Publications in [Southern] California Art, vols. 1- 10

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A Gallery, Palm Desert  4/5/6‑V‑30

A Night in Fullerton      4/5/6‑IV‑73(1), IV‑74(1)

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words, print cat.      4/5/6‑V‑234

A Promise Kept, exh.   4/5/6‑V‑127

A Sense of Time, exh.  4/5/6‑V‑189

A Silent Testament, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑305

A Time and a Place, exh.      9‑654

A. E. Little & Co., mural    1/2/3‑60

A. N. Abell auction, see Abell, A. N., auctioneers    

A., Miss, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑98

A., Agnes, port      1/2/3‑B‑88

A., E., Mlle., port      1/2/3‑B‑41

A., Fred, port      7‑III‑CSAS‑129

A., L., Mr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

A., M., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

A., S. L., Mr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

A+D (Architecture and Design) Museum, Los Angeles      9‑317

AA, film studio      4/5/6‑VI‑44(1), VI‑62(2), VI‑63(2)

Aaron, A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Aaron, Mabel, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16, 9‑555, 585

Aaron, W. H., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Aarons, Leo, photographer            8‑022/2

Abadie, Emile R., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Abadie, Eugenie, art student          7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Abagian, Jim, art historian      4/5/6‑V‑155, 9‑595

Abascal, Mary Joaquina, artist      1/2/3‑1, B‑27, 4/5/6‑V‑293,      V‑301, 8-001/1 

Abbatt, Agnes Dean, artist             7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Abbertus, J., artist    7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Abbey Galleries, London      1/2/3‑149

Abbey San Encino      4/5/6‑V‑186, 8‑036/2 

Abbey, Edwin Austin, artist          8‑042/1, 261/1

Abbot, S. Leonard, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Abbott Laboratories, art collection      4/5/6‑VI‑106(1)

Abbott, Clinton T., Dr., photographer      8‑001/1

Abbott, Jack, cartoonist      8‑001/1

Abbott, Jacob B., comic strip      1/2/3‑1

Abbott, Katharine Gilbert, artist      9‑555

Abbott, Kathryn, artist      9‑555

Abbott, Lynwood, photographer      8‑001/1

Abbott, M. E., Miss., artist     9‑555

Abbott, Marguerite E., artist      1/2/3‑1

Abbott, Meredith Brooks, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑89(3), V‑119, V‑127, V‑156, V‑264, 9‑Index

Abbott, Willis J., writer      8‑389/2

abbreviations used in this book      8‑xii

Abdy, Rowena Fischer Meeks, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6, B‑27, 4/5/6‑V‑144, 7‑I‑SFAA‑89, 8‑001/1, 9‑081

Abel, Christine Jeannette, craftswoman/, art teacher      1/2/3‑1

Abel, Edith, artist      9‑555

Abel, Jean, art teacher      8‑lxvii, 525/1

Abel, Jeanette, art student              7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Abell and Priest, artists      7‑III‑CSAS‑16, II-MI-14

Abell, A. N., Auction Company       4/5/6‑V‑43, V‑175, V‑225, V‑226, V‑241, V‑32, V‑37, V‑64, 9‑Index

Abell, Barry, auctioneer      9‑107

Abell, Frank G., photographer       7‑II‑MI‑14

Abell, Robert, auctioneer      9‑107, 595

Abell, Thornton M. architect         9‑253, 305

Abelman, Katherine, painter          8‑001/1

Abelmann, August, artist     1/2/3‑1, 4/5/6‑VI‑19(2), 8‑001/1,104/2

Abelmann, Kate, artist      1/2/3‑1, 4/5/6‑VI‑19(2), 8‑001/1

Abels, E. A., artist      1/2/3‑1

Aber, Richard, sculptor      4/5/6‑IV‑85(1), IV‑88(3)

Abernathy House, Palm Springs, Ca.      9‑280

Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company      8‑504/1

Ables, Kim, artist     4/5/6‑IV‑71(2)

About Faces, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑24

About Life: Photographs of Dorothea Lange      9‑240, 254

Abrahamson, Anne, cartoonist      8‑001/1

Abram Friedman Occupational Center, L. A.      9‑571

Abram, Trudi, author    4/5/6‑V‑261

Abramovitch, Ida, artist    1/2/3‑A‑6

Abrams, Albert, Dr., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑142, I‑SFAA‑325

Abrams, Carrie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Abrasha, jewelry maker      4/5/6‑V‑216

Abraxas gallery      9‑585

Abril, Ben, artist      4/5/6‑V‑15,   V‑208, V‑310, obit V‑248,        9‑Index

Absena, Martin, film artist      9‑585

Absolute Science Association       8‑084/2

abstract art, exh.      4/5/6‑VI‑30(1)

Abstract Classicism movement      4/5/6‑V‑261

Abstract Classicists, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑217

Abstract Expressionism      4/5/6‑IV‑49(2), V‑278, 9‑Index

Abstract Expressionism in San Francisco      4/5/6‑V‑145, V‑252

Abstract Expressionism in San Francisco, Ph.D.      4/5/6‑V‑36

Abstract Expressionists, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑77, V‑92

Abstract Painting, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑10(2)

abstraction      4/5/6‑V‑119, V‑125, V‑142, V‑299, 9‑Index

Abundant Harvest of Sun: Lee Mullican      9‑442

Academia Real, Sevilla      1/2/3‑180

Academie Carmen, Paris      1/2/3‑108

Academie Colarossi, Paris      1/2/3‑94

Academie Grand Chaumiere, Paris      9‑369

Academie Julian, Paris      9‑273, 363, 555, see also “Julian Academy”

Academie Moderne, Paris      1/2/3‑263, 9‑233

Academie of Art, Vienna    1/2/3‑49

Academy Albertina of Art, Turin      1/2/3‑193

Academy Award costume designs      9‑300

Academy Award, see Oscar     

Academy of Advanced Thought      8‑022/2

Academy of Applied Arts, Berlin      1/2/3‑267

Academy of Art (J. B. Francisco), L.A.      9‑555

Academy of Art, Beverly Hills      4/5/6‑VI‑93(1)

Academy of Art, Munich      4/5/6‑V‑190

Academy of Art, Rotterdam      1/2/3‑256

Academy of Arts, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑63(3)

Academy of Beaux Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina      1/2/3‑67

Academy of Design, Pasadena      8‑490/1

Academy of Fine Arts (Lois Budlong), L. A.      9‑555

Academy of Fine Arts Association of Colorado      1/2/3‑51

Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin      1/2/3‑178

Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago      1/2/3‑275

Academy of Fine Arts, Cincinnati      1/2/3‑111

Academy of Fine Arts, Florence      1/2/3‑232, 237

Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow      1/2/3‑198

Academy of Fine Arts, Munich      1/2/3‑137

Academy of Fine Arts, Paris      1/2/3‑232

Academy of Fine Arts, Prague      1/2/3‑134, 141

Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm      1/2/3‑259

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna      1/2/3‑137

Academy of Handicraft, Pasadena    8‑lx

Academy of Modern Art                8‑022/2, 184/1

Academy of Modern Art, Hollywood      1/2/3‑xix/1, 195, 9‑481

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills      4/5/6‑V‑255, 8‑345/2, 9‑Index

Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Pasadena      8‑lxxiii, 001/2  

Academy of Painting and Design, headed by Bagdatopoulos      4/5/6‑VI‑30(1)

Academy of San Carlos, Mexico City      9‑277

Academy of Science, Museum, S. F.      9‑531

Academy of Sciences                     7‑I‑SFAA‑29

Academy of Sciences Museum, opened      9‑532

Academy of the Theater, L. A.      1/2/3‑69

Academy of Western Painters      1/2/3‑147, 160, 200, B‑24, 4/5/6‑VI‑30(1), annual   4/5/6‑VI‑20(1), club    8‑Index

Academy Treasures      9‑271

Academy, Amsterdam, Holland      1/2/3‑173

Academy, Berlin      1/2/3‑231

Accatino, Tom and Christie, collectors      9‑395

Accents restaurant, Orange County      9‑005

accidents with trains, street cars, horse drawn carriages      8‑401/2

Accolti, Father, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑183

Achenbach, Andreas, artist            7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Achenbach, Oswald, artist             7‑III‑CSAS‑16, I‑SFAA‑89

Achey, Elizabeth, art student         7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Acker, Herbert Van Blarcom, artist      1/2/3‑1, 292, B‑27, 4/5/6‑IV‑62(3), VI‑30(1), 8‑Index

Ackerman and Company, sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Ackerman, Frank, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6, 9‑487

Ackerman, Gladys, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Ackerman, Olga Mandelbaum, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Ackerman, Paul H., psychoanalyst      4/5/6‑V‑65

Ackerman, Sigmund L., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Ackley [or Oakley], John M., artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Ackley Galleries, Palm Springs      4/5/6‑V‑88, V‑99

Ackley Galleries, Sacramento      4/5/6‑V‑70, V‑77, V‑93

Ackow, gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑68(1)

Acme Engraving Company, L. A.      1/2/3‑92

Acme, tile      9‑396

Acock, Salome, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Acorn Annual Art Auction Price Guide      4/5/6‑V‑43

Acorn Fine Art, Brea      4/5/6‑V‑10, V‑113, V‑17, V‑30, V‑5, V‑50, 9‑409

Acorn Fine Art, Palm Springs      4/5/6‑V‑112, V‑138, V‑72, V‑88, V‑99

Acosta, Amado, costume design      8‑001/2  

Acosta, Luz, artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

acoustical plaster      9‑571

Acton, David, author      4/5/6‑V‑113, V‑194, speaker V‑256

actor/art collectors      9‑585

actor/artists      8‑520/2

actors as artists      9‑585

Actors as Artists, book      4/5/6‑V‑253

Ad Club      8‑001/2  

Adair, Arthur, artist  4/5/6‑VI‑22(2)

Adair, William, frame maker      4/5/6‑V‑49

Adam [or Adams], L. M., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Adam, J. H., artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Adam, J., artist      1/2/3‑1

Adam, Ken, artist      9‑289

Adam, Klaus, artist      9‑290

Adam, Thomas, collector    8‑035/1

Adam, William, artist      8‑001/2, 9‑146, 448, 10‑1

Adams Furniture Shop      8‑003/1

Adams Street, L. A.      9‑555

Adams (probably C. P.)   8‑196/1, 084/2

Adams, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Adams, Alexandra, port     1/2/3‑B‑103

Adams, Ansel, photographer      4/5/6‑V‑101, V‑103, V‑105, V‑106, V‑12, V‑127, V‑141, V‑142, V‑158, V‑160, V‑170, V‑174, V‑179, V‑206, V‑223, V‑226, V‑24, V‑34, V‑42, V‑63, V‑93, 9‑Index

Adams, Burke, landscape design      8‑002/1

Adams, Burres Dorothy, artist      1/2/3‑1

Adams, C., artist      4/5/6‑IV‑52(1)

Adams, Cathella, ceramist      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Adams, Charles Gibbs, landscape design      8‑Index, 251/1, 252/1

Adams, Charles J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Adams, Charles Partridge, artist      1/2/3‑1, 4/5/6‑IV‑43(2), V‑120, V‑182, V‑39, VI‑30(1), 8‑xxiv, 002/2, 9‑Index

Adams, Charles S. (probably Charles Gibbs Adams), landscape design      8‑250/2

Adams, Charles, artist      4/5/6‑V‑30

Adams, Clinton, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6, 4/5/6‑V‑104, V‑126, V‑138, V‑204, V‑294, V‑62, VI‑12(2), VI‑22(2), VI‑30(1),

archive      V‑214, author  V‑193, 9‑Index

Adams, Dick, artist      8‑002/2

Adams, Dorothy, painter               8‑002/2, 9‑267

Adams, Earl, collector      9‑607, 620

Adams, Ed, lecturer      4/5/6‑IV‑35(2)

Adams, Edith, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Adams, Edson, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Adams, Edward A, artist.               8‑427/2

Adams, Edward A.illustrator      1/2/3‑2

Adams, Edward P., art teacher      9‑508

Adams, Edward R., teacher           9‑145

Adams, Elaine, art patron/author      4/5/6‑V‑134, V‑202, V‑255,      V‑277, 9‑Index

Adams, F., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Adams, Frances E., art teacher      1/2/3‑2

Adams, George W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑14; collector    II‑MI‑207

Adams, George, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑154

Adams, J. S., Mrs., ceramist          7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Adams, John Q., artist    7‑II‑MI‑14

Adams, John, Mrs., artist               7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Adams, Kendall, port      1/2/3‑B‑99

Adams, Kenneth M., artist      1/2/3‑B‑27

Adams, Laura May, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑16, collector           I‑SFAA‑325, art student            I‑SFAA‑41

Adams, Lillian, miniaturist            7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Adams, Lucy Frances, artist          7‑III‑CSAS‑16, II‑MI‑14, I‑SFAA‑89

Adams, Lulu J., artist      1/2/3‑2

Adams, Marian, craftswoman      1/2/3‑2

Adams, Marjorie Madden, painter      8‑002/2, 211/1, 381/2

Adams, Mary E., collector             8‑407/2

Adams, Maud, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑137

Adams, May, art student                7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Adams, Michael, lecturer      9‑300, 329, 436

Adams, Owen L., art student         7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Adams, Peter, art patron      4/5/6‑V‑134

Adams, Peter, artist     4/5/6‑V‑134, V‑139, V‑210, V‑240, president of CAC   V‑202; speaker          V‑224, V‑322, 9‑103, 213

Adams, Robert, photographer         9‑336

Adams, Robert Henry, Fine Art, Chicago     4/5/6‑V‑126

Adams, Sadie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Adams, Scott, cartoonist      9‑053

Adams, Velma, artist      1/2/3‑2,  B‑27, 4/5/6‑VI‑30(1), port   VI‑55(2), 8‑003/1, 448/2, 9‑085, 476

Adamson House, Malibu      9‑286, mural   480

Adamson, Glenn, lecturer      9‑045

Adamson, Harry Curieux, artist      9‑241, 256, 259

Adamson, Jeremy, author      9‑207

Adamson, Jerome, art dealer         9‑Index

Adamson‑Duvannes Galleries, L A.      4/5/6‑V‑122, V‑134, V‑155, V‑177, V‑189, V‑246, V‑251, V‑29, V‑303, V‑4, V‑70, V‑72, V‑76, V‑78, V‑90, 9‑Index

Addams, Clifford, artist  1/2/3‑B‑27

Adding Machine, play   4/5/6‑IV‑15

Addis (Robert W. Addis) and Koch (John Koch), photographers      7-II-MI-14

Addis, Dr., port      1/2/3‑B‑87

Addis, Robert W., photographer      7‑II‑MI‑14

Addison Gallery of American Art      9‑048

Addison, Richard A., cartoonist      8‑003/1

Adet, Emile, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑89

Adler, Mary Ann, restorer      4/5/6‑VI‑30(1)

Adler, William F.      8‑363/2

Admission Day, semi‑centennial anniversary      7‑I‑SFAA‑77

adobe architecture      8‑015/1, 184/2, 9‑Index

Adobe Flores      8‑013/1, 310/2

Adobe Studio      8‑233/1

Adobe Studios (Dewey), Sierra Madre, Ca.      9‑129

Adobe Village, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑32(2), IV‑41(2),          8‑368/2

adobes in art      4/5/6‑VI‑23(2),    9‑077, 081, 097

adobes, Monterey      9‑103

Adolf, Prince, port      1/2/3‑78

Adolphus, Gustavus, College, Minnesota      9‑034

Adrian, Carl Von, artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Adrian, Gilbert, fashion designer      8‑346/1, 9‑190, 275, 300

Adriance, Charles M., artist           7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Adriens, gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑38(1)

adult art classes, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑53(3)

adult education      8‑Index

Adults’ Educational Free Class      8‑418/2

Adventurers Club      8‑230/2

Adventurers International              8‑347/2

Adventures in Aquarelle, booklet      4/5/6‑V‑82

Advertisers Illustrating Company      1/2/3‑278

advertising art      8‑193/1, 9‑081, 236, 320, 546

Advertising Artists Group of the International Artists Club, history, artist      1/2/3‑B‑2, B‑3

Advertising Club of Pasadena       8‑001/2, 003/2, 127/1, 286/2

Aelst, Evert Van, artist                  7‑I‑SFAA‑90,

Aeolean Co., N. Y.      1/2/3‑260

aeronautical art      4/5/6‑VI‑20(1)

Aesop's Fables      8‑588/1

aesthetic, Mexican      9‑571

Aesthetics of Graffiti      9‑055

Aesthetics of Hygiene      9‑305

Af Ekenstam, Madame Marta (Mrs. C. A. Jarmig), metalworker      1/2/3‑2, 4/5/6‑VI‑63(1), 8‑Index

Africa, North, in art      4/5/6‑VI‑76(1)

Africa, scenes of war in      9‑571

African American Art and Culture in Los Angeles      4/5/6‑V‑268

African American artists          1/2/3‑178, 4/5/6‑V‑130, V‑252, VI‑97(2), 9‑Index;   of Los Angeles   550

African American murals, Los Angeles      4/5/6‑V‑256

African American photographers, Los Angeles      9‑120

African Americans and art             8‑003/2

African masks      9‑571

After the Gold Rush      9‑413

Afterglow in the Desert (F. Lungren) exh.      9‑Index

Agar, Frank, art student                 7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Agar, Lue Jennie, Mrs., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Agard, Joseph J., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Agassiz, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑274

Agazzoni, A., Signor, food sculptor      8‑003/2

Agee, William C., author      4/5/6‑V‑104, V‑129, 9‑161, 297

Ager, R. W., photographer            8‑004/1

Agid, Herb and Lucy, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑243

Agid, Lucy, sculptor      9‑239

Agizen, artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Agmon, Frank, art student             7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Agnes, Lady, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑285

Agostini, Guilio, sculptor      4/5/6‑IV‑88(3)

Agoura, Ca., art and artists            8‑004/1, 527/2

Agran, Libby, investment councilor      9‑631

Agricultural Hall, Sacramento       7‑III‑CSAS‑1

Agricultural Society, California      7‑III‑CSAS‑1

agriculture      9‑571

agriculture in art      9‑274, 366

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, Palm Springs, Ca.    9‑267, 270

Aguilar, Isidro, stone cutter      1/2/3‑286, 9‑555

Aguilar, Paul and Nancy      4/5/6‑V‑123

Ahern, David, Mrs., artist              7‑III‑CSAS‑99

Ahern, Gene, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑30(1), 8‑119/1, 9‑585

Ahlberg, Florence Maria, artist      1/2/3‑B‑27

Ahlroth, Arthur, artist      1/2/3‑2

Ahmanson Foundation      9‑003

Ahmanson Foundation, Beverly Hills      4/5/6‑V‑292

Ahmanson, Howard, art patron      4/5/6‑V‑214

Ahring, Jaine, artist      1/2/3‑B‑27, 4/5/6‑IV‑37(1)

AIA/HPHT Home and Art Tour      4/5/6‑V‑176, V‑186

Aichele, Robert E., collector         9‑205

Aiello, Gene, illustrator      8‑004/1

Aiken, Ida M., artist     10‑1

Aikins, Ruth Evelyn, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Aimee [Aimie], Mlle., port            7‑II‑MI‑32, II‑MI‑62, II‑MI‑147

Ain, Gregory, architect      9‑148, 253, 305

Ainmuller, Maximilian Emanuel, artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Ainsa, George, art student             7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Ainslee, George H., collector        7‑I‑SFAA‑325,I‑SFAA‑85

Ainsley, Mrs., artist  7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Ainsley‑Gumplo Gallery               8‑004/1

Ainslie Galleries, Barker Brothers, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑6(1)

Ainslie Galleries, L. A.      1/2/3‑14, 52, 92, 114, 168, 198, 224, 273, 274, 2, 18, 23, 101, 155, 162, 222, 234, 238, 245, 60, 70,   4/5/6‑VI‑30(1), VI‑30(1), VI‑37(2), VI‑38(2), VI‑39(2), VI‑48(1), VI‑65(2), VI‑93(2),         8‑336/2, 350/2

Ainslie, artist      1/2/3‑149

Ainslie, Frank, art dealer      1/2/3‑2

Ainsworth, Ed. M., author      1/2/3‑247, 140, 147, 8‑004/1, 191/2, 237/2, 9‑269, 571

Ainsworth, Kathryn C., art teacher      1/2/3‑2

air quality      8‑244/2

airbrush in architectural rendering      9‑585

aircraft illustration      9‑585

aircraft plants, artists in, WWII      9‑571

airplane records      8‑239/2

airplane travel increases      8‑242/1

airplanes      9‑571

airplanes for passengers      8‑404/2, 405/1

airplanes in art      4/5/6‑VI‑28(1), VI‑28(2), VI‑82(2), 8‑385/1

airplanes, WWII      8‑406/2

airship      8‑400/2

Aitchison, James, lecturer/curator      9‑146, 156, 161

Aitchison, Robert, conservator      4/5/6‑V‑53

Aitken and Company, sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Aitken and Fish, sculptor               7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Aitken and Luce, sculptor              7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Aitken, Andrew, sculptor               7‑III‑CSAS‑16

Aitken, Daisy, port      8‑305/2

Aitken, Robert I., port                    7‑I‑SFAA‑190

Aitken, Robert Ingersoll, sculptor      7‑II‑MI‑14; SFAA faculty         I‑SFAA‑36/39; art student         I‑SFAA‑41, artist  I‑SFAA‑90

Ajelland, Mrs., art teacher      9‑507

Ajuria, Madame Gregoria, painter, and see de Ajuria      8‑004/1

Akagi, Roy H., Dr., lecturer          8‑513/2

Akari lamps      9‑433, 445

Akins, Rheta M., art teacher      1/2/3‑2

Alain, miniaturist      7‑I‑SFAA‑90

Alameda County Ladies' Board, artist      7‑II‑MI‑14

Alameda Flea Market      9‑601

Alameda World's Fair Association, collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Alameda, Ca., architecture     9‑259

Alameda, Ca., art      9‑531

Alamitos Public Library                8-581/2

Alaska      8‑342/1, 497/2

Alaska in art      4/5/6‑VI‑27(1)

Alaska‑Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1909      1/2/3‑244, 4/5/6‑V‑108, VI‑30(2),              7‑I‑SFAA‑24, 8‑004/2, 372/2, 373/2, 9‑232

Albani, Francesco, artist                7‑I‑SFAA‑90

Albee, Morris, Mrs., port          1/2/3‑104

Alberioli, Dr., collector      8‑033/1

Albers, Anni, artist      9‑554

Albers, Clem, photographer            9‑295, 396

Albers, Joseph, artist      9‑166

Albers, Patricia, author      9‑416

Albert, Karl, artist      4/5/6‑V‑152, V‑170, V‑56, V‑63, 9‑043

Alberts, Edwin C., author      9‑543

Alberts, Sergius, photographer      8‑004/2

Albertson Book Shop      4/5/6‑VI‑62(2)

Albertson, gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑63(1), VI‑89(1)

Albertus, John, artist     10‑1, 68, 72

Albinger Archaeological Museum      9‑303

Albrecht, Donald, author      9‑148, 227

Albrier, Joseph, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Albright family, Chicago     8‑506/1

Albright, Adam Emory, artist        7‑I‑SFAA‑90, 8‑004/2, 106/1

Albright, Frankie, Miss, artist        7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Albright, Gertrude Partington, artist      1/2/3‑B‑27, 7‑I‑SFAA‑90, 9‑552, see also Partington

Albright, H. Oliver, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6, B‑27

Albright, Ivan L., artist      4/5/6‑VI‑30(2), 9‑585

Albright, Malvin Marr (Zissley), artist       8‑019/1, 9‑585, 594; in Hollywood   585

Albright, S. S., car designer           9‑397

Albright, Thomas, author      4/5/6‑V‑146, V‑81, 9‑189

Albright, Timothy, Fine Arts, Mill Valley      4/5/6‑V‑138

Albro, Maxine, artist     1/2/3‑B‑27, 4/5/6‑VI‑10(2), VI‑23(2),        VI‑30(2), 8‑xlvii, xxxvi, 004/2, 113/2

Albrondra, Mildred, author      4/5/6‑V‑230, V‑240, V‑4, V‑56

album covers      9‑325, 336, 316

Albuquerque Museum      9‑307, 354

Albuquerque, Lita, artist      9‑264

Albuquerque, N. M.      9‑218

Alburtus and Baker      1/2/3‑2

Alburtus, John, artist      1/2/3‑2

Alcala Gallery, La Jolla      4/5/6‑V‑246, V‑265, 9‑Index

Alcazar, F., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑90

Alchian, Vahan, art student           7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Alchimowicz, H., artist                  7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Alchimowicz, K., artist                   7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Aldeman, Josephine, art teacher      1/2/3‑2

Alden, C. D., artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Alden, James Madison, topographical artist      1/2/3‑286, 4/5/6‑IV‑65(2), 9‑Index

Alderman, S. J., Mrs., artist           7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Alders, Alsea, port      1/2/3‑B‑75

Alderson, Harry Everett, Dr., SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39,

Alderson, Mrs. E. M., artist      1/2/3‑2

Aldi, P., artist      7‑II‑MI‑15,

Aldin, Cecil, etcher      8‑337/1

Aldrich, C., artist      1/2/3‑2

Aldrich, Clarence Nelson, artist      1/2/3‑B‑27, 292

Aldrich, George Ames, artist         9‑177

Aldrich, Linda, author      4/5/6‑V‑152

Aldrin, Anders G., artist           1/2/3‑B‑23, 2, A‑6, B‑27,    4/5/6‑V‑141, V‑148, V‑149,     V‑150, V‑158, V‑162, V‑168,   V‑170, V‑179, V‑220, V‑234,  V‑260, V‑270, V‑304, V‑95,   VI‑20(2), VI‑30(2), lecture       V‑262, 8‑004/2, 9‑Index

Aldrin, Anders, archives      4/5/6‑V‑247

Aldrin, Andrew (probably Anders), artist      1/2/3‑B‑27

Aldritt, Cyril, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6

Alemany, Bishop, port      7‑II‑MI‑135

Alexander and Crane, decorators?      1/2/3‑81

Alexander Building      8‑447/1

Alexander Hamilton school           8‑476/2

Alexander, Miss, port      7‑II‑MI‑17

Alexander, B. S., Gen., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Alexander, Ben, book collector      8‑301/2

Alexander, C. W., artist                 7‑III‑CSAS‑17, I‑SFAA‑90

Alexander, Dora Block, artist      1/2/3‑B‑27

Alexander, Edith, artist                  7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Alexander, Esther, artist                 7‑II‑MI‑15

Alexander, Georgia E., artist      1/2/3‑3

Alexander, H. H., photographer     10‑1

Alexander, H. R., Mrs., artist      1/2/3‑3

Alexander, Hartley Burr, author      1/2/3‑228, professor      4/5/6‑VI‑30(2), of Southwest Museum      8‑510/1, 513/2, teacher    9‑085

Alexander, Henry, artist      4/5/6‑V‑108, V‑173, 7‑III‑CSAS‑17, II‑MI‑15,I‑SFAA‑90, 9‑531, 538

Alexander, Ida, student     10‑1

Alexander, J., Mrs., port           1/2/3‑B‑37

Alexander, John White, artist      1/2/3‑224, 7‑I‑SFAA‑90

Alexander, John W., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑31

Alexander, John W., port         1/2/3‑B‑31

Alexander, Margo, artist          1/2/3‑B‑27

Alexander, Mary M. "Mamie" Hopkins, artist     10‑2, see also “Hopkins, Mary M.”

Alexander, May Margaret, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Alexander, Peter, artist      4/5/6‑V‑125, V‑149, V‑171, V‑217,       9‑273, 305

Alexander, Ruth, artist      1/2/3‑3, 4/5/6‑VI‑31(1), 8‑004/2, 141/2

Alexander, Sara Dora Block, artist      1/2/3‑3

Alexanders (husband and wife), artist      1/2/3‑3

Alexandria Galleries      1/2/3‑202, xvii/1, 3

Alexandria Hotel      1/2/3‑B‑18, 270, 8‑026/1, 047/2, 266/1, 436/2

Alexandria School      8‑206/2, 254/1, 473/2

Alfred University, N. Y.           1/2/3‑178

Alhambra Art Center      8‑005/1

Alhambra Evening High School      8‑005/1

Alhambra High School, collection      4/5/6‑VI‑31(1), students            8‑468/1

Alhambra Junior Chamber of Commerce      8‑005/1

Alhambra Progressive Art Club      8‑005/1

Alhambra Public Library               8‑005/1, 511/1

Alhambra Woman's Club               8‑005/1, 512/2

Alhambra, Ca.      8-097/2, 354/1, 439/1, 453/2, 453/2, 457/2

Alhambra, Ca., art and artists        8‑lxxvii, 005/1

Alhambra, Ca., tile      9‑396

Alhecama, Santa Barbara         4/5/6‑IV‑90(1), V‑266

Ali, Bon (Ben?), puppeteer            8‑399/1

Ali, Lucille Ben, puppeteer            8‑397/2, 479/1

Alice in Wonderland      9‑341

Alinder, Jasmine A., scholar          9‑419

Alinder, Jim, photographer            9‑438

Alinder, Mary, speaker             4/5/6‑V‑103

Alkow Galleries, L. A.      1/2/3‑68, 4/5/6‑VI‑91(1)

All American Contemporary Exhibition      4/5/6‑VI‑10(1)

All Arts Gossip, periodical        1/2/3‑xxii

All California Art Exhibit, 1934 (Biltmore Salon)      4/5/6‑VI‑6(2), VI‑72(1)

All California Exhibition, 1939 (LACMHSA)      1/2/3‑B‑24, 4/5/6‑VI‑20(2), VI‑73(2)

All Chouinard Exhibition      9‑146

All in a Day's Work      9‑006

All Laguna Ceramics Show      4/5/6‑IV‑56(2)

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills      8‑404/1, 517/1, 519/2, 539/1

All Saints' Men’s Club      8‑550/2

All Things Bright and Beautiful, exh/book      4/5/6‑V‑312, V‑310, V‑311, V‑318, lecture      4/5/6‑V‑321, 9‑Index

All Year Club      4/5/6‑IV‑23(3),  8‑Index

All‑American Canal      8‑lxxi, 405/2

All‑American Photographic Salon      8‑426/2

Allan, Mrs., artist      8‑449/1

Allan, John, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Allan, Robin, author      9‑147

Allard, Georgia A., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

All‑California Process Exhibition, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑12(1), VI‑28(1), 9‑085

allegorical paintings      4/5/6‑V‑76

Allen R. Hite Art Institute      1/2/3‑176

Allen, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑237

Allen, A. Huntington, Mrs., painter      8‑005/1

Allen, Aileen, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Allen, Alfred, port      1/2/3‑104

Allen, Bardene, sculptor      4/5/6‑V‑214, 9‑172

Allen, Bennett Graham, photographer     7‑III‑CSAS‑133, see Wing and Allen, artists         7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, Commodore, collector        7‑II‑MI‑207,I‑SFAA‑325

Allen, Commodore, Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑234

Allen, Constance, model      8‑040/2

Allen, Dee D., photographer          8‑005/1

Allen, Elsie, Pomo basket maker      4/5/6‑V‑127, V‑250, 9‑241

Allen, F. S., architect/collector      8‑005/1, 033/1

Allen, Frank Howard, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Allen, G., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, Gene, film artist      9‑585

Allen, George C., Mrs., artist        7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, George E., artist      1/2/3‑3

Allen, Gertrude, artist                    7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, Gregory Seymour, artist      1/2/3‑3

Allen, Helena Nelson, SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39

Allen, Horace L., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, Ida E., Ladies Fancy Goods and Art Parlors      9‑555

Allen, James, Mrs., port                 7‑I‑SFAA‑154

Allen, John H., artist      8‑019/1

Allen, John, artist     7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, Lena, art student                  7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Allen, Mary Coleman, miniature painter      1/2/3‑B‑27, 3, 8‑005/1, 102/1, 524/1, 9‑571

Allen, Mary, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, Norton, illustrator               8‑005/1

Allen, Orville T., silhouettist         8‑019/1 

Allen, Percy E., artist     7‑II‑MI‑15, I‑SFAA‑90

Allen, R. H., artist    7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, R. H., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allen, R. Lee, Mrs., artist              7‑III‑CSAS‑19, I‑SFAA‑93

Allen, Ralph Jewell, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Allen, Richard Hodges, decorator/teacher      1/2/3‑3,    8‑144/2, 545/1

Allen, Thomas, artist     7‑II‑MI‑15, I‑SFAA‑91

Allen, William, art teacher      4/5/6‑IV‑39(2), 8‑005/2

Allen, Winthrop, artist      1/2/3‑3, 8‑005/2

Aller, Gladys, artist      1/2/3‑3,    A‑6, B‑27, 4/5/6‑VI‑31(1)

Allergan, collector      4/5/6‑V‑22

Alley, Norman, cameraman           8‑005/2

Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Kunstler by Ulrich Thieme and Felix Becker, publication      1/2/3‑xxv, xxvi, 9‑032

Alliance Francaise      8‑027/1

Allied Architects Association      1/2/3‑209, 8‑015/1

Allied Art Center, Hollywood      8‑xliii, xxxviii, 005/2

Allied Art Center, L. A.      1/2/3‑3, 19

Allied Art League, Sierra Madre      8‑502/1

Allied Artists, N. Y.      4/5/6‑VI‑73(1)

Allied Arts Committee, Compton      4/5/6‑VI‑45(2)

Allied Arts Festival ‑ see Southern California Festival of Allied Arts

Allied Arts Guild of California, Ltd.      9‑548, 551

Allied Arts Guild, fresco      4/5/6‑VI‑30(2)

Allied Arts Studio      8‑211/2

Allied Camera Pictorialists of Pasadena      8‑005/2, 099/2

Allien, Dorothy C., port      1/2/3‑B‑75

Allin, Jessie, Miss, student            8‑301/1

Allioli, architect    9-534

Alliot, Hector, teacher/author/ archaeologist      1/2/3‑xvi/2, 37, 3, 238, 8‑lii, lxi, Index, 9‑Index

Allis, C. Harry, artist      1/2/3‑4, 73, 4/5/6‑V‑120, 8‑005/2

Allis, Mary L., artist      9‑555

Allis, Mary, artist      9‑555

Allison and Allison      8‑013/2

Allison, Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑100

Allison, David C., Mrs., port      4/5/6‑VI‑89(1)

Allison, J. S., artist      1/2/3‑4

Allison, L. C., Mrs., craftswoman      1/2/3‑4

Allison, Tempe, Miss, teacher      8‑006/1

All‑Laguna Ceramics show    8‑xxx

Allman, Richard, artist      1/2/3‑4

Allmond, Katherine D., artist         7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allmond, Mary, artist                    7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Allotria Club, S. F.      9‑531

Allouard, Henri Emile, sculptor      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Alloway, Lawrence, critic      9‑066

Allstate Insurance      9‑646

Alluisi, Ella, artist      4/5/6‑V‑116

Allure of Artist Colonies (symposium)      9‑015

Allyne, Lucy H., artist    7‑II‑MI‑15

Allyne, Lucy Helen, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325,

Almada, G., collector      7‑II‑MI‑207,

Alman, Richard, carver      8‑006/1

Almaraz, Carlos, archives      4/5/6‑V‑177, artist      4/5/6‑V‑171,   V‑194

Alma‑Tadema, Lawrence, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91, 10‑2, 97

Almond, John, carver      8‑006/1

Almquist Book Shop, Santa Ana      8‑415/2

Along El Camino Real      9‑099, 113

Along the Way      9‑234

Alps      9‑571

Alsen, Elsa, port      1/2/3‑B‑112

Alta California Bookstore, Berkeley      9‑543

Alta Novelty, N. Y.      9‑617

Altadena Art Club      8‑006/1

Altadena Beautification League      8‑310/2

Altadena Camera Pictorialists       8‑lxxviii, 006/2

Altadena Chamber of Commerce      8‑285/2

Altadena Club      8‑526/2

Altadena Country Club      8‑433/1

Altadena Golf Club      8‑387/1

Altadena Junior Circle      8‑540/2

Altadena Methodist Church      8‑517/2

Altadena Public Library      8‑007/1

Altadena Recreation Building      8‑Index

Altadena Whist Club      8‑372/2

Altadena Woman's Circle      8‑Index

Altadena Woman's Club      8‑lxxviii, 006/2, 470/2

Altadena, Ca.      8-Index, 9‑555

Altadena, Ca., art and artists      8‑lxxvii, 006/1

Altadena, Ca., poppy fields      9‑555

Altadena, Ca., school      8‑433/1, 515/1

Altadena, Ca., soiree      8‑499/1

Alta‑Rhoda Art Studio      8‑145/1

Alten, Mathais, painter      8‑007/1

Altenschlager, Meinheer Johann, poet      9‑085

Alter, Harry R., commercial , artist      1/2/3‑4

Alter, S., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Alternate Realities      9‑311

Althausen, Minna, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Althouse, Lillian, artist      1/2/3‑4

Altman, artist      9‑531

Altmann, Aaron, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17, II‑MI‑15, I‑SFAA‑91, SFAA faculty      7‑I‑SFAA‑36/39

Altmann, Bertha, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Alton, Mathias, artist      1/2/3‑42

Altoon, John, artist      4/5/6‑V‑171, V‑178, V‑181

Altrusia Club      8‑047/1

Altschul, Charles, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Alumni Association, USC      9‑571

Alvarez, Mabel, artist      1/2/3‑B‑27, 4, 224, 260, 292, B‑10, 231, 285, 4/5/6‑IV‑19(2), V‑102, V‑137, V‑163, V‑312, V‑88, V‑89, V‑92, V‑95, VI‑18(1), VI‑19(1), VI‑20(2), VI‑31(1), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Alvarez, Mabel, port      1/2/3‑B‑28

Alvarez, Mabel?      8‑068/1

Alverson, David, Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑27

Alvis, Ton, ironsmith      9‑230

Alvord, William, art patron      7‑II‑MI‑127, II‑MI‑207, I‑SFAA‑15, I‑SFAA‑16, I‑SFAA‑189, I‑SFAA‑190, I‑SFAA‑21, I‑SFAA‑28, I‑SFAA‑28, I‑SFAA‑30/35, I‑SFAA‑325

Alvord, Wm., port      7‑II‑MI‑127

Aly, Marie A., artist      1/2/3‑4, B‑21

Amaden, Charles, lecturer on SW      8‑515/2

Amadeo, see “McGarry, Amadeo”  

Amateis, Louis, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Amateur Photo Contest      4/5/6‑IV‑46(2), IV‑55(2), IV‑57(1)

Amato, Sam, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6

Ambassador Hotel, L. A.      1/2/3‑B‑15, 20, 45, 92, 165, 241, 273, 277, xviii/2, 8, 4/5/6‑VI‑6(1), 8‑Index, 9‑294

Amberg, Wilhelm, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15, I‑SFAA‑91

Ambrose, Goodhue, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Ambrose, Joe, collector      4/5/6‑V‑199, 9‑194, 211

Ambrose, Mamie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Ament, Bertha, artist      8‑255/2

Amer, Sidney, Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑16

America Tropical, mural      4/5/6‑V‑114, 9‑439

America West Frames, Flagstaff      4/5/6‑V‑310

American (New York) newspaper      1/2/3‑48, 188

American Academy of Art, Chicago      4/5/6‑V‑158

American Academy, Fontainebleau      1/2/3‑69

American Academy, Rome      1/2/3‑189, 9‑375, 571

American Airlines      9‑184

American and California Paintings, see auctions 

American Art Annual, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, 7‑I‑SFAA‑6

American Art Association Galleries      1/2/3‑66

American Art Association, N. Y.      1/2/3‑155, 9‑498, 499

American Art Council, Los Angeles County Museum of Art      4/5/6‑V‑100, V‑114, V‑118, V‑214, V‑262, V‑277, V‑46, V‑49, V‑56, Mediterranean Heritage Architectural Tour      4/5/6‑V‑57, 9‑Index

American Art Galleries, N. Y.      1/2/3‑155

American Art News      9‑571

American Art Review magazine      4/5/6‑V‑174, V‑184, V‑223, resumes publication 1992      4/5/6‑V‑139, 9‑Index

American Art Scene Transformed      9‑095

American Art Society, Philadelphia      9‑555

American Art Student      9‑571

American Art Week      4/5/6‑IV‑60(2)

American Art, Carmel      9‑465

American Artist, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑92, 9‑034, 272, 454

American Artists Congress      4/5/6‑VI‑104(2), VI‑45(1),      VI-51(1), VI‑65(1), VI‑78(2), VI‑91(2), bibliog.    4/5/6‑VI‑31(1), 8‑007/2, 9‑571, 585

American Artists' Group      8‑022/2

American Artists Professional League      4/5/6‑VI‑80(2), IV‑32(2), exh. IV‑55(2)

American Artists, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑16(1)

American Arts Foundation      4/5/6‑VI‑31(1), 8‑xlvii, 007/1

American Arts Foundation, S. F.      9‑547

American Arts in Action, Gallery Workshop, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑31(1), VI‑57(1)

American Arts Study Center, DeYoung Museum      4/5/6‑V‑188

American Association of Museum Directors      4/5/6‑V‑244

American Association of University Women      4/5/6‑V‑260

American College Salon, Hollywood      8‑007/1

American College Society      1/2/3‑246

American Contemporaries exh.      4/5/6‑IV‑55(2)

American Contemporary Gallery, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑100(2), VI‑101(2), VI‑105(1), VI‑31(1), VI‑49(2), VI‑56(1), VI‑6(1),

VI‑66(2), VI‑76(2), VI‑77(1), VI‑77(2), VI‑83(1), VI‑92(1), VI‑97(2), VI‑98(1)

American Crayon Co., Sandusky, Ohio      8‑026/1

American Design, award      4/5/6‑VI‑74(2)

American Eagle Fine Art, Scottsdale      9‑667, 438, 454

American Encaustic Tiling Co., Zanesville, Ohio      1/2/3‑208, 9‑396

American Federation of Arts Washington, D. C.      1/2/3‑71, B‑22, 4/5/6‑VI‑41(2), VI‑73(1), 7‑I‑SFAA‑25, I‑SFAA‑25, I‑SFAA‑26, I‑SFAA‑27, I‑SFAA‑85, 8‑Index, 9‑571

American Film Institute      9‑403

American Fine Arts Society      1/2/3‑35

American Forestry Association      8‑229/1

American Free Art League of Boston      8‑289/1

American Guild      8‑548/2

American Historical Review and Motion Picture Industrial Exposition      4/5/6‑VI‑26(1)

American House, N. Y.      4/5/6‑VI‑105(1)

American Impressionists (calendar)    9‑012

American Indian Portraits      9‑159, 176

American Indian Women's History and Art Club      8‑lxxvi, 007/1

American Institute of Architects      7‑I‑SFAA‑73, Sketch Club  II‑MI‑15, 8‑013/1, 255/1, 288/1

American Institute of Interior Decorators      8‑007/2

American Institute, proposed      9‑531

American Legacy Gallery, Kansas City, Mo.      4/5/6‑V‑172

American Legion      8‑Index

American Legion, Eagle Rock      8‑505/1

American Legion, Hollywood, official painter      1/2/3‑157

American Legion, Pasadena      8‑487/1, 487/2

American Magazine of Art, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, 4/5/6‑IV‑11, 8‑079/2, 115/1

American Masters Gallery, L. A.      1/2/3‑117

American Modernists, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑18(1)

American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona      9‑369, 374, 412

American Museum of Natural History, N. Y.      1/2/3‑74, 8‑170/2

American Natural Painters, folk and primitive art      4/5/6‑IV‑63(1)

American Painters and Sculptors, annual      4/5/6‑VI‑19(2)

American Painting, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑9(2)

American Paintings in Southern California Collections, cat      4/5/6‑V‑260, V‑261

American Paintings, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑11(1)

American Park and Outdoor Art Association      8‑lxxv, 007/2

American Pen Women      8‑148/1, 172/2

American Perspectives      9‑289

American Physicians' Art Association, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑25(1)

American Printer, magazine      1/2/3‑260

American Red Cross      1/2/3‑10

American Revolutions      9‑132

American Royal Arts, Westbury, N.Y.      9‑153

American Scene artists      4/5/6‑V‑87

American Scene in California, 1930‑1945, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑117

American Scene: Regionalist Painters      9‑028, 047, 055

American Scene themes in painting      4/5/6‑V‑195, 9‑Index

American settlers, Orange County, bibliography      4/5/6‑IV‑75(2)

American Society of Appraisers      9‑183, 209, 227

American Society of Cinematographers      8‑Index

American Society of Landscape Architects      8‑310/1

American Society of Miniature Painters, New York      1/2/3‑46, 88, 247, 152, 9‑571

American University      9‑225

American Venus      9‑224

American Vision, Ph.D.      4/5/6‑V‑57

American Water Color Society, N.Y.      1/2/3‑219, 4/5/6‑IV‑42(1), IV‑54(2), 8‑463/2, 9‑Index

American Watercolors, exh.      9‑606

American White Bronze Company, collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

American Wonders, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑180

American Woodblock Prints      9‑203

America's Wilderness in Art      9‑176, 186

Ameringe, J., Miss, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Ames Auction Galleries, L. A.      9‑213

Ames, Mr., port      7‑II‑MI‑140

Ames, Albert, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17, 9‑555

Ames, Alice, collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Ames, Arthur Forbes, artist      1/2/3‑292, 4, B‑28, 4/5/6‑IV‑29(1), IV‑31(1), IV‑68(2), IV‑69(2), IV‑71(1), V‑125, VI‑31(1), 8‑xxix, xxxi, 007/2, 184/2, 582/1, 9‑571, 585

Ames, Edwin Isaac, miniature painter      1/2/3‑4, 8‑007/2

Ames, Elsa, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Ames, Fisher, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Ames, Florence, art teacher      1/2/3‑4, artist   B‑28

Ames, Frances, artist      8‑501/2

Ames, Gertrude, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑191

Ames, Jean Goodwin, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑23(2), VI‑31(2), 8‑Index, 9‑377, 571, 585, see also “Goodwin, Jean”

Ames, Jessie, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Ames, L. Payson      8‑501/2, 542/1

Ames, L. Payson, Mr. and Mrs., painters      8‑xxvii, 007/2

Ames, Marie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Ames, Mary Ann, port      1/2/3‑B‑103

Ames, Pelham W., Mrs., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑203

Ames, Pelham, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Amet, Bertha, Madame, lecturer      8‑510/2

AMIRAN glass      4/5/6‑V‑290

Amlauer, Herman, artist      1/2/3‑5, 4/5/6‑VI‑31(2), 8‑008/1, 271/2

Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Tx.      1/2/3‑176, 4/5/6‑V‑106, 9‑247, 321

Among Friends      9‑338

Among the Artists, column in the San Francisco Chronicle      9‑531

Amos, Arthur C., artist      1/2/3‑B‑28

Amoy, Helene, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6

Ampacker, P. B., art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Amsbury, Anne E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Amsden, Charles, curator      8‑lxi, 514/1

Amundsen, Jane, curator      8‑211/1

Amundsen, port      1/2/3‑92

Amundsen, Roald, statue      8‑488/1

Amy, G., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑17

Amymay Studio, Pasadena      8‑008/1, 077/1, 373/1, 504/2

Amyx, Amelia, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Amyx, Chet, artist      9‑010

Amyx, Guyla, artist      9‑010

Amyx, Kirk, artist      9‑010

Amyx, Leon, artist      1/2/3‑A‑6, 4/5/6‑V‑316, 9‑010, 204, 342

Anaconda Copper Company, Butte, Montana      1/2/3‑199

Anaconda Standard newspaper      1/2/3‑251

Anaheim Fair      4/5/6‑IV‑21(3)

Anaheim Museum      9‑443

Anaheim Public Library, mural      4/5/6‑VI‑31(1), VI‑31(2)

Anaheim, Ca.      4/5/6‑IV‑65(2), 8-334/1, 9‑555

Anaheim, Ca., landmarks in art      4/5/6‑V‑223

Anahuac Clubhouse      1/2/3‑53

Ancell, Kevin, artist      9‑236

Anchorage Museum of History and Art      4/5/6‑V‑101

Anchorage Studio      8‑089/2

Ancient Images on Stone, book      9‑011

And the Winner Is…      9‑202

Anderfuren, Wm., artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Anderjack, George, author      9‑042

Andersen [or Anderson], artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Andersen, Thom, filmmaker      9‑330

Andersen, Tim, speaker      4/5/6‑V‑50

Anderson Galleries, Chicago      1/2/3‑262, 8‑554/1, 554/2, 555/1

Anderson Galleries, N. Y.      1/2/3‑168, 145, 59, 245

Anderson, Mrs.     10‑32

Anderson, A. H., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Anderson, A., Miss, china decorator     10‑2

Anderson, Abraham Archibald, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15, I‑SFAA‑91

Anderson, Alice M., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Anderson, Alissa Jane, author      9‑318, 346, 416, 434

Anderson, Andy, carver      8‑008/1

Anderson, Antony, artist/art critic/writer      1/2/3‑xvi/1, xix/1, 5, 29, 172, 241, 171, 215, A‑4, 262, 262, 269, 288, 234, 107, B‑16, 4/5/6‑IV‑12, IV‑18, IV‑19(1), IV‑20(1), IV‑21(2), IV‑23(1), IV‑23(3), IV‑28, IV‑34(1), IV‑34(3), IV‑36(2), IV‑36(3), IV‑43(2), IV‑52(1), IV‑8, V‑247, VI‑103(1), VI‑31(2), VI‑32(2), VI‑34(2), VI‑78(1), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Anderson, Antony?      8‑068/1

Anderson, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Anderson, Carl, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Anderson, Carrie L., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Anderson, Carson, architectural historian      4/5/6‑V‑316

Anderson, Charles S., artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Anderson, Darrel, art patron      9‑262

Anderson, Donald, Mrs., HCC member      4/5/6‑V‑8

Anderson, Dorothy Visju, artist      1/2/3‑5, B‑28, 4/5/6‑VI‑22(2), VI‑31(2), 8‑Index

Anderson, E. Garrett, artist      9‑476, 483

Anderson, Edward A., artist      1/2/3‑A‑7

Anderson, Eleanor, port      1/2/3‑B‑104

Anderson, Emma B., miniature painter      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Anderson, F. E. James, artist      7‑II‑MI‑15

Anderson, Garret, carver      8‑174/1

Anderson, Guy, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑23(2)

Anderson, Heath, painter      8‑009/2

Anderson, Herb, whittler      8‑009/2

Anderson, Hugh, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Anderson, Ida, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Anderson, Ida May, art teacher      1/2/3‑5

Anderson, J. G., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Anderson, J. S. Vet, sand sculptor      8‑009/2

Anderson, Jeremy, sculptor      4/5/6‑V‑228, V‑254

Anderson, John A., Rev., sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Anderson, Joseph G., Mrs., artist     10‑2

Anderson, Ken, animator      4/5/6‑V‑286

Anderson, Ken, lecturer      9‑073, 074 279

Anderson, Lottie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Anderson, M. J., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Anderson, Martin, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Anderson, Mary Patricia, port      1/2/3‑B‑42

Anderson, Mary, Miss, costume design      8‑010/1

Anderson, Mary, port      7‑III‑CSAS‑36

Anderson, Milo L., costume design      1/2/3‑5

Anderson, Nancy Kay, author      4/5/6‑V‑269, 9‑162

Anderson, Paul G., painter      8‑010/1

Anderson, Paul, artist      1/2/3‑5

Anderson, Philip George, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Anderson, R., author      4/5/6‑V‑174

Anderson, Roland, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Anderson, Roland, artist      9‑428

Anderson, Susan M., acting director of LAM      4/5/6‑V‑198, speaker/curator/author     V‑100, V‑105, V‑112, V‑225, V‑274, V‑82, V‑87, curator   V‑164, V‑170, V‑182, V‑192, V‑215, V‑59, V‑86, museum director  V‑200, resigns directorship  V‑233, speaker  V‑124, V‑222, V‑281, V‑42

Anderson (Colburn) Susan, speaker/curator/author      4/5/6‑V‑272, V‑291, V‑307, V‑279, V‑274, V‑268, married  V‑227, 9‑Index

Anderson, T. A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16,

Anderson, Thomas R., art teacher/collector      4/5/6‑V‑107, V‑115, V‑130, V‑136, V‑159, V‑18, V‑24, V‑49, V‑55, V‑61, V‑70, 9‑410, 595

Anderson, Timothy J., author      1/2/3‑291

Anderson, W., Dr., collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Anderson, Wallie W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Anderson, William L., Mrs., port      1/2/3‑B‑42

Anderson, Winslow, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Anderton, Frances, radio interviewer      9‑464

Andow, Kunie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Andrada, C., Miss, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Andrada, Mr., collector      7‑II‑MI‑207, II‑MI‑207

Andrea, I., author      4/5/6‑V‑50

Andreotti, Federico, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Andres, Adela, printmaker      1/2/3‑5, B‑28

Andres, Ann Avery, collector      9‑Index

Andreson, Laura, ceramist      4/5/6‑V‑143, V‑149, VI‑31(2)

Andrew Jackson school      8‑477/2

Andrew Smith Gallery, Santa Fe      9‑335

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship      4/5/6‑V‑291

Andrew, May, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325, II‑MI‑207

Andrew, May, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑120

Andrews, A., collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Andrews, Charles J., artist      1/2/3‑5

Andrews, Col., collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Andrews, Col., port      7‑II‑MI‑177, II‑MI‑32

Andrews, Eliphalet Frazer, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16, I‑SFAA‑91

Andrews, F. D., Mr. and Mrs., artist     10‑2

Andrews, Herbert, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Andrews, Jennie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Andrews, L. E., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Andrews, Maggie, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Andrieu, Paul, collector      4/5/6‑V‑174

Andriot, Lucien, cameraman      8‑010/1

androgyny in art      9‑164

Andrus, Zoray, artist      1/2/3‑A‑7

Anfam, David, speaker      4/5/6‑V‑262

Angarola, Anthony, artist      4/5/6‑V‑4

Angel, Priscilla, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑37(2)

Angel: Peter Angel and Company, sculptor      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Angell, Callie, author      9‑328

Angell, L. Jennie, artist     10‑2

Angelo, Argenti, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Angelo, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Angelo, Valenti, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑15(1), VI‑29(2), VI‑31(2), 9‑011

Angels Flight, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑169

Angel's Flight, painting      4/5/6‑V‑51, 9‑571

Angelus Temple, L. A.      9‑571

Anglada, artist      8‑327/1

Anglos arrive      9‑555

Anhorn, E., artist      1/2/3‑5

animals in art      1/2/3‑111, 8‑Index, 9‑241

animals in sculpture      9‑571

Animated Artists' Guild      8‑xlvi, xxxvi, 010/1

Animated Cartooning, school      8‑010/1

animated cartoons      8‑001/1

Animated Culture, lecture      9‑014

animated films      4/5/6‑V‑78, VI‑54(1), 8‑010/1, 9‑Index, preliminary drawings for      9‑585

animated movie posters      9‑392

animation      4/5/6‑V‑253, VI‑79(1), 9‑220, 258, 417

animation art      4/5/6‑V‑239, auction  V‑294, 9‑Index

animation art, posters      9‑391

Animation Bank, Glendale      9‑283

Animation Gallery, Santa Monica      9‑664

Animation on Television      9‑253

Animation Poster Art      9‑391

animator      4/5/6‑VI‑37(2), V‑230, 9‑418, 585

Animator's Gallery      9‑005

animators, film studios    8‑xxxvi

Anisi [Anissi], Paulo, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Ankin, Ann, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Ankrum Gallery, L. A.      9‑585

Ann McGrew, cartoon star      8‑561/1

Anna and the King of Siam (movie)      9‑585

Anna Head School, Berkeley      4/5/6‑VI‑22(1)

Anna Margaret, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑320

Anna Thorne Gallery and Cultural Center, Santa Ana      4/5/6‑IV‑61(3)

Anna, port      9‑571

Annala, Aatto, sculptor      8‑010/2

Annandale Club      8‑399/2

Anne Bremer Memorial Library      7‑I‑SFAA‑5

Annedouche, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Annenberg Gallery, LAPL      9‑443

Annex Galleries, Santa Rosa      4/5/6‑V‑114, V‑15, V‑155, V‑157, V‑16, V‑21, V‑286, V‑301, V‑304, V‑306, V‑320, V‑35, V‑47, V‑113, 9‑Index

Annis, Frances Ruby, teacher      8‑010/2

Annis, Verle L., art teacher      1/2/3‑5

Anniversary Prize exhibit, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑63(1)

announcements, see each issue of the Newsletter in vols. 5 and 9

Annual Art Exhibit (for this commonly used name, see name of group or institution holding exhibit)      4/5/6‑VI‑26(1)

Annual Art Exhibition (L. A. County Fair)      4/5/6‑VI‑17(1)

annual dinner, HCC, see HCC: annual dinner    

Annual Exhibit (Festival of Arts)      4/5/6‑VI‑12(1)

Annual Exhibit of Paintings (Clearwater Junior High School)      4/5/6‑VI‑9(1)

Annual Exhibition (Palace of the Legion of Honor)      4/5/6‑VI‑8(1)

Annual Exhibition of California Painters (Ebell)      4/5/6‑VI‑10(1)

Anoakia, Arcadia, mural      9‑111, 130

Anonymous artists, Fresno     10‑81/82, 97

anonymous illustrations      9‑535

Anonymous, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑137, II‑MI‑202/206, I‑SFAA‑316/24

Anreus, A., author      9‑434

Anschutz collection      4/5/6‑V‑12, V‑16, V‑55, exh.  V‑11, V‑47

Anschutz, Philip F., collector      4/5/6‑V‑47

Ansdell, Richard, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Ansel Adams Center and Friends of Photography, S. F.     

4/5/6‑V‑158, V‑170, V‑103, V‑127, V‑142, V‑93, 9‑248

Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite, Ca.      9‑256, 330

Anshutz, Thomas, artist      1/2/3‑218

Ansonia Hotel      8‑332/1

Antarctica in art      1/2/3‑60, 4/5/6‑VI‑21(1), VI‑47(1), 8‑387/1

Antelope Valley Allied Arts Association      9‑054

Antelope Valley College, Lancaster      4/5/6‑V‑101, V‑21, V‑40, V‑61

Antelope Valley Indian Museum      9‑102

Antelope Valley Indian Research Museum      8‑177/1

Antelope Valley Museum      1/2/3‑79

Anthony, Gene, photographer      9‑415

Anthony, Gladys, potter      8‑xlviii, 010/2

Anthony, Helen Virginia, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Anthony, Helen, student      8‑010/2, 261/1

Anthony, J. C., model maker?      9‑192

Anthony, J., port      7‑II‑MI‑134

Anthony, J., son, port      7‑II‑MI‑134

Anthony, Lucile L., craftsperson      1/2/3‑5, 8‑010/2

Anti‑Cartoon Law      9‑555

Antiquarian, Ltd.      8‑010/2

Antique American Frames, book      9‑012

Antique Market Place, Santa Barbara      9‑658

Antique Reproduction Company      8‑010/2

Antique Sam, L. A.      9‑611

Antique Shops (as distinct from Art Galleries, Galleries, and Interior Decorators)      8‑010/2

antiques      8‑420/2

Antiques and Fine Art, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑109, V‑119, V‑122, V‑129, V‑137, V‑145, V‑16, V‑44, V‑51, V‑56, V‑63, V‑74, V‑82, demise    V‑209, 9‑031, 409, 633, 655

Antiques and Fine Arts      9‑457

Antiques West, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑9

antiques, California      9‑381

Antonio, Juan, artist      9‑555, 571

Antonovich, Elvida Corinne, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Antrim, draughtsman      8‑011/1

Antwerp Academy      1/2/3‑233

Anza, Juan Bautista de, port      1/2/3‑195, 99

Aockerblum, Alexander, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Aoki, Turshui, Mr., painter/decorator      8‑liv, 011/1, 9‑555

Aono, Kristine Yuki, artist      4/5/6‑V‑254

Apache, Antonio, art dealer      1/2/3‑5

Apel, Marie      8‑517/1

Aperture magazine      9‑163, 368, 392, 445

Apex Building, sculptures      4/5/6‑VI‑100(1)

Apex Fine Art, L. A.      9‑320

Apgar, Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Apoliad      8‑011/1

Apostol, Jane, author      4/5/6‑V‑306, 9‑Index

Appell, Sadie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Applegate, Frank G., artist      1/2/3‑B‑28

Applegate, J. H., Jr., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Apples and Oranges, lecture      4/5/6‑V‑222

Appleton, Mr., quoted      8‑425/2

appliances, electrical      8‑403/1

Apsvig, Clyde, artist      9‑213

Aquarelists, New York      1/2/3‑262

Aquarelle Painters      4/5/6‑IV‑37(2), exh. VI‑8(1), VI‑22(2)

Aquarelle Society      4/5/6‑IV‑55(3)

Aquarius Gallery, Cambria      4/5/6‑V‑158

aqueducts      8‑239/2

Aquirne, Reymon, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Ara, B. D. K., artist      8‑011/1

Arader, W. Graham, II, S. F., print dealer      4/5/6‑V‑99, V‑155, 9‑168

Asian American artists      4/5/6‑VI‑82(2)

Arapaho, art dealer      9‑571

Arata, Mario, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arax, Mark, author      9‑241

Arbus, Diane, photographer      4/5/6‑V‑12

Arbuthnut, Teddy, port      1/2/3‑B‑73

Arc of the Adobes      9‑394

Arcade Block, L. A.      8‑365/1, 9‑555

Arcadia Annual Exposition      1/2/3‑5

Arcadia Exposition, 1923      8‑lxxviii, 011/1

Arcadia Woman's Club      8‑lxxviii, 011/2, 310/1, 559/2

Arcadia, Ca.      8-436/2

Arcadia, Ca., art and artists      8‑lxxviii, 011/1

Arcadian Landscape      9‑148

Arcata.  California State University, see California State University, Arcata

Arch Beach Tavern      4/5/6‑IV‑23(3), 8‑146/2, 305/1

Arch Beach, Ca.      4/5/6‑IV‑8, 8‑304/2

Archaeological Institute of America      1/2/3‑238, 7‑I‑SFAA‑27

Archaeological Institute of America, San Francisco Society of      7‑I‑SFAA‑26

Archaeological Society of Southern California      8‑366/2

Archambault, A. Margaretta, artist      1/2/3‑B‑28

Archer, Donald, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑89(3)

Archer, Edmund, artist      1/2/3‑B‑28

Archer, Fred, photographer      8‑011/2, 9‑325

Archer, J., Miss, artist      1/2/3‑6

Archibald, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Archipenko, Alexander, sculptor      1/2/3‑16, 4/5/6‑VI‑27(2), VI‑31(2), VI‑7(2), 8‑011/2, 448/2, 9‑555, 571, 585

Archipenko, Gela, sculptor          1/2/3‑B‑55, 4/5/6‑VI‑32(1), 9‑571

Archipenko, Madame, port      4/5/6‑VI‑67(2)

Archipentura      4/5/6‑VI‑31(2)

Architect and Engineer, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii

Architect's Building, L. A.      1/2/3‑280, 4/5/6‑VI‑103(1), VI‑50(1), VI‑57(2), VI‑80(1), 8‑Index

Architects' League of Hollywood      8‑012/1

architects      8‑011/2, 326/2, 411/1

architects, Pasadena      9‑141

Architectural Club      1/2/3‑217

Architectural Club Atelier, L. A.      9‑585

Architectural Club of L. A.      8‑014/2, 9‑555

Architectural Club of San Francisco      7‑I‑SFAA‑73

Architectural Club, Pasadena      8‑048/2

Architectural Digest, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑17, 9‑Index

architectural drawing      9‑585

Architectural League of New York exh.      9‑531

Architectural League of the Pacific Coast      1/2/3‑288, 4/5/6‑VI‑32(1), 7‑I‑SFAA‑25, 8‑012/1

architectural renderings      4/5/6‑V‑83

architecture      8‑Index, 9‑Index

Architecture and Design Collection, University of California, Santa Barbara      9‑253, 257, 305

architecture archives      9‑179

architecture in art      1/2/3‑52

architecture in photography      9‑442

architecture, adobe      9‑209, 242; see also adobe      9‑394

architecture, Art Deco      9‑434

architecture, Art Deco, Oakland      9‑463

architecture, Arts & Crafts      9‑312

architecture, Bay Area      4/5/6‑V‑145, V‑57

architecture, California      4/5/6‑V‑31, bibliog  V‑151, V‑106, 9‑147, 463

architecture, Carmel      9‑133

architecture, cast iron      4/5/6‑V‑253

architecture, church      9‑Index

architecture, Contra Costa/Alameda      9‑259

architecture, desert      9‑216

architecture, Googie      9‑122

architecture, Gothic Revival, S. F.      9‑545

architecture, Hollywood      9‑Index

architecture, homes      9‑418

architecture, L. A., by women      4/5/6‑V‑117

architecture, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑18, IV‑37(3), bibliog.  IV‑76(1)

architecture, Los Angeles      1/2/3‑288, 4/5/6‑V‑129, V‑169, V‑72, V‑73, religious   V‑118, 9‑Index

architecture, Malibu      9‑417

architecture, Mills College      4/5/6‑V‑94

architecture, Mission Revival      4/5/6‑V‑106

architecture, modern      4/5/6‑V‑274, Long Beach  V‑73, 9‑225, 326

architecture, New Mexico      4/5/6‑V‑130

architecture, Oceanside      9‑292

architecture, Ontario      4/5/6‑V‑180

architecture, Orange County      4/5/6‑IV‑66(1), IV‑73(2), bibliog.   IV‑75(3)

architecture, Palm Springs, Ca.      9‑199, 280

architecture, Panama‑Pacific International Exposition, S. F.      4/5/6‑V‑73, 8‑390/1

architecture, Pasadena, Ca.   8‑lxxiv

architecture, public, California      9‑551

architecture, Ranch Houses      9‑148

architecture, Rancho Santa Fe      4/5/6‑V‑183

architecture, Riverside, Ca.      4/5/6‑V‑36, 9‑545

architecture, roadside      9‑190

architecture, San Diego, Ca.      4/5/6‑V‑107, 9‑Index

architecture, San Francisco, Ca.      4/5/6‑V‑106, 9‑163, 417, 546

architecture, Santa Barbara      9‑242, 296

architecture, tours      4/5/6‑V‑25

architecture, Ventura      9‑329

archives      4/5/6‑V‑162

Archives of American Art (mostly re: activities at Huntington Library, San Marino, Ca.)    1/2/3‑110, 4/5/6‑IV‑89(1), V‑113, V‑122, V‑137, V‑147, V‑155, V‑167, V‑17, V‑177, V‑187, V‑188, V‑202, V‑213, V‑215, V‑230, V‑235, V‑247, V‑261, V‑264, V‑266, V‑268, V‑274, V‑285, V‑292, V‑298, V‑307, V‑308, V‑31, V‑40, V‑42, V‑46, V‑54, V‑60, V‑76, V‑88, VI‑2, V‑36, V‑8, closes   9‑003, Index

Archives of American Art Journal      4/5/6‑V‑214

Archives of American Art, Washington, D. C.      9‑650

Archives of California Art, Oakland Museum      4/5/6‑V‑209, 9‑549, 644

Arcieri [or Arieri], Charles Frank, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arctic in art      7‑I‑SFAA‑16, 9‑555

Arden, gallery      4/5/6‑VI‑97(1)

Arding, Helen, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Ardley, Prof., artist      7‑II‑MI‑183

Ardmore, Pa.      1/2/3‑223

Arenal, Luis, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑32(1), 8‑015/1

Arendsen, artist      1/2/3‑10

Arens, A. T., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arensberg, Walter and Louise, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑167, V‑50, V‑57, 8‑xxxiii, xxxviii, 9‑163, 170, 571

Arensma, John Dater, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑32(1)

Arents, Cora E. [or Carrie], artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arents, Hiram, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arequipa Pottery      1/2/3‑276

Arequipa Pottery      9‑Index

Arequipa Sanatorium      9‑033

Arequipa, tile      9‑396

Argent Galleries      4/5/6‑VI‑104(1), 8‑128/2

Argenti, Antonio, sculptor      7‑II‑MI‑16

Argenti, Joseph G., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Argentum‑The Leopard's Head      9‑297

Arguello, Isabel Virginia, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Argus      8‑015/2

Argus Bowl, Eagle Rock, Ca.      9‑472

Argus, database      9‑231

Argus, J. E., gardens      8‑310/1

Argus, J. E., Mrs., art patron      9‑472

Argus, publication      1/2/3‑xix/1, xxii, 4/5/6‑V‑42

Argyros, George and Judy, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑272

Arion Press, S. F.      9‑322

aristocracy, Mexican      9‑555

Aristocrats      8‑015/2

Arizona      8‑Index, 9‑571

Arizona Art Exhibition      8‑015/2

Arizona in art      1/2/3‑49

Arizona roads      8‑160/1, 050/1

Arizona State Fair      8‑588/1

Arizona State University      9‑163

Arizona West Galleries, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona      9‑116

Arizona, University of      9‑368

Ark of Empire, book      4/5/6‑V‑260

Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock      4/5/6‑V‑92

Arkelian, Marjorie Dakin, curator/writer      9‑425, 438, 644

Arkies      9‑571

Arklin, Haig, artist      1/2/3‑6, 8‑015/2

Arledge, Sara‑Kathryn, artist      1/2/3‑B‑28

Arlington Gallery, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1), V‑127, V‑15, V‑192, V‑221, V‑238, V‑276, V‑3, V‑301, V‑309, V‑42, V‑48, V‑53, V‑55, V‑89, V‑99, 9‑Index

Arlington Gallery, Ventura location      4/5/6‑V‑156

Arlington Hotel on postcards      9‑179

ARLIS, see Art Libraries Society of North America     

Arliss, George, port      1/2/3‑14

Armand Hammer, see Hammer

Armand, H., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑91

Armco Steel      9‑009

Armer, Edith, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Armer, Laura May Adams, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92

Armer, Ruth, archives      4/5/6‑VI‑4, VI‑5, artist      VI‑23(2), VI‑24(1), 9‑079

Armer, S. P., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armer, Sidney, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92, III‑CSAS‑18, II‑MI‑16, collector   I‑SFAA‑325, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Armes, Mrs., port      7‑II‑MI‑168

Armes, William D., photographer      9‑551

Armes, William Dallam, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Armington, Benjamin, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Armitage, Elise Cavanna Seeds, artist, see “Elise”

Armitage, Frank, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑32(1)

Armitage, Merle, author/impresario/collector      1/2/3‑170, 160, 179, 228, 230, 64, 4/5/6‑VI‑43(2), IV‑31(1), IV‑68(2), VI‑21(1), VI‑32(1), VI‑72(1), VI‑80(2), lecture  IV‑39(2), 8‑Index, 9‑326, 338, 571, 585

Armitage, Merle, port      1/2/3‑275

Armitage, William, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armor, Howell, Lt. Cmdr., artist      4/5/6‑IV‑41(3)

Armor, Joseph G., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

armory      9‑555

Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena    8‑lxxiv, 9‑120, 275, 319

Armory Show, N. Y., 1913      1/2/3‑xvii/1, 84, 8‑355/1, 9‑571, 585, opinions on      4/5/6‑VI‑78(1)

Armour’s gardens, Pasadena      8‑310/2

Arms, John Taylor, artist      9‑615

Armstrong School of Art, Pasadena      8‑016/1

Armstrong, Adelaide Davenport, sculptor      1/2/3‑6, 8‑250/2, 377/1

Armstrong, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armstrong, Edna L., art teacher      1/2/3‑6

Armstrong, Eleanor Mason, artist      1/2/3‑B‑22, 8‑lxvii, 015/2, 287/1, 524/1, 524/2

Armstrong, Eleanor, artist      1/2/3‑B‑18

Armstrong, Eleanor, School of Art      8‑154/2

Armstrong, Elizabeth, curator      9‑126, 138, 262

Armstrong, Ellen, author      4/5/6‑IV‑38(1)

Armstrong, J. Adele, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armstrong, J. Tarbottom, Prof., collector/lecturer      8‑021/1, 033/1, 033/2, 038/1

Armstrong, Julia Irene, scholar      9‑162

Armstrong, Laura M., port      1/2/3‑B‑42

Armstrong, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Armstrong, prof. at USC      1/2/3‑39

Armstrong, Roger, artist      4/5/6‑V‑180, V‑220, V‑249, VI‑32(1), 8‑016/1, 9‑Index

Armstrong, Rolf, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Armstrong, Samuel, murals      1/2/3‑6

Armstrong, Stanley Edward, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18, art student  I‑SFAA‑41

Armstrong, Thomas, artist     10‑2

Armstrong, W. W., artist      4/5/6‑V‑278, V‑73

Armstrong, W., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armstrong, William F., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armstrong, William Weaver, artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Armstrong, William, Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑16

Army Air Base Hospital, Santa Ana      8‑306/2

Army Air Force Motion Picture Unit      4/5/6‑V‑280

Army of the West      9‑555

Army war artists, see also World War I and World War II      9‑571

Arnautoff, Victor Mikhail, archives      4/5/6‑VI‑5

Arnautoff, Victor, artist      4/5/6‑V‑310, 9‑Index

Arneson, Borghild, refugee artist      8‑025/1

Arneson, Robert, ceramist      4/5/6‑V‑193, V‑195, 9‑238

Arnet, Bertha, lecturer      8‑349/1

Arno Art Group      8‑016/1, 218/1

Arno Group, Placentia      4/5/6‑IV‑34(2)

Arno, Peter, cartoonist      8‑016/1

Arnold Magazine of Fabrics and Fashions      8‑139/1

Arnold, Mrs., art teacher      4/5/6‑V‑177

Arnold, A. J., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arnold, A. Muse, dog painter      8‑025/1

Arnold, Antoinette E., teacher      8‑016/1

Arnold, B. C., artist      1/2/3‑6

Arnold, C., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17,

Arnold, Caroline, author      9‑543

Arnold, Claire Ann, art patron      9‑318

Arnold, Clement, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arnold, Clement, port      7‑II‑MI‑14

Arnold, Constance, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arnold, Edwin C., artist      1/2/3‑6, A‑7, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arnold, Eleanor Dennis, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arnold, F. A., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arnold, F., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arnold, Florence Miller, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑74(1), IV‑78(1)

Arnold, Gladys Virginia, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arnold, Howard, draughtsman      8‑016/1

Arnold, Jeanie Oliver, Dr., painter      8‑xxviii, 016/1, 016/2, lecture      4/5/6‑IV‑38(3)

Arnold, John, cinematographer      8‑016/2

Arnold, Lorraine, photographer      9‑325

Arnold, Louise, art teacher      9‑527

Arnold, Mary Jane, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arnold, Mary Louise, Mrs., art teacher      9‑507

Arnold, Oren, author      8‑345/1, 469/2

Arnold, Pauline, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Arnold, Richard, artist      1/2/3‑A‑7

Arnold, V., lecturer      4/5/6‑IV‑57(2)

Arnold, Vera, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑56(1)

Arnoldi, Charles, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑84(2)

Arns, R., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Arnstein (Wollenberg), Gertrude, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92

Arnstein, Helen L., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92

Arnstein, L., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Arntz, Michael, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑87(1)

Arntz, Penny, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑87(1), IV‑89(2)

Aronovici, Carol, Dr., lecturer      8‑262/1

Aronson, Sallie, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Arouni, Lynette, artist      1/2/3‑A‑7

Arrangement, photos of sets      4/5/6‑V‑171

Arrigo, Frank, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Arriola Relief Committee      7‑I‑SFAA‑15

Arriola, Miss, collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Arriola, F., port      7‑II‑MI‑17

Arriola, Fortunato, artist      4/5/6‑V‑171, 7‑II‑MI‑17, I‑SFAA‑1, I‑SFAA‑15, I‑SFAA‑92, 9‑050, 085

Arriola, Gus, cartoonist      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2), 9‑053, 585

Arriola, Hermina, artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Arrowhead, Ca.      8‑151/2, 162/1

Arrowhead, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, 8‑401/2

Arroyo Craftsman, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, 8‑l, lix, 9‑120

Arroyo Guild      1/2/3‑B‑3, xvi/2, 8‑017/1

Arroyo Guild House      9‑120

Arroyo Seco section of Los Angeles      1/2/3‑18, 56, 133, 161, 6, 8‑Index, 9‑Index, museums      4/5/6‑V‑261

Arroyo Seco, Ca., art and artists      8‑lxxv, lxxviii, 017/1, 9‑396

Arroyo Seco, Ca., in art      9‑444

Arroyo Seco, Ca., library in      8‑142/1

Arsenic, Mlle., pseud. for “Mapes, Robert”   10‑2

Art & Artist, column in the San Francisco Chronicle      9‑531

Art & Design Twenty, Pasadena      4/5/6‑V‑291

Art (non‑California) in California      8‑250/1, 10-19‑31

Art Academy of Cincinnati      4/5/6‑V‑42

Art Academy of Los Angeles      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Art Academy of Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Ca.      9‑128, 132

Art Academy of Piano Music      1/2/3‑178, 9‑571

Art Academy, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑50(2)

Art Academy, Prague      1/2/3‑116

Art Academy, Stuttgart      1/2/3‑160

Art Across America, book      4/5/6‑V‑105

Art Across Western America, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑116

Art Affiliates, University of California, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1)

Art Alliance      8‑017/1

Art and Artists (column in PDN, 1911)      8‑017/1

art and artists, 1940‑60, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑88(1)

art and artists, Arroyo Seco      9‑123, see also Arroyo Seco

art and artists, Bay Area      9‑094, 546

art and artists, California       4/5/6‑V‑286, 8‑018/1

art and artists, Chicano      9‑123

art and artists, desert      9‑266

art and artists, Eagle Rock      9‑088

art and artists, Los Angeles      9‑122, 123

art and artists, Monterey      9‑123, 141

art and artists, Native American      9‑134

art and artists, Northern California      9‑599; 19th century      4/5/6‑V‑108

art and artists, Orange County, Ca.      4/5/6‑IV‑64(1), 9‑118

art and artists, Oxnard      9‑303

art and artists, Pasadena      9‑120, 141, 142, 275

art and artists, Riverside      9‑286

art and artists, Santa Barbara      9‑118, 259

Art and Artists, South Coast News      4/5/6‑IV‑53(1)

art and artists, Southern California      9‑084, 123

art and artists, Ventura/Oxnard      9‑303

art and artists, see also cities where art occurred such as Santa Barbara, Ca., Los Angeles, Ca., San Francisco, Ca., Bay Area, San Diego, Ca., Fresno, Ca., etc.  Art and Cultural Center, Fallbrook, Ca.      9‑Index

art and artists, see also “artists”

Art and Needlecraft Club of Pasadena      8‑032/1

Art and the City, thesis?      4/5/6‑V‑309

art appreciation      8‑544/2

Art Association (of the Los Angeles School of Art and Design)      1/2/3‑B‑3, xv/1, 9‑555, 585

Art Association of Berkeley      9‑547, 548

Art Association of Indianapolis      1/2/3‑34

art associations, California      4/5/6‑IV‑20(3)

Art at Pomona, book      4/5/6‑V‑50

Art at Scripps, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑33, V‑39

Art Bridgeway, Bullocks Department Store, L. A.      1/2/3‑6

Art Carnival, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑33(1), IV‑42(2), IV‑48(2), 8‑xx, xxx, 032/1, 578/1

Art Casting Bureau, Hollywood      8‑032/1

Art Cellar Exchange, San Diego      9‑667

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena      4/5/6‑V‑158, V‑276, V‑93, 8‑lxxiv, 9‑Index

Art Center Gallery      1/2/3‑98

Art Center School      4/5/6‑VI‑103(1), VI‑106(1), VI‑32(2), VI‑67(1), VI‑88(1), 8‑Index, 9‑483

Art Center School, L. A.      1/2/3‑268, 69, 267, 4/5/6‑IV‑71(1), VI‑6(1), 9‑571, 585

Art Center, exh. site      4/5/6‑VI‑57(2)

Art Center, Laguna      8‑032/1

Art Center, Phoenix, Ariz      8‑455/2

art class      4/5/6‑V‑241, V‑281

art classes, joint Laguna Beach Art Association and Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑63(2)

art classes, Pasadena      9‑555

see also “Academy” and “School”

Art Clinic      8‑115/1

Art Close to Home, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑101

art clubs, Los Angeles      1/2/3‑B‑1

Art Collecting in Los Angeles, 1910‑1960 (by Winifred Higgins), publication      1/2/3‑xxiii

art collection, Mark Hopkins Institute of Art      7‑I‑SFAA‑86

art collection, San Francisco Art Association      7‑I‑SFAA‑86

art collectors      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Art Collectors of Los Angeles      8‑032/2

art collectors, Fresno, Ca.     10‑117, 99/103

art collectors, see also Collectors and Collecting      9‑533

art colonies      8‑039/2, 9‑Index, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑7

Art Commission of Palos Verdes      9‑571

Art Concrete Works      8‑039/2

Art crime ‑ see also Crime      8‑032/1

art critic      1/2/3‑67, 258, 273, 8‑141/2, 549/2

art critics, see “writers” and “authors”     

art dealers      9‑555

Art Dealers Association of California      4/5/6‑V‑174, 9‑297, 329

art dealers, itinerant      9‑555

art dealers, see “Art Collectors, Dealers…”    8‑032 to 039, and see “Exhibitions” section of Newsletters in vols 5 and 9,      and 9‑531, 661+, and see “galleries”

Art Deco architecture      9‑434, Oakland      9‑463

Art Deco in Long Beach      4/5/6‑V‑194

Art Deco in Los Angeles      9‑548

Art Deco in San Francisco, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑179

Art Deco Sculpture of Jacques Schnier      4/5/6‑V‑321

Art Deco Society of California      9‑285

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles      9‑285

Art Digest, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, 4/5/6‑V‑285, 9‑Index

art directors      9‑585

Art Director's Club of Los Angeles      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2), 9‑571

Art Directors Guild      9‑034

art directors, motion picture      4/5/6‑VI‑54(1), 8‑xxxvi, and see names of individual studios for which they worked such as RKO, UPI, Disney, MGM, UA, UI, Twentieth Century Fox, etc.

art exhibitions, San Francisco      9‑555

art exhibits, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑48(1)

art exhibits, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑41(2)

art exhibits, San Francisco      9‑531

Art Fair      9‑488

Art Festival, Newport Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑73(1)

Art Festival, South Pasadena      8‑318/1

Art for (in) National Defense      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Art for the Record, symposium      4/5/6‑V‑36

Art for Victory, exh.      4/5/6‑VI‑84(1)

Art Forum      8‑298/1

Art Full Text      9‑137

Art Fun Festival, Corona del Mar      4/5/6‑IV‑54(2)

art galleries, see individual names and see “art dealers” and “galleries”

Art Gallery, column in Pasadena Star News      8-040/1, 103/2

Art Gallery, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑12

Art Guild Galleries (Egan Theatre Bldg.)     4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Art Guild Gallery (San Gabriel?)      8‑040/2

Art Guild of the Fine Arts Society of San Diego, annual exh.      4/5/6‑VI‑12(1)

Art Guild, 29 Palms, Ca.      9‑268

art historian, 19th century (Mary S. Caswell)      9‑076

art history      8‑408/2, 544/2

art history classes for California art      4/5/6‑V‑118, 9‑032

Art History Club      8‑358/1

art history teaching      9‑555

Art Illustrating Association, L. A.      1/2/3‑288

Art in 1492, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑130

Art in Action      8‑211/1

Art in California, reprint of 1916 ed.      4/5/6‑V‑51, V‑80

Art in Embassies Program      4/5/6‑V‑82

Art in Los Angeles before 1900, by Henry Winifred Splitter, journal article      1/2/3‑xxv

Art in Los Angeles Prior to 1900, exh., see “Loners, Mavericks, & Dreamers”

Art in National Defense      9‑571

Art in the Public Eye, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑63

Art in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945‑1980, book      4/5/6‑V‑81

art in the schools      9‑555

Art Index, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, 9‑137

Art Institute of Chicago      1/2/3‑183, 221, 223, 230, 251, 254, 8, 24, 25, 32, 38, 43, 46, 47, 48, 52, 54, 55, 58, 61, 64, 65, 75, 81, 87, 89, 91, 97, 100, 107, 111, 116, 119, 120, 125, 126, 130, 132, 134, 145, 152, 155, 160, 162, 164, 178, 183, 185, 187, 188, 192, 193, 209, 210, 215, 224, 227, 228, 234, 235, 241, 244, 247, 248, 249, 259, 260, 262, 263, 266, 267, 269, 270, 273, 278, xxii, 1, 231, 261, 5, 265, 4/5/6‑V‑36, V‑4, VI‑53(1), 7‑I‑SFAA‑25, 8‑Index, 9‑145, 9‑Index

Art Institute of Los Angeles      8‑323/2

Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑V‑220, 9‑285, 365

Art Institute, Cologne, Germany      1/2/3‑259

Art Institute, Milwaukee, Wi.      1/2/3‑134, 262

Art Institute, Minneapolis      1/2/3‑262

Art Institute, S. F., see San Francisco Art Institute

art instruction      9‑555, Fresno, Ca.     10‑141

art juries, controversy      4/5/6‑VI‑32(2)

Art Lane, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑6(1), VI‑8(1)

Art League of Hollywood      8‑252/2

Art League of Santa Barbara      1/2/3‑22, 70, 4/5/6‑VI‑6(1), 8‑041/1, 9‑386

Art League of the East Bay      9‑543

Art League, L. A.      1/2/3‑B‑1, B‑3, 9‑555

Art Leather Works      8‑234/2

Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS)      9‑137, 015, 019, 608, 636

Art Literature and Music News (PSN, 1921)      8‑041/1

Art Lovers Club of the East Bay      9‑547

art market      4/5/6‑V‑162

Art Market Today, panel discussion      4/5/6‑V‑143

Art Marketing Unlimited      9‑231

Art Mart      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1)

Art Metal Shop    8-lviii

Art Museum Council, Los Angeles County Museum of Art      9‑308, 355

Art Museum Image Consortium      9‑137

Art Museum of Santa Cruz County      4/5/6‑V‑252, 9‑644

Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Tx.      9‑294

Art Museum, Reno, Nev.      9‑645

Art Museums      8‑041/2

art museums, S. F.      9‑548

Art 'n Facts, Canoga Park      9‑488

Art News, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii

Art Night Pasadena      9‑275

Art Noon Club, Los Angeles Art Association      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1), 8‑xlvi, 042/1, 218/2, 323/1, 455/2

Art Notes (HC, 1911)      8‑042/1

Art Notes (PDN 1914)      8‑042/2

Art Notes (PSN, 1919)      8‑043/1

Art Notes (PSN, 1931)      8‑044/1

Art Nouveau      9‑571

Art of Alexander Dzigurski, book      9‑011

Art of California, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑268

Art of California, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑109, V‑119, V‑130, V‑146, V‑152, V‑162, V‑174, V‑184, V‑195, V‑207, V‑44, V‑51, V‑56, V‑63, V‑73, V‑82, V‑95, demise  V‑209, 9‑031, 457, 655

Art of Celebrities, Festival of Arts      4/5/6‑IV‑48(2)

Art of Drawing by Herbert Jepson      9‑585

Art of Engagement      9‑431, 434

Art of Illusion      9‑159

Art of Living      9‑118, 131

Art of Luxury      9‑257

Art of Motion Picture Costume Design      9‑446

Art of the California Wine Label      9‑338

Art of the Gold Rush      9‑022

Art of the Gold Rush, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑269

Art of the Golden State, lecture      4/5/6‑V‑72

Art of the Shaman      9‑225

Art on Paper Fair, L. A., 1998      4/5/6‑V‑304, 9‑004

Art on the California Riviera, tour      4/5/6‑V‑85

art patronage      4/5/6‑V‑131, V‑133, V‑73, and see names of individual art patrons and see “Collectors and Collecting” and “patronage” and “philanthropy”

Art Patronage, book      9‑418

art patronage: Fieldstone Company  4/5/6‑V‑98; Northern California, 19th century    V‑108 and see entire vol. 7; Pasadena   8‑032 to 039

Art Patrons Society, S. F.      9‑532

Art Perspective of the Historic Pacific Northwest by Franz R. Stenzel, publication      1/2/3‑xxv

Art Publishing Co., S. F.      9‑532

Art Resources, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1)

art reviews, Laguna Beach Art Association      4/5/6‑IV‑36(2)

Art Sales Association, Hollywood      8‑044/1

Art Sales Index, auction records      4/5/6‑V‑128

Art Salon of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce      8‑256 to 257

Art Salon, Ebell Club, L. A.      4/5/6‑VI‑51(2)

Art Scene (KPFK)      9‑173

art schools      8‑520/2, 523/2, 9‑533, 555, 571, and also names of individual art schools, such as Otis, Chouinard, California School of Fine Arts, S. F.; Mark Hopkins Art Institute, S.F.; UCLA, USC, College of Fine Arts, Garvanza, etc., and see also “schools (art)”  and “academy”

art schools, Europe      9‑571

art schools, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑50(2), IV‑53(2), bibliog   IV‑77(2)

art schools, Orange County      4/5/6‑IV‑71(2)

art schools, post‑WWII, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑44(1)

art schools, Reno Art School      1/2/3‑207

art schools, see School of Illustrating and Painting      1/2/3‑208

Art Schule Reiman, Berlin      1/2/3‑240

Art Society of New South Wales      1/2/3‑56

Art Stone (construction material)      8‑540/2

Art Store Gallery, Pasadena      4/5/6‑V‑61

Art Store, Hollywood      8‑045/1

Art Store, Pasadena      8‑045/2

Art Student, magazine      9‑555

Art Students League of Buffalo      1/2/3‑223, 223

Art Students League of Chicago      1/2/3‑166

Art Students League of Los Angeles      1/2/3‑xvi/1, xvi/2, 110, 210, 233, 6, 13, 28, 40, 58, 82, 182, 184, 202, 282, 91, 47, 104, 121, 138, 170, 259, 4/5/6‑VI‑53(2), 8‑Index, 9‑Index

Art Students League of New York      1/2/3‑10, 167, 182, 15, 16, 19, 28, 38, 40, 41, 57, 59, 64, 69, 76, 78, 80, 89, 91, 92, 93, 95, 100, 108, 124, 125, 151, 152, 160, 165, 169, 170, 172, 173, 184, 190, 200, 208, 214, 227, 232, 244, 245, 247, 248, 250, 252, 260, 26, 266, 267, 272, 275, 277, 279, 10, 8, 77, 117, 118, 130, 133, 136, 185, 225, 285, 3, 65, 43, 171, 148, 47152, 9‑Index

Art Students League of San Francisco      4/5/6‑V‑235, 9‑366

Art Students League of San Pedro      1/2/3‑6, xix/2, 210

Art Students League of Washington      1/2/3‑21

Art Students' League, Eagle Rock      8‑045/2

Art Students' League, Pasadena      8‑lxx, 045/2

art students of California School of Design     7‑I‑SFAA‑41/61, award and medal winners      7‑I‑SFAA‑62/65

Art Studio Exchange Shop, Hollywood      8‑xlvi, 045/2

Art Studio Shop      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1)

Art Studio Shop, Hollywood      8‑045/2, 233/1

art teachers      8‑108/2

Art Teachers Association of Southern California      1/2/3‑B‑1, B‑3, B‑4, B‑24, xvii/2, 8‑Index; annual exh.      4/5/6‑VI‑18(2), VI‑33(1)

Art that is Life, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑23, V‑24, V‑39

art theft ‑ see crime     

Art Union, Pasadena      9‑555

Art Week, Long Beach      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1)

Art Week, magazine      9‑571

art, European      8‑521/2

art, Fresno, 1880s     10‑3

Art/Women/California      9‑224

Art‑a‑Fair, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑73(1), bibliography      IV‑77(3)

Artal [or Artel], Carmen, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Art‑‑An Eclectic Experience, series of exhs.      4/5/6‑V‑10, V‑62

Artcraft Co‑operative Exchange Shop, Laguna      8‑039/2, 170/1

Artemisia Book Bindery, L. A.      1/2/3‑6, 244, 8‑l

artesian wells, Pomona, in art      9‑555

Artexpo CAL '91      4/5/6‑V‑129

Artful Players, book      9‑012

Arthur Wesley Dow Association, see “Dow”

Arthur, Robert (?), artist      9‑506

Arthurs, G. W., artist      1/2/3‑6

Artigue [or Artigues], Edmee [or Elmee] Francine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Artique (Artigue), Pierre, artist      1/2/3‑6, 4/5/6‑VI‑33(1), 8‑040/2

Artiques, S. F.      4/5/6‑V‑93

Artist as Social Critic      9‑446

artist immigrants from Denmark      9‑571

artist immigrants from Russia      9‑571

artist refugees      9‑571

artist studios, Laguna Beach      9‑083

Artist Supply Shops, Laguna      8‑041/1

Artistic Exchange, exh. (Mexican influence)      9‑290, 291      9‑111

Artists Abroad, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑221

Artists' and Craftsmen's Gallery, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑34(1)

Artists and Illustrators of the Old West, 1850‑1900 by Robert Taft, publication      1/2/3‑xxv

Artists at Continent's End      9‑Index

Artists' Barn, book      4/5/6‑V‑22

Artists' Barn, Fillmore      4/5/6‑IV‑80(1), IV‑88(1), VI‑33(1), 9‑304

Artists' California, symposium      4/5/6‑V‑143

Artists Congress, see “American Artists Congress”

Artists' Cooperative Gallery, S. F.      4/5/6‑V‑235, 9‑366

Artists Coordinating Committee      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1)

Artists' Council (Southern California)      1/2/3‑B‑3, 4/5/6‑VI‑33(1)

Artists' Council of Los Angeles      8‑040/2, 053/2, 351/1

Artists' Den      8‑xliii, 253/2

Artists Encouragement Committee      4/5/6‑IV‑40(3), IV‑41(1)

Artists Equity      4/5/6‑IV‑62(1)

Artists Equity, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1)

Artist's Eye, Collector's Taste      9‑039, 051

Artist's Eye, exh. series      4/5/6‑V‑215

Artists Fiesta, L. A.      1/2/3‑109, 224, 4/5/6‑VI‑33(1), VI‑6(1), VI‑8(1), 8‑040/2, 9‑571

Artists for Victory      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1)

Artists' Frolic      8‑387/2

Artists' Guild      4/5/6‑VI‑33(1), 8‑040/2, 230/2

Artists Guild of Southern California      4/5/6‑IV‑50(1), IV‑55(3)

Artists Guild, 29 Palms, Ca.      4/5/6‑IV‑55(1)

Artists in California 1786‑1940, book      4/5/6‑V‑9, 2nd ed.   V‑72, V‑81, 9‑062, 277, 601

artists materials, plywood      9‑571

Artists Melting Pot      1/2/3‑B‑4, xix/1, 8‑154/1

artists models      1/2/3‑54, 8‑Index, 9‑585, in S. F. 9‑532, and see “Maxine Edward” and “Lalla”

Artists' Models Club      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

Artists of California, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑41

Artists of Los Angeles and Vicinity, annual exh.      4/5/6‑VI‑20(2), VI‑21(1), VI‑33(2), VI‑74(1), 9‑585

Artists of Southern California (S.D.)   1/2/3 ‑B‑4, 4/5/6‑VI‑12(1)

Artists of Southern California (L.A.), annual, exh. cat.      1/2/3‑B‑24

Artists' Sales Center, Hollywood      8‑041/1, 232/1

Artists' Shop      8‑180/2, 315/1

Artists' Union of Los Angeles      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

Artists West of the Mississippi, exh. cat.      4/5/6‑VI‑11(2)

artists work for war effort      9‑571, and see “World War I” and “World War II”

Artists Working in California from 1935 to 1956      9‑616

Artists' Workshop for Defense      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2), 9‑571

artists, African American      9‑Index

artists, American      4/5/6‑IV‑38(1), 8‑411/2, 412/1

artists, Arroyo Seco      9‑396

artists, Asian American      9‑320, 325, 380

artists, California      8‑Index, 9‑532

artists, California's Central Coast      9‑291

artists, Carmel      9‑251

artists, Catalina      9‑312

artists, Disney Studios      9‑326

artists, Eagle Rock      9‑103

artists, French‑Californian      9‑147

artists, Fresno      9‑396

artists, German, in S. F.      9‑535

artists, Hollywood      8‑098/1, 9‑327

artists, Jewish      9‑368, 369

artists, Kern County      9‑203

artists, Laguna Beach      8‑Index, 9‑Index; bibliography      4/5/6‑IV‑76(2)

artists, Los Angeles      9‑Index

artists, Malaspina expedition      9‑311

artists, Mexican      9‑258

artists, Monterey Peninsula      9‑Index

artists, motion picture studios      8‑186/2

artists, Native American Californian      9‑123

artists, Northern California, nineteenth century, sources      9‑554

artists, Pacific Coast      8‑502/1

artists, Pasadena      8‑Index, 9‑Index

artists, San Diego      8‑430/1, 449/1, 466/2, 9‑237, 262, 270

artists, San Francisco      9‑093

artists, San Gabriel Valley      9‑084

artists, San Jose      9‑273

artists, Santa Barbara      8‑306/1, 9‑068, 259, 265

artists, South Pasadena      8‑510/2

artists, Southern California      8‑Index

artists, Stockton      9‑276

artists, Verdugo Hills      8‑303/2

artists, women      9‑380

artists, see also “art and artists” and see name of the city or county in which the artists worked

Artist‑Teachers & Pupils, publication      7‑I‑SFAA‑6

Artizan Studios, Pasadena      8‑041/1

Artland Club, L. A.      1/2/3‑7, B‑2, xix/1, 18, 55, 60, 134, 222, 284,

B‑22, 187, 8‑xxxvi, xxxviii, 041/1

Artland News, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii

Artland, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii, xix/1      9‑111, 124      9‑110      9‑124

Artra Publishing      9‑012, 375

Arts & Crafts Association      1/2/3‑159

Arts and Crafts Auction, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑155

Arts and Crafts Club of Los Angeles      8‑045/1

Arts & Crafts Cooperative Shop      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2), 8‑044/1, 045/1, 340/1

Arts and Crafts Council of Little Theatre in Padua Hills      8‑045/1

Arts and Crafts Guild, S. F.      9‑532

Arts and Crafts Hall, Carmel      4/5/6‑VI‑6(1)

Arts & Crafts Movement in California, book      4/5/6‑V‑172

Arts & Crafts Shop, Pasadena      4/5/6‑V‑155

Arts & Crafts Style…, lecture      4/5/6‑V‑63

Arts and Crafts News      8‑lix, 045/1

Arts and Crafts School, Denmark      1/2/3‑167

Arts and Crafts Shop (of Jessie Washburn)    8‑558/1

Arts and Crafts Shop of the Pasadena Settlement Association      8‑045/1

Arts and Crafts Shop, Sausalito      4/5/6‑V‑185

Arts and Crafts Society of Los Angeles      1/2/3‑282

Arts and Crafts Society of Southern California      1/2/3‑B‑4, xviii/2, 8‑045/1, 091/1, 167/1

Arts & Crafts (general)      1/2/3‑B‑20, 4/5/6‑ V‑117, V‑155, V‑171, V‑175, V‑183, V‑159, V‑173, V‑174, V‑195, V‑24, V‑284, VI‑18(1), VI‑33(2), 8‑044/1, 394/2, Index, 9‑Index; in Ventura      4/5/6‑V‑281; in San Diego      V‑107; in Pasadena    8-lxxv; in Santa Barbara      9‑024; in Bay Area      4/5/6‑V‑162; in San Francisco    9‑544

Arts & Crafts, architecture      9‑331

Arts & Crafts, furnishings, Mission Inn      4/5/6‑V‑218

Arts & Crafts, gardens      4/5/6‑V‑184

Arts & Crafts (Lockwood De Forest)      9‑163

Arts & Crafts, pottery      9‑130, 163

Arts and Crafts, collectors      4/5/6‑V‑89

Arts and Crafts, exh. cat. (L. A. County Fair)      4/5/6‑VI‑17(1)

arts and crafts, Mexican      8‑348/2

arts and crafts center, Native American      1/2/3‑5

Arts and Craftsman, magazine      8‑463/2

Arts and Decoration, periodical      1/2/3‑xxii

Arts and Frames Gallery      4/5/6‑IV‑62(1), IV‑62(2)

Arts and Frames Shop, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑50(1)

Arts Council of Kern      4/5/6‑V‑319

Arts Council, Anaheim      4/5/6‑IV‑74(1)

Arts for America      9‑084

Arts Guild, Sierra Madre      9‑386

Arts in California, magazine      9‑042

Arts on the Green, Costa Mesa      4/5/6‑IV‑73(1)

Arts Orange County      4/5/6‑V‑291, 9‑285

Arts School, Malaga      1/2/3‑66

Arts, Literature, Science National Convention      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

ArtScene      9‑005, 043      9‑110      9‑110

Artwalk, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑89(1)

Artz, Laura, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑62(2)

Asanger, [possibly Jacob, artist]      8‑230/2

Asanger, Jacob, artist      1/2/3‑7, B‑28, 4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

Asawa, Ruth, sculptor      4/5/6‑V‑254, 9‑Index

asbestos      9‑571

Ash, Arthur, Purdon, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Ash, E. C., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Ash, Minnie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Ashbrook, R. M., Mrs., woodcarver      1/2/3‑7

Ashcan School      9‑247, 555

Ashcroft, Mrs., lecturer      8‑494/1

Ashe, Gaston M., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325, art student      I‑SFAA‑41

Ashe, Richard Porter, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Ashe, Richard Porter, Jr., officer      7‑I‑SFAA‑30/35

Asher, Julius, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Asher, Michael, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑72(1)

Ashley, Hammond, woodcarver      1/2/3‑7

Ashley, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Ashley, R. B., Mrs., patron      8‑046/1, 460/2

Ashlock, Rex, artist      1/2/3‑A‑7

Ashmead, Margaret, artist      1/2/3‑7, B‑21

Ashton, Dore, speaker      4/5/6‑V‑262

Ashton, Helen Howard, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Ashton, J., Dr., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Ashworth, Allan, port      1/2/3‑B‑84

Asia      1/2/3‑31, 129

Asia in art      9‑010, 055, 382

Asian American art      9‑661

Asian American artists      1/2/3‑128, 4/5/6‑V‑161, V‑178, V‑184, V‑225, V‑253, V‑254, V‑255, VI‑12(2), VI‑55(1), VI‑82(2), 9‑Index

Asian American Artists Biographical Survey      9‑608

Asian American murals, Los Angeles      4/5/6‑V‑256

Asian American photographers      4/5/6‑V‑217, 9‑241, 279

Asian American Studies Department, California State University, San Francisco      9‑391

Asian American Women Artists Association      9‑550

Asian art      1/2/3‑180, 4/5/6‑VI‑81(2), 8‑Index, 9‑335

Asian Art Activity in California      8‑046/1

Asian Art activity, see “Art Collectors” and “Art (non‑California) in California”      8‑046/1, and 8-Index, see also “Oriental” and “Chinese” and “Japanese”

Asian art exhibit      7‑I‑SFAA‑23

Asian art in collections      8‑037/1

Asian art, PPIE      8‑390/1

Asian artists      4/5/6‑VI‑20(1), 8‑468/1, 9‑065, 551

Asian influence in architecture      8‑012/2, 9‑314

Asian influence in art      1/2/3‑57, 155, 2, 282, 4/5/6‑IV‑39(2), V‑139, V‑143, V‑173, V‑254, V‑322, VI‑27(1), VI‑97(2), 8‑282/2, 9‑Index

Asian Museum of San Francisco      9‑551

Asian objects depicted in paintings      1/2/3‑198, 201

Asian‑Californian art 1920‑1965      4/5/6‑V‑152

Asians in art      4/5/6‑V‑151, V‑170, VI‑49(2), 9‑007, 538

Asians, see also “Oriental” and “Japanese” and “Chinese”

Ask the Dealer, panel      9‑297      9‑111

Askenazy, Mischa [Maurice], artist      1/2/3‑7, 292, B‑28, 4/5/6‑V‑118, V‑125, V‑126, V‑163, V‑181, V‑303, 8‑047/2, 9‑ Index

Askew, J., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Askew, R. Anthony, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑89(3)

Askin, Walter, archives      4/5/6‑V‑187, artist     V‑188, 9‑171, 430

Aslet, Clive, author      4/5/6‑V‑106

Asmussen, George, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Aspevig, Clyde, artist      9‑284

assemblage      4/5/6‑IV‑81(1), V‑105, V‑278, V‑60, V‑71, 9‑042, 162, 353

Assemblage Art in Los Angeles, Ph.D.      4/5/6‑V‑57

Assemblage in California, 1950‑1965      4/5/6‑V‑145

Assemblage in California, Ph.D.      4/5/6‑V‑57

assemblage, dissertation      4/5/6‑V‑36

assemblage, L. A.      4/5/6‑V‑249

Assistance League      1/2/3‑64, 98, 178, 256, 4/5/6‑IV‑58(2), VI‑100(2), VI‑101(1), VI‑101(2), VI‑103(1), VI‑106(2), VI‑31(2), VI‑33(2), VI‑35(2), VI‑36(1), VI‑37(2), VI‑41(1), VI‑41(2), VI‑46(1), VI‑48(1), VI‑49(2), VI‑50(1), VI‑51(1), VI‑54(2), VI‑60(1), VI‑60(2), VI‑62(1), VI‑65(2), VI‑67(1), VI‑68(1), VI‑71(2), VI‑74(2), VI‑74(2), VI‑79(2), VI‑80(1), VI‑80(2), VI‑81(1), VI‑85(2), VI‑87(2), VI‑88(2), VI‑89(1), VI‑91(1), VI‑92(2), VI‑94(1), VI‑94(2), VI‑95(1), VI‑98(2), VI‑99(1), 8‑Index

Assistance League, Laguna Beach      4/5/6‑IV‑60(2)

Associated American Artists Gallery, N. Y.      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2), 9‑585

Associated Artists      9‑107

Associated Artists and Patrons      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2), first annual salon (Webb Galleries)     VI‑13(2)

Associated Artists of San Diego      1/2/3‑B‑5, xix/2

Associated Arts Hall, L. A.      1/2/3‑B‑13, 4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

Associated Portrait Photographers      8‑424/2

Association of Art Museum Directors      4/5/6‑V‑212

Association of California Museums      7‑I‑SFAA‑27

Association of Laguna Beach Architects      4/5/6‑IV‑37(3)

Association of Motion Picture Producers      8‑424/2

Astaire, Fred, photograph      9‑306

Astholz, Fred, art director      4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

Astor, businessman      9‑555

Astor, Mary, actress      1/2/3‑B‑88

Astra Gallery, Santa Barbara      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1)

Astudin, N., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

At Home and Abroad      9‑307

At the Brown Derby      9‑340

At the Heart: Impressionism in Laguna Beach, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑170

At the West of Things      9‑021, 035

At Work      9‑295, 306, 370

Atalaya, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92

Atalaya Gonzalez, Enrique, artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Atascadero, Ca.      1/2/3‑119

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RR, collection      4/5/6‑V‑12

Atelier Carmel      9‑465

Atelier Club      8‑lxxiv, 014/2

Atelier d'Art, Blanchard Hall, L. A.      1/2/3‑273

Atelier Dore, S. F.      9‑605

Atelier Los Angeles      9‑585

Athena Arts History Club      8‑lx, 048/1

Athena Club      8‑150/2

Athenaeum Building, Chicago      9‑491

Atherstone, Ethel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Atherton, George A., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑18

Atherton, S., Mrs., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

athletes depicted in art      4/5/6‑VI‑97(2)

Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Mo.      1/2/3‑167

Atkins, Annie, artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Atkins, Arthur, author      4/5/6‑V‑82, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Atkins, Avesia Francis, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Atkins, Henry, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Atkins, William Arthur, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19, I‑SFAA‑92

Atkinson, A. F., photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑97

Atkinson, A., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Atkinson, Arthur F., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Atkinson, D. Scott, curator      9‑Index

Atkinson, Edmund C., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Atkinson, George F., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Atkinson, Ida M., Miss, art teacher      9‑555

Atkinson, Kate M., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Atkinson, Kate, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92,

Atkinson, Marjorie Catherine, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Atkinson, Maud Eleanor, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Atkinson, Sophia, artist      8‑019/2

Atkinson, Spencer R., photographer      8‑Index

Atkinson, William O., watercolorist      1/2/3‑7, B‑28, 4/5/6‑VI‑33(2)

Atlantic Souvenir, first illustrated book      9‑555

Atlee & Pettit Fine Arts, Eureka      4/5/6‑V‑62

Atmore, G. D., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Atmospheric Photographs, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑251

atomic energy      8‑242/1, 244/1

Attias, Elaine, author      4/5/6‑V‑73

Attridge, Irma, artist      1/2/3‑A‑7, 4/5/6‑VI‑34(1)

Attwood, Howell, student      8‑394/1

Atwill, Lionel, makeup artist      8‑334/1

Atwood, F. A., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑92

Atwood, Mary Hall, artist      1/2/3‑7, 292, A‑7

Atwood, Mary, illustrator      8‑048/2

Atwood, Sarah, student      8‑478/1

Au Fray, F., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Aubert, Jean Ernest, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑93

Aubery, Louisa, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Aubrey, L. O., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Auburn Grammar School, pupils of, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Auburtin Atelier, Paris      1/2/3‑266

Auburtin, artist      1/2/3‑76

Auchincloss, Pamela, art dealer      4/5/6‑IV‑86(1), IV‑89(3)

auction houses      8‑409/2, see individual Newsletters in vols. 5 and 9

Auction Monthly, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑174

Auction News, issued by J. Moran Auction      4/5/6‑V‑322

auction records for California paintings      4/5/6‑V‑45

auction records, book      4/5/6‑V‑118

auctions      4/5/6‑IV‑60(1), IV‑60(3), IV‑61(1), IV‑61(2), V‑110, V‑120, V‑130, V‑146, V‑152, V‑163, V‑167, V‑168, V‑175, V‑185, V‑196, V‑208, V‑214, V‑22, V‑225, V‑241, V‑247, V‑257, V‑26, V‑262, V‑266, V‑270, V‑282, V‑287, V‑307, V‑313, V‑32, V‑322, V‑36, V‑43, V‑52, V‑57, V‑74, V‑95, 9‑Index; see each issue of the Newsletter in vols. 5 and 9

Auctions by the Bay, Inc., Alameda      9‑383, 397

auctions, art, Fresno     10‑3

auctions, on‑line      9‑57‑59

auctions, place of in art world      9‑069

Audocote, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑93,

Audriot, Lucien Marius, cameraman      8‑048/2

Audubon of the West      9‑322

Audubon Society      8‑Index

Audubon, John James, artist      4/5/6‑V‑77, 9‑322, 378, 555

Audubon, John Woodhouse, draughtsman      1/2/3‑286, 9‑555, 10‑135, 4

Auerbach, E., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Auf der Heide, Ralph, naïve artist      4/5/6‑IV‑90(1)

Auger, L., Mrs., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑93

Augsburg system of drawing     10‑5

Augsburg, D. R., art teacher     10‑5, 7

Augur, Ruth Munro, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑34(1)

August, Joe, cameraman      8‑048/2

Augusta, Empress, port      7‑I‑SFAA‑318

Augustana College      9‑608

Aulman, M., Miss, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Aulmann, Theodora, artist      1/2/3‑7, 8‑xliii, 253/2

Ault, George, artist      1/2/3‑B‑28

Auping, Michael, author      9‑311

Aureguy, F., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Aurelia, Giuseppe, artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Aus, Carol, Miss, artist      8‑349/2

Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Tx.      9‑415

Austin Studios      8‑049/1

Austin, Amanda Petronella, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19, II‑MI‑17, I‑SFAA‑93

Austin, architect      9‑084

Austin, Benj., pottery      4/5/6‑IV‑56(1)

Austin, Benjamin, artist      4/5/6‑IV‑45(2)

Austin, C., artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Austin, Charles Percy, artist      1/2/3‑B‑17, A‑7, B‑28, xvi/1, 7, B‑14, B‑11, 4/5/6‑VI‑34(1), 7‑I‑SFAA‑93, 8‑017/2, 048/2, 230/2

Austin, Charles W., artist      4/5/6‑IV‑52(3)

Austin, Constance      8‑250/1

Austin, Darrell, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑34(1)

Austin, Erma Blanche, painter      8‑048/2

Austin, Erma Fisk, sculptor      1/2/3‑8, 292, 8‑049/1

Austin, H., Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Austin, Henrietta Etta, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Austin, John C., architect      8‑014/2

Austin, L. S., Mrs., weaver      8‑lv, 476/2

Austin, Lillian Spratt, teacher      8‑475/2, 477/1

Austin, Mary H., author      4/5/6‑V‑151

Austin, Mary, author      9‑100, 438

Austin, Mary, lecturer      8-369/1

Austin, Matilda Ethel, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Austin, May, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Austin, Olive, artist      7‑II‑MI‑17

Austin, Ruth Burton, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Austin, Stella, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19, II‑MI‑18, I‑SFAA‑93

Australia      1/2/3‑56, 8‑062/2; art links to the American West      9‑123; source of eucalyptus    555

Australia/California influences in art      9‑152

Australian National University      9‑123

Autenreith, E. H., Mrs., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Authors' and Artists' Club      8‑049/1

Authors League of America      1/2/3‑120

auto racing, Mt. Wilson climb      8‑400/1

authors, see also “writers” and “art critics”

autochromes      8‑572/1

autographs      8‑327/1

Automobile Club of Southern California      4/5/6‑V‑305, V‑202, V‑223, V‑294, V‑307, V‑308, 8‑lxviii, 347/2, 9‑Index

automobile license plate ‑‑ California Arts      4/5/6‑V‑177

automobiles and art      4/5/6‑V‑179, 8‑Index, 9‑571

Automobiles in art      9‑Index

Automobiles in California Art      9‑115

Automotive Concept Art and Models      9‑411, 419

Autrey, Max Munn, photographer      4/5/6‑V‑251

Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles      4/5/6‑V‑70, V‑114, V‑72, V‑154, V‑248, V‑252, V‑256, V‑273, V‑286, V‑292, V‑311, V‑315, V‑318, V‑199, V‑194, V‑200, V‑205, V‑239, V‑45, V‑269, V‑55, V‑69, V‑93, 9‑Index

Autry National Center of the American West, Los Angeles      9‑Index

Autry National Center/Museum of the American West      9‑462

Autry, Gene, collection      4/5/6‑V‑83

Auzerais, Louis Francis, sculptor      7‑I‑SFAA‑93

Avalon, Ca.      9‑571

Avants, Aaron, photographer      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Aveline, Emma, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Avenues of Art & Design      9‑065

Avenues to Art, magazine      4/5/6‑V‑17, V‑4

Averell [or Averill], Eleanora, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Averill, Anna, artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Avery collection      7‑I‑SFAA‑76

Avery Gold Medal      7‑I‑SFAA‑16

Avery, artist      4/5/6‑V‑49

Avery, Benjamin P., port      7‑I‑SFAA‑190, I‑SFAA‑263, I‑SFAA‑264

Avery, Benjamin Parke, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325, art patron      7‑I‑SFAA‑1, I‑SFAA‑15, I‑SFAA‑16, officer      I‑SFAA‑30/35

Avery, Benjamin Parke, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325, art patron      I‑SFAA‑21

Avery, Diana and Sid, art patrons      4/5/6‑V‑171

Avery, Francis, collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Avery, Frederick Bean, animator      4/5/6‑VI‑34(1), 9‑585

Avery, Kenneth Newell, artist      1/2/3‑8, B‑28, 4/5/6‑VI‑34(1), 8‑Index

Avery, Margaret, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Avery, Milton, artist      9‑142

Avery, Sid, photographer      4/5/6‑V‑118, V‑255, V‑256, V‑320, V‑322, 9‑Index

Avery, Tex, artist      9‑327

Avila Adobe, Olvera Street      1/2/3‑178

Avila Adobe, Olvera Street      8‑051/1

Avila, Spanish family      9‑555

Awakening from the California Dream      9‑025

awards      7‑I‑SFAA‑20, California School of Design      7‑I‑SFAA‑62/65

Awe to Angst, exh.      4/5/6‑V‑92

Awful Arthur, fictitious, artist      1/2/3‑8

Axis Club      8‑023/1

Axtell, Walter M., artist      7‑II‑MI‑18

Ayars, Margaret T., artist      1/2/3‑B‑29

Ayer, Richard, artist      9‑377

Ayers, Austin, painter      8‑051/1

Ayers, Elizabeth N., artist      7‑III‑CSAS‑19

Ayers, J. B., artist      7‑II‑MI‑18

Ayers, James Joseph, Mrs., collector      7‑I‑SFAA‑325

Ayers, Lemuel, artist      4/5/6‑VI‑34(1)

Aylsworth, Carrie Bess, art student      7‑I‑SFAA‑41

Aylward, William James, artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑94

Ayres, Anne, scholar      4/5/6‑V‑57, 9‑024, 162

Ayres, G. P., collector      7‑II‑MI‑207

Ayres, John, artist      1/2/3‑A‑7

Ayres, Martha Oathout, sculptor      1/2/3‑8, B‑29

Ayres, Oliver, port      1/2/3‑B‑64

Ayres, Thomas A., artist      1/2/3‑286, 4/5/6‑V‑269, 7‑II‑MI‑18, I‑SFAA‑94, 9‑Index

Ayres, Thomas A., after                 7-II-MI-202

Ayres, W. G. E. C., artist      7‑II‑MI‑18

Ayres, William O., artist      7‑I‑SFAA‑94

Aztec designs      1/2/3‑53

Aztec/Maya influence in art      1/2/3‑154, 121, 203, 9‑571

Azusa, Ca.      8‑456/1, 9‑243




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