, V‑71, V‑78, V‑89, 9‑Index

Kerwin, A. E., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑68

Kerwin, James, electrical engineer      9‑605

Kerwin, Lawrence, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑68

Kerwin, Mary Catherine, artist      1/2/3‑294, B‑68, 137, 4/5/6‑VI‑10(1), 9‑576

Kerwin, Mary Catherine, port      1/2/3‑B‑39

Kerwin, Mercedes, art dealer      9‑605

Kerwin, Richard, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑8, 9‑605

Kerze, Belle, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Keser, B., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Keser, Violet, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Keshishyan, John S., tapestry owner      8‑035/2

Kesling, William, architect      9‑225, 326

Kessey, Bernice, port      1/2/3‑B‑74

Kessinger, Thelma Rogers, artist      1/2/3‑137, 8‑294/2

Kessler, Friedolin, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑37(3), 8‑294/2

Kessler, Harry, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kessler, Jascha, author      9‑589

Kester, Lenard, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26, 4/5/6‑VI‑28(2), VI‑68(1)

Keszthelyi, A. S., self port      1/2/3‑B‑112

Keszthelyi, Alexander Samuel, artist      1/2/3‑137, B‑112, B‑68, xvii/1, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(1), VI‑7(2), 8‑045/2, 294/2, 9‑576

Keszthelyi, Carolyn Pearson, art critic      1/2/3‑137; author     289

Ketcham, Henry King, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(1)

Ketcham, Henry, cartoonist      9‑589

Ketcham, Leta Olive, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Ketchum, Austin, artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

Ketchum, Barbara, illustrator      8‑294/2

Ketjen, Jane Marie Willink, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kettlewell, Benjamin Frank Franklin, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kewpie dolls      1/2/3‑183

Key, Miss, artist      9‑493, 503

Key, Francis Brute, illustrator      1/2/3‑137

Key, Francis Scott, port      7‑II‑MI‑127

Key, George, Ranch, Placentia      4/5/6‑IV‑73(2)

Key, John Ross, artist      4/5/6‑V‑171, V‑64, 7‑I‑SFAA‑1, I‑SFAA‑202, 9‑Index

Keyes, Mr., commercial artist      1/2/3‑B‑9

Keyes, Donald D., author      4/5/6‑V‑265, V‑266, V‑269, curator   V‑299

Keyes, Jennie, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑32

Keyes, Wallace Mason, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Keys, Dan, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202

Keys, Jno. B., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Keyser, Emil, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Keystone‑Mast collection      9‑547

Khan, Mirza Ali Kuli, artist      8‑027/2, 091/2, 374/1

Kharis, Mme., port      1/2/3‑B‑99

Khazoyan, H. H., antiques      8‑294/2

Kiam, Omar, costume designer      8‑294/2, 579/1

Kibbe, character      9‑561

Kibbe, Barbara, author      9‑550

Kibbe, Concie, artist      9‑479

Kibbe, H. C., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kibbey, Ilah Marion, artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

Kibbey, Mead B., author      4/5/6‑V‑266

Kida, Sahe, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kidd, James, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, II‑MI‑57, I‑SFAA‑144, I‑SFAA‑202, see also “Denny and Kidd”

Kidder, L., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kidder, Margaret, artist      1/2/3‑137, 4/5/6‑IV‑62(3), VI‑20(2), VI‑23(1), VI‑68(1), VI‑8(2), 8‑490/1, 525/1, 9‑476, 589

Kidder, Margaret, Foundation      4/5/6‑VI‑68(1)

Kidder, Margaret, port      4/5/6‑VI‑60(2)

Kidder, Zennie [Zimi], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kidspace Museum, Pasadena      9‑319

Kiebs, Joseph, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kiechle, Richard, cartoonist      8‑295/1

Kiefer, Charles, artist      8‑295/1

Kienholz, Edward, artist      4/5/6‑V‑105, V‑144, V‑166, V‑57, 9‑353, 431

Kies and Brian, photographers      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kies, Harry, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kies, Luna B., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kiester, Lucille, craftsperson      1/2/3‑137

Kievits Galleries, Hotel Laguna      4/5/6‑IV‑23(3)

Kievits, gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑39(2), VI‑77(2), VI‑93(2), VI‑94(1), 8‑Index

Kievits, Jules, art dealer      8‑Index, 9‑639

Kievits, Jules, Fine Art, Pasadena      4/5/6‑VI‑16(1)

Kievits, Jules, Galleries, Pasadena      1/2/3‑169, 182, 198, 227, 238, 241, 27, 48, 52, 57

Kihn, Langdon, corresp.      4/5/6‑V‑147

Kilburn, C., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kilburn, M., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑76

Kilgallen, Margaret, artist      9‑305

Kilgore, Arthur, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kilk, J. B., Mrs.     10‑32, 47

Killeley, Thomas, artist      8‑295/2

Killey, Ida A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, I‑SFAA‑202

Killgore, Charles P., artist      8‑107/2, 108/1, 569/1

Killlingsworth, Edward, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Killoran, Jim, project director      9‑004

Killoran, Patricia B., writer      8‑137/2, 291/2, 527/1

Kilpatrick, port      7‑II‑MI‑198

Kilpatrick, Aaron Edward, artist      1/2/3‑137, 17, A‑26, B‑17, B‑68, xviii/2, 4/5/6‑VI‑14(2), VI‑68(1), 7‑I‑SFAA‑202, 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Kilpatrick, Ada, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑21(2)

Kilvert, B. Cory, artist?      8‑028/1

Kim, Kristine, author      9‑147, 162

Kimball Union Academy      1/2/3‑148

Kimball, Miss, artist      9‑561

Kimball, Charles P., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kimball, E. D., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77, II‑MI‑107

Kimball, G. A. R., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kimball, Geo. H., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kimball, Gertrude, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kimball, Howard, art patron      8‑296/1

Kimball, Lutie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kimball, Ward, artist      9‑327, 434, 527

Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, Redlands      4/5/6‑V‑247, V‑308

Kimbrough, Sara Dodge, archives      4/5/6‑VI‑4

Kiminski, Edward, photographer      9‑145

Kimishima, Sosaku, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kimishima, Tosaka, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kinch, Myra, dancer      4/5/6‑IV‑25(3)

Kinderoch, M., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kindig, Charlotte, painter      8‑296/1, student      8‑435/1

Kindleburger, Jefferson, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kinetic Series      9‑429

King Edward and Mrs. Simpson      8‑Index

King George, England      1/2/3‑183

King Junior High School      8‑233/1

King of the Rose Painters (Paul DeLongpre)      9‑576

King Ubu Gallery, S. F.      9‑119

King, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, II‑MI‑46

King, artist    9‑561

King, Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, Mr., port      7‑II‑MI‑205

King, Albert Henry, ceramist      1/2/3‑138, A‑26, B‑15, B‑23, B‑68, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(1), V‑125, VI‑81(1), director WPA   VI‑53(1), archives    VI‑3, 8‑184/1, 321/1, 9‑091, 160, 576

King, Albert, port      1/2/3‑B‑87

King, Charles B., artist      9‑033

King, Charles Henry, Jr., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

King, Charles, author      8‑571/1

King, Clara B., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, Clinton, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑53(1)

King, E. H., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, E. J., Mrs., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, Edith D., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑202; SFAA faculty   I‑SFAA‑36/39

King, Edythe, commercial artist      1/2/3‑138

King, Ethel, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, Flora, china decorator      9‑561

King, George R., photographer      8‑296/1

King, Gilbert, painter      8‑296/1

King, Homer S., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

King, James, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑192

King, James, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑320

King, John M., artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

King, Laura Evertsen, author      9‑086

King, Laura Morin, artist      1/2/3‑138, xv/2, 4/5/6‑IV‑19(1), IV‑19(2), IV‑8, 7‑III‑CSAS‑77, 8‑xxii, 296/1, 306/2, 9‑Index

King, Louisa Etcheverry, artist       4/5/6‑VI‑3, 9‑576

King, Lyman M., Mrs., print dealer?      8‑026/2

King, M. J. [or M. G. or W. J.], artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, Mabel, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77, art student    I‑SFAA‑50

King, Mary Elizabeth, artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

King, Nettie Webber, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50, see also Firebaugh    I‑SFAA‑202, III‑CSAS‑77

King, S. Augusta, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

King, (Thomas Starr?) school      8‑440/1

King, Thomas Starr, Junior High School, see Thomas…    

King, Thomas Starr, Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑103

King, Thomas Starr, Rev., port      7‑II‑MI‑76, II‑MI‑100, III‑CSAS‑35, II‑MI‑166, II‑MI‑203, II‑MI‑34, II‑MI‑57, I‑SFAA‑211, II‑MI‑168, II‑MI‑38, I‑SFAA‑153

King, Thomas Starr, statue      4/5/6‑V‑184

King, Vance, author      8‑300/1, 555/2

King, William B., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kingan, Latta, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2)

Kinghorn‑Jones, J. A., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Kingman, Dong, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26, 4/5/6‑V‑101, V‑109, V‑140, V‑141, V‑144, V‑149, V‑163, V‑207, V‑221, V‑251, V‑293, V‑305, V‑54, V‑70, V‑90, VI‑9(2), 9‑Index

Kingore Gallery, Chicago      8‑131/2, 383/1

Kingore Gallery, N. Y.      1/2/3‑184, 49

King‑Prime, Michael, artist      9‑114

King's Canyon in photographs      9‑340

Kings County Museum in Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada      9‑096

King's Orphan      9‑351

Kingsbury, Alice, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kingsbury, Alice, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑168

Kingsbury, H. S., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kingsbury, Harriet E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107

Kingsbury, Hattie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kingsland, Olivia de Courcy, artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, see also Kingsbury, Alice

Kingsley Art Club, Sacramento      1/2/3‑279, 4/5/6‑V‑151

Kingsley, C. G., toy designer      8‑296/1

Kingsley, E. Sargent, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑21(2)

Kingsley, Susan, jewelry maker      4/5/6‑V‑216

Kington [Kingston], Ira [Iva], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kininmonth, Anndel, scholar      9‑453

Kinkaid, Mary Holland, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑41(3)

Kinkead, Charles Edwin, artist      8‑104/1

Kinn, Leopold Eugene, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kinnard, F. J., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, I‑SFAA‑202

Kinneloa, pottery      8‑lxxii, 058/1

Kinney, Mrs., curator or ceramist      4/5/6‑IV‑56(3)

Kinney, Abbot, developer of Venice, Ca.      4/5/6‑V‑100, 8‑377/1, 9‑576, 561

Kinney, Abbott, port      1/2/3‑B‑109

Kinney, Arthur W. P., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kinney, Gilbert, Archives      4/5/6‑V‑59

Kinney, Kay, ceramics      4/5/6‑IV‑40(1)

Kinney, Troy, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2), 8‑296/1

Kinney‑Kendall Building      8‑379/2

Kino, Carol, author      9‑178, 435

Kino, Fray Eusebio Francisco, port      1/2/3‑98

Kinser, Gordon Neale, illustrator      8‑113/2

Kinsey, M. E., Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑138

Kinson, E. L., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kinzer, Gordon Neale, illustrator      1/2/3‑138, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(2)

Kip, Bishop, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑188

Kip, Bishop, port      7‑II‑MI‑160, II‑MI‑99, II-MI-183

Kipp [Kip], Bishop, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑188

Kip, Leonard, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑175, I‑SFAA‑320

Kip, Maria, Orphanage, see “Maria Kipp Orphanage”    

Kip, Maria Ingraham, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑295

Kip, W. I., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑188

Kip, W. Ingraham, Rev., port      7‑III‑CSAS‑126

Kip, William Ingraham, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kipietz, Fred, artist      9‑479

Kipps, Alfred K., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, I‑SFAA‑202

Kirby, Emmett, artist      1/2/3‑B‑68, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(2), 8‑296/1

Kirby, Harry H., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kirchman, Frieda, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kirk, Anthony, author      4/5/6‑V‑151, 9‑011, 043

Kirk, Frances C., artist      1/2/3‑138, B‑68, 8‑296/1, see also “Davis, Frances”

Kirk, Jessie S., artist      7‑II‑MI‑107, I‑SFAA‑202

Kirk, Mark‑Lee, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2)

Kirker, Harold, author      4/5/6‑V‑31

Kirketerp, E., Miss, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kirketerp, Elizabeth Beekman, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑318

Kirkgaard, L. Maria, artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

Kirkgaard, W., artist      1/2/3‑B‑68

Kirkham, Kathleen, port      8‑026/2

Kirkham, R. A., artist      1/2/3‑138

Kirkham, Ralph Wilson, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kirkland, Joseph B., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑108

Kirkland, Vance Hall, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26, B‑68, 4/5/6‑VI‑12(1), VI‑68(2)

Kirkman, George, author      9‑544

Kirknard, Maria, miniaturist      8‑497/2

Kirkpatrick, Florence Hall, artist      8‑296/2

Kirkpatrick, M. R., photographer      8‑296/2

Kirsten, Richard, artist      1/2/3‑A‑26

Kiser, Fred H., photographer      8‑296/2

Kiss, Rudolphe, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2), 8‑021/2, 296/2

Kissel‑Davis, Mrs., painter      8‑296/2

Kistler, Lynton, printer      4/5/6‑IV‑37(1), V‑141, V‑188, V‑24, V‑292, V‑35, V‑90, VI‑11(1), VI‑72(2), 8‑321/2, 9‑354

Kitchell, Joseph Gray, artist      8‑517/2

Kitchener, Lord, port      1/2/3‑244

Kite, P., author      4/5/6‑V‑119

kites      8‑477/2, 478/1

Kitson, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kitson, Theo Alice Ruggles, sculptor      8‑xlix, 486/2

Kittle & Son      8‑077/2

Kittle, Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑313

Kittle, H. De W., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kittle, Jonathan G., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kittle, L. H., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑95

Kittredge, A., Rev., port      7‑II‑MI‑31

Kittredge, Abbott E., port      7‑II‑MI‑80

Kittredge, Daisy C., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Kittredge, William, book reviewer      4/5/6‑V‑287

Kittridge, C. W., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

Kiwanis Club      8‑Index

Kiwanis Club, Altadena      8‑289/2

Kiyama, Yoshitaka, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kizhner, Michael, art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑8, art patron   V‑133, 9‑005

Kizhner, Michael, Fine Art, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑141, V‑179, V‑211, V‑159, 9‑665

Kizhner, Michael, Fine Art, Palm Springs      4/5/6‑V‑88, V‑99

Klackin, C., etcher from New York      9‑561

Klain, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑108

Klain, Joshua Julius, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑108

Klain, Nathan Michael, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑108

Klammer, Joan, curator      4/5/6‑V‑176

Klamroth, Wilfried, salon      8‑393/2, 394/1

Klapp, Freda L., collector      8‑448/2

Klarenmeyer, Simon, pupils of, artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

Klasser, Herman, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Klauber, Alice Ellen, artist      1/2/3‑139, A‑27, B‑68, 7‑I‑SFAA‑203, art student   I‑SFAA‑50, 8‑296/2, 9‑589

Klauber, Ella, artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

Klauber, Leda, artist      1/2/3‑139

Klauck, Edward, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Klee, Paul, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑19(2), VI‑63(1), VI‑81(2), 9‑576

Kleemann, Otto, artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

Kleidman, Rose, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(2)

Klein, Barbara J., art dealer      9‑661; author    4/5/6‑V‑269, 9‑044

Klein, David Fedric, artist      1/2/3‑139, A‑27

Klein, Ernest G., commercial artist      1/2/3‑139, 8‑296/2, 9‑589

Klein, Harold, filmmaker      9‑518, 521

Klein, Hilary Dole, author      4/5/6‑IV‑89(3), V‑119, V‑266

Klein, I., cartoonist      8‑296/2

Klein, Isidore, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2), 9‑589

Klein, Libor A., Mrs., artist            7-I-SFAA-242

Kleinberger, Paul, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2)

Kleine, Theodore I., commercial artist      1/2/3‑139

Kleinhans, Lucia, see also “Mathews, Lucia”      7‑I‑SFAA‑72, I‑SFAA‑73, I‑SFAA‑203

Kleinklaus, Gustave, artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

Kleinschmidt, Ellen A. Harrison, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Kleinschmidt, Theo., artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

KleinSmid[t], port      1/2/3‑246

Kleinsorge, A. F., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kleinsorge, Frank B., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kleinsorge, Minnie Elizabeth, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kleinwort, Benson, Cross Financing, Inc., collection      4/5/6‑V‑39

Kleiser, Lorentz, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑68(2), 8‑224/1, 296/2

Kleitsch Studio, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑VI‑16(2)

Kleitsch, Edna G., (Mrs. Joseph Kleitsch) wife of artist      4/5/6‑VI‑16(2), hopes to build museum    IV‑23(2)

Kleitsch, Eugene, photographer      8‑297/1

Kleitsch, Eugene, port      1/2/3‑B‑76

Kleitsch, Joseph, artist      1/2/3‑139, B‑15, B‑69, xviii/1, 4/5/6‑IV‑33(2), IV‑34(1), IV‑37(2), IV‑38(1), IV‑38(2), IV‑42(2), IV‑61(2), IV‑67(2), V‑124, V‑125, V‑14, V‑158, V‑170, V‑199, V‑235, V‑237, V‑279, V‑298, V‑310, V‑320, V‑6, V‑89, V‑97, VI‑19(2), VI‑26(1), VI‑26(2), VI‑29(1), VI‑68(2), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Klenke, Jeannie Morgan, author      9‑553

Klepper, Frank, artist      8‑020/1

Klett, Mark, photographer      9‑397

Kley, Alfred J., artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Klimsch, Eugen Johann Georg, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Kline, Franz, artist      9‑257

Kline, Minnie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kling, Jean L., author      9‑416

Klinger, Katherine, art teacher      1/2/3‑139

Klinkenstein, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑32

Klinker (Carpenter), Orpha Mae, artist      1/2/3‑140, 183, B‑3, B‑69, B‑9, 4/5/6‑IV‑45(1), IV‑53(1), IV‑54(3), IV‑63(1), VI‑14(1), VI‑23(2), VI‑68(2), lecturer   IV‑57(3), 8‑Index, 9‑177, 198, 472

Klippel, Amelia, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Klipple, Maude, artist      1/2/3‑140

Klitgaard, Georgina, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69

Klokke, Helen, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69, 4/5/6‑VI‑53(2), VI‑68(2)

Klombeck and Verboeckhoven, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Klomberg, George, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Klomp, artist      7‑II‑MI‑108

Kloos, John C., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kloss, F., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kloss, Gene, prints      4/5/6‑VI‑11(2), 8‑298/2, 9‑Index

Kloss, Michelle, scholar      4/5/6‑V‑253

Klot, Thomas, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kloyber, Christian, editor      9‑147

Klugman, Jack, photograph      9‑306

Klumpke, Anna Elizabeth, collector/artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑331, 9‑416, 536

Kluyver, O., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Klynn, Herbert, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Knapp, Aug., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Knapp, C. C., Mrs., crayon talks      8‑028/1

Knapp, Charles W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Knapp, Frank, sculptor      8‑298/2

Knapp, J. N., etcher      8‑109/2

Knapp, Katie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knapp, Martha, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knapp, W. Aug., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Knath,   artist      9‑098

Knaths, Karl, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69, 4/5/6‑VI‑25(2)

Knaus, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Knaus, Louis, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Knaus, Ludwig, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Knee, Gina, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27, 4/5/6‑V‑125, VI‑68(2), VI‑9(2), 9‑576

Kneedler, A. A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knell, Harry, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kneller, Godfrey, Sir, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Knepper, Margaret, tourist      4/5/6‑IV‑19(1)

Knibbe, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Knibbe, W., collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Knickerbocker Hotel, Hollywood     8‑060/2, 381/1, 557/2, Index

Kniffin, Herbert Reynolds, lecturer      8‑355/1, 544/1

Knight, Agnes, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knight, Allen, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Knight, Allen, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑242

Knight, Aston, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Knight, Charles R., scientific illustrator      8‑025/2, 9‑377

Knight, Cher Krause, scholar      9‑164

Knight, Christopher, art critic      4/5/6‑V‑321, 9‑121

Knight, Daniel Ridgeway (?), artist      9‑537

Knight, Du Bois, artist     10‑47

Knight, Edward E., commercial artist      1/2/3‑140

Knight, Elzear, student      8‑435/1

Knight, F. L., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knight, George H., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑109

Knight, H. C., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knight, M., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knight, Roger, poster      8‑298/2

Knighton, Willis, painter/art director      8‑298/2

Knights of Round Table      8‑116/2

Knights Templar      8‑356/1

Knights, Dorothy, painter      8‑299/1

Knights, William, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Knirr, Prof., artist      1/2/3‑209

Knirr, Heinrich, artist      1/2/3‑1

Knoblock, Ferdinand Charles, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Knode, Marilu, author      9‑024

Knodel, Gerdardt, lecturer      9‑045

Knodel, Ott, photographer      8‑299/1

Knoedler’s, N. Y.      1/2/3‑15, 233, 39, 4/5/6‑VI‑68(1), 8‑128/2, 202/2

Knoedler’s, Paris      1/2/3‑149

Knop, Siegfried, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Knopf, Carl Sumner, Dr., lecture      4/5/6‑IV‑39(1)

Knott, A. Harold, artist      1/2/3‑140, 254, B‑69, 4/5/6‑V‑170, V‑178, 9‑Index

Knott, F. P., artist      9‑044

Knott, Harleigh, speaker      4/5/6‑V‑282, author      9‑215, 346, 301

Knott, Harold M., artist      1/2/3‑140

Knott, Raymond, pastellist      1/2/3‑140

Knott, Ruth, Mrs., puppeteer      8‑398/1

Knowles, Elizabeth, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69

Knowles, F. McGillivary, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69

Knowles, Glen, artist      4/5/6‑V‑61

Knowles, Joseph, architect      4/5/6‑V‑158

Knowles, Joseph, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27, B‑69, 4/5/6‑IV‑80(1), 9‑075

Knowles, Marie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Knowles, Penny, museum director      9‑339

Knowles, R. H., Mrs., art student     10‑48

Knowles, W. E., Mrs., art student     10‑48

Knowles, W. L. E., painter      8‑299/1

Knox, Alexander Douglas, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Knox, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Knox, C. H., art teacher      8‑356/2

Knox, Helen, artist      8‑299/1

Knox, Katherine, artist      1/2/3‑140, 4/5/6‑IV‑37(3), IV‑41(2), IV‑52(3)

Knox, Mollie Katherine, artist       8-299/1, 306/1

Knox, Richard “Dick”, pottery      8‑299/1

Knox‑Leidy Pottery Productions      8‑299/1

Knudsen, Augot, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Knudsen, Charlotte, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Knudsen, Elsie Erikka, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Knuteson, "Doc" artist      9‑266

Knuteson, Oscar, artist      1/2/3‑140, 8‑xxiv, 299/1, 453/1

Knutson, Alzada, commercial artist      1/2/3‑140

Kobayashi [Kobayhashi], Hanakichi [Hannakiki], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kobayashi, B., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Kobayashi, F., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Kobi, book    9‑589

Kobler, E. F., art dealer      9‑561

KOCE TV, Orange County Public Television      4/5/6‑V‑195, V‑198, V‑220, V‑225, V‑265, V‑266, V‑268, V‑276

Koch [or Kock], W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Koch, dinner host      8-001/1

Koch, Augustus, artist      9‑561

Koch, G., artist      4/5/6‑V‑309

Koch, Glenn D., author      9‑241

Koch, Henry, artist      1/2/3‑140, B‑3, xv/2, 4/5/6‑V‑199, 9‑561

Koch, Hy, art teacher      1/2/3‑153

Koch, Jacob, artist      1/2/3‑141, 9‑618

Koch, John, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203, see Addis and Koch  

Koch, John, photographer      7‑II‑MI‑14

Koch, Max      1/2/3‑282

Koch, Robert, Gallery      9‑157

Kocher, Fritz, artist      1/2/3‑141, B‑69, 4/5/6‑VI‑69(1), 9‑395

Kocian, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑274

Kock, Bernard, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑319

Kockert, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Kodak      9‑561

Kodak cameras    8-lxxvii; Hawkeye camera    426/1; box cameras      9‑561

Koekkoek, Barend Cornelis, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109, I‑SFAA‑203

Koekkoek, J. M., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Koekkoek, Marinus Adrianus, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Koeman, Frank J., photographer      8‑299/2

Koenig, Gloria, author      9‑147, 329

Koenig, John Ernest, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Koenig, M. E., Miss, artist      1/2/3‑141

Koenig, miniaturist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Koerner, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Koerner, W. H. D., artist      4/5/6‑V‑10, V‑154, V‑171, 9‑093, 104

Koessler, Walter, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Koester, William H., artist      1/2/3‑B‑69

Koethen, Cora B., artist      1/2/3‑141

Kohler, photographer      8‑299/2, 425/2, 536/2

Kohler, Charles, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211, I‑SFAA‑331; officer    I‑SFAA‑30/35

Kohler, Eleanor[e] Keutner [Kentnor], artist      1/2/3‑141, B‑69, interior decorator      8‑286/1, 299/2

Kohler, Eleanore L., sculptor      1/2/3‑141, B‑69

Kohler, Frederick D., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑320

Kohler, S. J., Mrs., artist     10‑48

Kohler, see Hutton and Kohler    

Kohler's Photography Studio      8‑533/2

Kohlmeier, H., artist      8‑577/2

Kohlmeier, Helen Louise, portrait painter      1/2/3‑B‑69, 141, 4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Kohlmeyer, Lona, student      8‑435/2

Kohn, Edmond, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69, 4/5/6‑VI‑69(1), 8‑299/2, 9‑589

Kohn, Gabe, film artist      9‑589

Kohn, Minnie, sculptor      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Kohner, William G., landscape design      8‑310/2

Koko the Clown      9‑417

Kolb, Louis, photographer      8‑096/1

Kolb, Rose, teacher      8‑136/1, 299/2

Kolchak, Gen., Russian      1/2/3‑256

Kollmyer, William A., collector      7‑II‑MI‑212

Kollock, Mary, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109, I‑SFAA‑203

Kollorsz, Richard, artist      1/2/3‑141, B‑69, 4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Kolman, Minnie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kolner, C. W., collector      8‑034/2

Kolpi, E., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Komatsu, Toshimune, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Komisar, Milton, artist      4/5/6‑V‑116

Konewka, artist      9‑536

Konieczna‑Matysek, Eva, see Matysek

Konig Liche Kunst, Gewerbe Museum, Berlin      1/2/3‑282

Koningh, Leendert de, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Konoske, Jim, Consulting      9‑454

Kooiman, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kooiman, W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Koops, Harmen C., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Kooyman, Olga Seem, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Kopeikin, Paul, Gallery, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑219

Kopenhaver, Josephine Y., artist      1/2/3‑A‑27, B‑69

Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles      9‑053, 144

Kopp, John, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑77

Koppel, Charles, draughtsman/engineer      1/2/3‑287, 9‑561, 576, 589, 10‑102, 48, 62

Kopta, Emry, sculptor      1/2/3‑141, 294, B‑69

Kopta, Emerick, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Korb, Ed and Pat, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑166, V‑7

Korb, Ed, collector/art dealer      4/5/6‑V‑197, V‑215, V‑7, V‑8, HCC member   V‑112, V‑128, V‑18, HCC officer    V‑164, V‑289, V‑290, V‑296, V‑302, V‑302, V‑85, 9‑Index

Korb, Pat (Mrs. Ed Korb)      9‑061

Korda, Vincent, studio artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Korean artists      9‑024

Korean‑American Women Artists      9‑550

Korff, S. A., Baroness, craftsworker      1/2/3‑141

Korn, James M., portrait artist      1/2/3‑141

Korrick, Charles, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑A‑45

Korthals, Theodore Jacobus, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Koru, James, decorator      1/2/3‑141

Korybut, Kasimir, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑13(1)

Korybut, Wanda, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Korzybska, Alfred de Skarbek, Mrs., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑150

Korzybski, Alfred, philosopher      9‑589

Korzybski, Edgerly, painter      8‑299/2

Kos, Paul, artist      4/5/6‑V‑182

Kosa, Emil Jean, Jr., artist      1/2/3‑141, A‑2/1, A‑27, B‑69, 4/5/6‑IV‑31(1), IV‑37(2), IV‑42(1), V‑101, V‑123, V‑133, V‑134, V‑141, V‑146, V‑158, V‑159, V‑163, V‑181, V‑221, V‑242, V‑251, V‑278, V‑279, V‑293, V‑299, V‑30, V‑305, V‑37, V‑60, V‑77, V‑80, V‑82, VI‑20(2), VI‑7(1), VI‑7(2), VI‑86(2), 8‑xxix, 299/2, 449/1, 9‑Index

Kosa, Emil, Sr., artist      1/2/3‑141, 294, B‑69

Kosa, Emil, Sr., self port      1/2/3‑B‑69

Kosa, Emil, Sr?, painter      8‑299/2

Kosa, Mimi, artist      1/2/3‑B‑69

Koshland, Marcus, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Koshland, Marcus, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑217

Kosich, Bagdab Dusonovich "ARA", artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1)

Kosleck, Martin, actor/artist      1/2/3‑B‑69, 4/5/6‑VI‑20(1), VI‑69(1), 8‑299/2, 9‑589

Koslo [Kosto?], Jean, conservator      8‑036/2

Kosloff, Theodore, costume designer      8‑300/1

Kossak and Tandos, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kost, Frederick Weller, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Kostellow, A. J., artist      1/2/3‑B‑69

Koster, Edward B., Dr., port      1/2/3‑69

Kosto [Koslo?], Jean, conservator      8‑038/1

Kothe, Leonore Lies, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kothe, William, Mrs., artist           7-II-MI-116

Kotoku, Shirjei (or Shiyei) Y., artist      1/2/3‑142, B‑70, 4/5/6‑VI‑18(2), 9‑576

Kotzebue expedition      9‑145

Koue, A. Lewis, author      9‑545

Kovinick, Marian Yoshiki, researcher, see also Yoshiki‑Kovinick

Kovinick, Phil and Marion, researchers      4/5/6‑V‑293, 9‑031, 043, 149, compilers    4/5/6-VI-6

Kovinick, Phil, author      1/2/3‑xii, 4/5/6‑V‑306, VI‑2; curator   V‑7; lecturer   V‑13, V‑6; researcher    V‑312, V‑319, VI‑6; speaker    V‑36, 9‑Index

Kowalewski, Michael, author      4/5/6‑V‑151

Kowalski‑Wierusz, Alfred Von, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Kozik, Frank, artist      9‑098, 116

Kozloff, Max, author      9‑120

KPFK "Art Scene"      9‑173

KPSN radio      8‑lxv

KQED‑TV      4/5/6‑V‑257

Krafft, Julius E., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Kraft, Albert, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kraft, Emma L., artist      1/2/3‑142, 56, B‑70, 8‑300/1

Kraft, Joseph, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211

Kraft, Patrick, art dealer      9‑662

Kraft, Patrick, Fine Art, Pebble Beach      9‑662

Kragen, Daniel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kragh, Charles H., photographer      8‑426/1

Krahn, Norma, artist      4/5/6‑V‑247

Krakauer, Gustave H., artist      1/2/3‑B‑70

Kraker, Michael, sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑78, II‑MI‑109

Kramer, Albert John, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27, 4/5/6‑V‑137

Kramer, August Henry, artist      4/5/6‑V‑116, 8‑300/1

Kramer, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Kramer, Hal, artist      9‑589

Kramer, Harold M., artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Kramer, Louis, photographer      8‑300/1

Kramp, A. L., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kranth [or Krauth], Charles P., artist      1/2/3‑142, see also “Krauth, Charles”

Krasilnikov, Constantine, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Krasnow, Peter and Rose      9‑170, 172

Krasnow, Peter, artist      1/2/3‑142, 268, B‑70, xviii/2, 4/5/6‑V‑101, V‑104, V‑125, V‑132, V‑134, V‑167, V‑172, V‑192, V‑266, V‑278, V‑299, V‑56, VI‑18(2), VI‑19(1), VI‑23(1), VI‑27(1), VI‑8(1), archives    VI‑4, 8‑lxxviii, xlviii, 032/2, 096/2, 9‑Index

Krasnow, Peter, Mrs. (Rose),  author      1/2/3‑188, opinions on modern art      4/5/6‑VI‑78(1)

Krasowski, John, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑61(3)

Kratke, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78, II‑MI‑109

Krauch Photo Studio      8‑498/1

Krauch, Carl A., photographer      8‑300/1

Kraus [or Krause], artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Kraus, A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kraus, E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kraus, Emma, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kraus, Leopold, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑50

Krause, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Krause, Prof.      4/5/6‑V‑155

Krause, Martin, author      4/5/6‑V‑194

Krauss, Elfrieda S., commercial artist      1/2/3‑143

Krauth, Charles Philip, artist      1/2/3‑143, B‑70, 8‑Index; see also Kranth

Krauth, Philip, artist      9‑266

Krauth, W. D., Mrs., artist      8‑300/2

Kray, Wilhelm, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Krayer, Arnold D., artist      1/2/3‑143

Krazy Kat, cartoon      8‑xlii, 233/2, 9‑411, 589

Krebs, C. H., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑56, III‑CSAS‑78, see Fredericks and Krebs   

Krebs, Conrad, lecturer      8‑092/1

Krebs, Lloyd, artist      1/2/3‑231, 8‑374/1, 501/1, 503/1

Krehm, William P., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1), VI‑7(2), 8‑300/2

Kreindler, Doris Barsky, artist      1/2/3‑B‑70

Kreisler, Fritz, port      1/2/3‑B‑93

Kresling, R. G., carving      4/5/6‑VI‑30(2)

Kress collection      8‑326/1

Kress, Frederick B., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Kress, Frederick, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kress, Paul and Rita, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑38

Krieger, Anna, museum patron      9‑021

Krieger, Anna, Susan and Nancy      9‑020

Krill, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Krissling, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kristensen, K., port      1/2/3‑109, B‑58

Kroch, A., art teacher      4/5/6‑IV‑63(2)

Krohn, Lisa, designer      9‑464

Kroll, Leon, artist      1/2/3‑B‑70

Kroll, Tony, collector      9‑607, 620, 628

Krombach, Beatrice de Lack, author      1/2/3‑177, 202, B‑6, xvii/1; gallery owner     8‑044/2, 300/2

Kromberg, Julius, artist      8‑535/2

Kromer, Carol Adelaide, artist      1/2/3‑143, A‑27, B‑70, 4/5/6‑VI‑10(2), 8‑300/2

Kronberg, Louis, artist      8‑025/1

Kronberg, N., Miss, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

Kronberg, N., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑120

Kronberger, Carl, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑204

Krone, Judge George, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑69(1), 8‑Index

Kroner, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑205

Kroner, C., artist      1/2/3‑184

Kronquist, Larry, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑60(1)

Kronquist, Lawrence, photographer      4/5/6‑IV‑37(2), 8‑424/1

Krotona Institute (Theosophical Society), Hollywood    8-xl, 257/2, 517/1

Krucker, Frank, architect      8‑300/2

Kruger, August, artist      7‑II‑MI‑109

Kruger, Clara, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑205

Kruger, Pauline, artist      1/2/3‑143

Kruger, Richard, artist      1/2/3‑143, 8‑042/2

Kruglak Gallery      9‑156

Krull, Craig, author      4/5/6‑V‑286

Kruse, Alice, artist      1/2/3‑143

Kruseman van Elten, Hendrik Dirk, artist      7‑II‑MI‑110, I‑SFAA‑205

Kruttschnitt, Julius, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331

KTED, radio      8‑xxxi

KTLA‑TV      4/5/6‑IV‑55(1)

Kubacki, Raymond, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Kuban, O. C., painter      8‑300/2

Kubiak, Richard, curator      4/5/6‑IV‑83(2), IV‑87(2)

Kubic, J. C., wrought iron      1/2/3‑143, 8‑301/1

Kubierschky, E., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑205

Kubley, Don, student      8‑301/1, 480/2

Kubosawa, Joseph, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kuchel and Dresel      1/2/3‑287,   7-II-MI-110, 9‑252, 287, 561, see also “Dresel, Emil”

Kuchel, Charles Conrad, lithographer      1/2/3‑287, 7‑II‑MI‑110, 9‑576

Kuck, M. Dorothea, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kuehl, Gotthardt Johann, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑205

Kuehne, Esther, artist      1/2/3‑143

Kuehne, Max, artist      1/2/3‑B‑70

Kuehnrich, P. Max, home      1/2/3‑174

Kuepper, Josie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kuffle, Willina, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kuffner, Baroness de      4/5/6‑VI‑71(1)

Kugemann and Lichtenberger, artists      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kugemann, Edward E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑78

Kugemann's art gallery, L. A.      9‑561

Kuh, Katharine, author      4/5/6‑V‑50

Kuhlman, Walter, artist      4/5/6‑V‑262, V‑77, V‑92, V‑247, 9‑172

Kuhlmann, J. P. Frederick, artist      7‑II‑MI‑110

Kuhn, Charles Augustus, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kuhnle, Frieda, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kuhnle, Paul, sculptor      1/2/3‑143, B‑70

Kulick, F. J., art appraiser      8‑033/2

Kullmann, Jean McGregor, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kumano, George, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kummer, Felix B., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kumpf, Mary, artist      8‑020/1

Kunan, Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kunath, Oscar, artist      4/5/6‑V‑171, collector      7‑II‑MI‑211, I‑SFAA‑205, I‑SFAA‑331; SFAA faculty  I‑SFAA‑36/39; artist   III‑CSAS‑78, II‑MI‑110, 9‑535

Kunath, Oscar, port      7‑II‑MI‑110

Kunath, Oscar, pupils of      7‑II‑MI‑111

Kunath, Oscar?, artist      9‑534

Kundert, Balthasar, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑13(2), VI‑69(1)

Kuner, Albert, artist      7‑II‑MI‑111

Kuney, artist      7‑II‑MI‑111

Kunitz, Don, librarian      9‑599

Kuniyoshi, Yasuo, artist      1/2/3‑A‑2/2, A‑27, B‑70, 4/5/6‑V‑144, VI‑3, 9‑576

Kunstgewerbe School, Munich      1/2/3‑178

Kunstkammer, Berlin      9‑279

Kuntz, Margaret, HCC member      4/5/6‑V‑8

Kuntz, Roger, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑50(1), IV‑62(2), IV‑62(3), V‑101, V‑109, V‑111, V‑182, V‑192, V‑199, V‑293, V‑97, 9‑Index

Kuntz‑Cote, Mary, daughter of artist      4/5/6‑V‑101

Kunzel, Charles, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑84(2)

Kuranaga, F. T., antiques dealer      8‑215/1, 301/1

Kuranaga's      8‑liv, 498/1

Kuretsky, Susan, professor      9‑649

Kurman, Oswald, artist      4/5/6‑V‑278

Kuroka, Tane, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kurtzworth, Mrs., port      4/5/6‑VI‑74(2)

Kurtzworth, Harry M., curator/artist/author/speaker      1/2/3‑143, 171, 294, B‑70, 4/5/6‑IV‑23(2), IV‑38(3), V‑115, V‑168, VI‑15(2), VI‑19(2), VI‑53(1), VI‑69(1), VI‑72(2), VI‑73(2), 8‑Index, 9‑576, 589

Kurutz, Gary F., author      4/5/6‑V‑73; speaker   V‑322, 9‑Index

Kurutz, Joseph, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Kurutz, K. D., author      9‑069, 081

Kurvers, Adrian, teacher      8‑301/2

Kurz and Allison      9‑561

Kuser, Walter, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kushner, Dorothy Browdy, artist      1/2/3‑A‑27

Kushner, Marilyn S., curator/author      4/5/6‑V‑94

Kuspit, Donald, author      4/5/6‑V‑193; panelist    V‑322

Kustom Kulture      9‑208, 463, 465

Kustom Kulture, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑179

Kutcher, Ben, illustrator      1/2/3‑143, 4/5/6‑V‑139, VI‑26(1), VI‑69(2), 8‑254/2, 301/2, 9‑589

Kuter, Leo E., teacher      8‑302/1

Kutz, Jesse, artist      7‑II‑MI‑111

Kuvwashigo [Kuwashige or Kuwashigo], Guch [Guchi], art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kuwasseg, Charles Euphrasie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑111

Kuyper, Jacques, artist                   7-I-SFAA-206

Kwok, John J., artist      1/2/3‑A‑28, 9‑365, 374

Kyes, Vera L., artist      1/2/3‑143

Kyle, Amma, artist      8‑085/1

Kyle, Georgie, artist                        7-I-SFAA-206

Kyriaco, Mark, arborist      9‑407

Kyser, Sterling Mervin, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑51

Kytka, Mr., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑331


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